"The Landis Taipei" Three restaurants and facilities introduction of fitness and enhancement to the banquet hall and spa


France 1920's art deco design that incorporates a concept、
A stately, classic、Atmosphere of Europe "The Landis Taipei"。
1979Founded in the year、37From the years of history、Its stately pride.、Taipei's leading five-star hotel one is。
This time the、In addition to our three restaurants、Banquet halls that can be used and、
Provides fitness and enhance facilities at Spa!


Entrance lobby、Delicate classical and modern appearance。
The calm atmosphere、The cozy space.


Behind the entrance on your right、1-Floor restaurant "La Brasserie"And、
Enjoy the country cooking of France and a European-style afternoon tea, all-day dining all the sales and will be。
Click here for breakfast、We will introduce later for more information.

La Brasserie (1st floor)
Hours of operation
Breakfast:06:00-10:30 (Lgiogi10:00-
Lunch:12:00-14:00 ( L.O.13:30-
Tea:14:30-17:00 (L.O.17:00-
dinner:18:00-23:00 ( L.O.22:30-
Service language:English、Chinese
Open every day


And visited many famous people、And hits the sign!

Ballet of the Mariinsky Theater Director "Yuri Fateyev"、
Switzerland was born in Italy Opera tenor singer "Salvatore Licitra"、
Chinese-born pianist "Fou Ts’ong"、
Hong Kong S.A.R.-born musician、Music producer "Anthony Wong"、
20th President of France "Valéry Giscard d’Estaing"、
Home town Shenyang Liaoning China pianist "Lang Lang"、
Republic of South Africa "F. W. de Klerk"、
Born in China、France nationality writers、Nobel literature prize winner "Gao Xingjian"、
Shanghai singer "Yao Li"、
Pianist in Russia "Konstantin Scherbakov"、
American film director Star Wars creator "George Lucas"、
Latvia-born cellist "Mischa Maisky"Etc.。


Was built in the art deco interiors "La Brasserie"The、
Guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the bars were located in Europe。
And in the typical store、Define a warm antique flower chandelier on the ceiling of the leather upholstery、
Black and white geometric design tiles to vivid、
Classic houndstooth Chair in an elegant ambiance.


Antique lighting


Counter bar


Private room


Will showcase live pianist at dinner time, be on time for、
Enjoyed the meal、Guests can enjoy a beautiful tone.


"La Brasserie"Before the、
"Liz Gastronomie"And、
Antenna shop of fresh-baked bread and sweets is recommended as a gift!


Home-made cakes


Fresh bakery


French bread


In the refrigerated cases、Spring radish rice cake had started.、
Feel free to enjoy the wine at home、Retort-packed dishes that you can take it out.


The beautiful art deco-style spiral stairs、
Wound like to dance around the glittering chandelier?、2From the floor to the basement and continued、
All tassel staircase balustrade and chandeliers symbolizes Art Deco era。
Now、Spiral staircase going down.、Continue to the Chinese restaurant!


B1f Chinese restaurant "Tien Hsiang Lo"The、Not to mention the authentic Hangzhou cuisine、
Incorporating ingredients from around the world、Offers new and creative dishes。
For the Chinese land, rich in ingredients、Tang has developed more and more by local。
Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine、Zhejiang cuisine, has become a world famous cuisine。
Hangzhou cuisine is one of the eight Chinese、
Restaurant in Taipei and Hangzhou cuisine is very low "Tien Hsiang Lo"The、
An Orthodox is a valuable restaurant main dishes and Hangzhou cuisine。
20A few years agoLandis TaipeiThe、Hong Kong S.A.R. "Tien Hsiang Lo"The founderHan Tung CamelliaTo、
Are invited as Adviser to eating Chinese food restaurant。
Cook andHan Tung CamelliaThe、To move closer to the taste of the authentic Hangzhou cuisine of the Landis Taipei、
Many times between Taipei and Hong Kong S.A.R. and kindly told learn how to make traditional Hangzhou cuisine。
Hong Kong S.A.R. "Tien Hsiang Lo"The food is、Hangzhou "Tien Hsiang Lo"The authentic menu and the tradition、Authentic Hangzhou cuisine is served.

Tien Hsiang Lo (basement 1)
Hours of operation:Lunch:12:00-14:30、Dinner:18:00To 22:00
Service language:Japanese、English、Chinese
Open every day


To shoot clean, modern interiors、The image of Mao and Jiangnan garden。
The corridor leading from the entrance to enclosed in wood carvings、Seems to take us to the Chinese style Pavilion。
Table seating can be to eat in relaxing with Dim lighting。
There is also a private room convenient for business meetings or entertaining.。Works by a famous calligrapher and put on the wall、
You can not only enjoy the gastronomy and enjoy works of art。
You can spend a gracious time.


Reception counter


Waiting area


Private room


Marketing & The communication CoordinatorAmanda TsaiTo explain as you will find、
Japan Japanese speaking Guest Relations ManagerJhuang ChocoTo be interpreted.


In the basement floor elevator Hall、Are beautiful murals。
The mural behind real's is hidden doors、Because the Office staff is wonderful!


There are banquet halls are available in the multipurpose ahead click here、Guests can choose the venue due to its use.


And provide a spacious floor、Quiet and cozy basement space、
At a wedding party or family dinner、
Or for business meetings, conferences, etc.、You can choose site settings to each suit。
Can accommodate、12In flexible up to 260 persons from the name is available.


French restaurant "Paris1930"The、2Seating on the floor、
Opening time as Taiwan's first authentic French cuisine continues to attract prominent guests、
2012The renewal years after、More FranceClément PellerinWelcome to the new chef、
While traditions、It offers avant-garde cuisine incorporates the innovative ideas of its own。
So the evening dinner here、We will introduce later for more information.

Paris 1930 (2nd floor)
Hours of operation
Open daily for lunch 12:00-14:30(Saturday, Sunday)、Dinner 18:00To 22:00(Mon-Sun)
Service language:English、Chinese


The unified modern tonal world of black and white into red、
Brightness of the lighting out cleansing、Has been very restless and。
With the joining of partition in some places、Guests can enjoy a private atmosphere.


Signatures of famous people


Fresh flowers in vivid greeted!


Relaxed sofa seats too!


On the 13th floor of the hotel、1985Founded in Australia from 100% organic skincare
"Jurlique"Retail Salon"Jurlique DAY SPA"And provide、
And the power of plants、By rigorous training by experienced therapists、
Will lead to higher skin its natural capacity to heal。
Is facial and body to a variety of menus.、And counselling purposes and problems、
Provides treatments tailored to the guest's condition.
Note:Because the elevators in the hotel will be on the 12th floor、13Up on the stairs to the floor。

Jurlique DAY SPA (floor 13)
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00(Last reservation 20:30-


"By the action of natural ingredients、Skin naturally with the resilience to keep、Natural trim balance of the skin in the nearest"
Based on the said beauty philosophy、
In the treatment、Made from plants grown on its own farm organic raw materials
Uses high-quality essential oils, skin care in luxury!


Vantage point rooftop 13th floor "Fitness center"And、
Equipped with various types of fitness equipment。
While enjoying the view from the high rise、Move the body、Can be refreshing.

Fitness center
Utilization time:6:00-23:00


Beside the gym "Relaxing Room-relaxing room"Also provides a、
Work up a good sweat、Relax boating magazine!


The outdoor rooftop terrace、There are lounge chairs that you can soak up the Sun、
Weather permitting、Guests can relax while enjoying the best views!


"The Grand Hotel"Hope you can、
On the other side "Taipei 101"Views。
Just、Good timingGrand HotelThe above "Taipei Songshan Airport"The able to visualize how the plane landed!
Now、Next in line is the introduction of different types of rooms.

The Landis Taipei
Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st
TEL:+886 -2 2597-1234
Reservation center: +886-2-2598-3455

Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st

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