"The Landis Taipei" Natural light in the corner room , spacious breadth of elegant corner suite


France 1920's art deco design that incorporates a concept、
A stately, classic、Atmosphere of Europe "The Landis Taipei"。
All 209 guest roomsPride、The 87 rooms "Suite Room"Next、
2011In the year all rooms renovated has been completed。
This time、The rooms become indebted、A high grade7F 715 Corner SuiteIs!


"Corner Suite"The、56Meets m² (17 Pyeong)。
There's two types of room、The elegant and romantic interior type、Classic, full of mood、
Couples and newly married couples are very popular。
On the other hand、Simple, yet elegant room interiors are、
Studio apartment design in living rooms and bedrooms make good efforts have been、Appreciated by the guests of the business layer。
Here is、The interior room of "Corner Suite" Is!


Japan Japanese speaking Guest Relations ManagerJhuang ChocoTo
Description of the rooms will have、
Because Japan language representation in the Guidebook of the room don't worry!


L-shaped building in、One room was designed like a blindfolded living and bedroom while。
Living space、Hung loose and 2 seater sofa、
1And antique loveseat sofa 2 chairs with coffee table set.


On the sofa in front of the wall、Wall hanging "SONY"Set up TV、On the monitor、Hotel overview is displayed.


Fragrant Italian brand "LAVAZZA"The kapselcoffeema scene、
"Deluxe Room"The provided in class more than once and、
Guests can enjoy a coffee in your room at any time.


Good experience in wide sizes were placed next to the living room desk。
In the drawer、Is the Guide.、English、Chinese、And also Japan、I am overjoyed!
With free Wi-Fi, and expedite the stay especially works!


Chinese style antique ice buckets。
Adjusting and nails image、This is a cool design! (Surprise)
Every room is provided ice bucket is、This design is a special。
During turndown service、Need ice can tell in advance、Please be prepared。
Further good news is that "Corner Suite"Now、
Guests can enjoy free drinks in the fridge and snack provided all。
Is in the fridge, dishes、
Soft drinks、Perrier、Cranberry juice、Orenge、Coca Cola、N.、
Alcohol is、Taiwan beer、Includes Asahi super dry! (I)
And、Strangely enough masks for emergency disaster and set inside the refrigerator door、That was cool!
Do not have anything but、Prevention is important.


All of the drinks in the fridge is free!


Snacks are all free!


Be replaced daily Taiwan fruit!


"Corner Suite"In the room may、
2Natural light from the window where he got、It is good feeling space。
Minquan East Road located on may、Heavy street cars.、Don't worry about the noise。
Weather permitting on the directions from here "Taipei 101"For seeing only the tip is possible!


7Floor 715 room, view from the Corner Suite (room):Minquan East Road


The bedrooms are、But with spacious comfortable king-size bed (200 x 220)、
Space and spacious feel.、You can relax the restless mind in neutral shades。
You can relax on the bed was set up in front of the TV and DVD player to watch movies and、
At the foot of the bed、Legs Ottoman is used as a place for、Raise your legs and tired to heal better。
Prepare the full-length mirror、Checked the morning dress is perfect!


Phone and Notepad


TV / DVD player


Magazines, etc.


Beside the bedroom、The spacious bathroom offers。
Bathrooms can separate the space with sliding door and stored。
While the partner is absent、
By using the door lead to the sound-proofed、Without cause, is available.


That's great、At first glance appeared to be wall wall、Actually in the door in the closet is。
There are plenty of wooden hanger and hanger cushion、
In the cozy bathrobe two 2 foot indoor slippers。
Safety deposit box and laundry bag、
In addition、There are facilities for、Wrinkles on shirts and suits so、
"Deluxe Room"The iron and ironing board are provided in class more than once。
Dry cleaning services are available、Not much use、Ideal for dressing in costumes。
A great skirt and jacket was in the suitcase wrinkles!


The bathrooms are in marble、Restless colors。
Bathroom space is covered by a shell tiles、Glitter and iridescent shine。
Also combines modern design and full size bath、
162in loose without legs so I cm、181size cm husband even laid-back!
"Landis Taipei"Now、The design is different in every room、All rooms have bath, it's great.。
High-quality towels、Hand、Face、Bath towels and various uniform、There is a foot bath mat。
There was a free-standing shower、In the twin head shower water pressure is good。
Toilet rooms "TOTO"The are equipped with washlets.


The stylish washbasin


With the TOTO Washlet


Independent shower booth


Vintage Reprint Edition phone-taps


Complete original amenity goods!


Original items, the salt of the dead sea


Earthy tones in mind to spend some quiet moments rest "Corner Suite"The living space。
Through to the hotel guide、You would like to explore。
Now、Next in line、"The Landis TaipeiThe facility is an introduction ♪ of "

The Landis Taipei
Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st
TEL:+886 -2 2597-1234
Reservation center: +886-2-2598-3455

Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st

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