"Paris1930" Special dinner of the avant-garde French cuisine in creative ideas.


"The Landis Taipei"Located in the 2nd floor
French restaurant "Paris1930"The、
Along with the hotel establishment opened 37 years ago and、Long history、Will be Taiwan's first professional French raslan。
This is redesigned in 10/2012、2013On October 11 as a head chef from FranceClément PellerinWelcome to the new、
While traditions、Offers the avant-garde cuisine incorporates the innovative ideas of your own!


A classic and charming feeling、
Good old Europe and decorated the interior design which seems to、
To the restless、Welcome you in style!


At the entrance to the former President of France started.、Such as Vivienne Westwood and big artists、
Sign of the prominent people who visited here have been decorated ♪

France painters "Gabriel Dauchot"、
Italian Michelin one-star "Due Colombe"The chef"Stefano Cerveni"、
TER-Israel-Tel Aviv born violinist "Pinchas Zukerman" 、
Soviet Union-born pianist、The conductor "Vladimir Ashkenazy"、
1969Year established by the Cleveland Institute of music "Cleveland Quartet"、
British India Empire、Varanasi-born musician、Sitar player "Ravi Shankar"、
1970Formed in Austria in years "The Alban Berg Quartett"、
Internationally renowned classical guitarist "Pepe Romero"、
France Michelin two-star "Restaurant Gill"The chef"Gilles Tournadre"、
Tokyo Michelin one-star "Maison de Gill Ashiya"The chef"Hideki Takayama"、
Worldwide Chinese-American cellist "YoYo Ma"、
Former first lady of Costa Rica "Figueres Josette"、
British fashion designer "Vivienne Westwood"、
Born in Modena Italy Opera tenor singer "Luciano Pavarotti"Etc. 。


Wine cellar from all over the world of wines at all times 100 books so I always have。
It is possible to pay to choose a wine to match the cuisine by the sommelier ♪


"The Duck Presser"

Here is、19In the middle of the century if a famous French restaurant "La Tour d’argent"The specialty was in、
The famous Duck dish "Canards au sang"The traditional Cookware used will be。
"CHRISTOFLE"The very valuable things made from silver、
Using press this、Made of duck blood、Thing that you include in the source。
It is one of the rare recipes actually watch a demonstration on the table。
Landis TaipeiIn opening the、
Hotel ownerStanley YenAnd have transported from France、
Not currently used。

In the restaurant of the city Rouen City, which is located in western France
"Canard au sang"The videos that demonstrate how to please look at for reference。


The unified modern tonal world of black and white into red、
Brightness of the lighting out cleansing、Has been very restless and。
With the joining of partition in some places、Guests can enjoy a private atmosphere.


Colorful flowers welcome you!


Beautiful partition!


Relax and dine in the sofa!


And become a regular live music on violin and piano listening while、Guests can dine in elegance.






Elegant live music!


This day is here private、
Marketing&Communication ManagerYu Wen Jonathan ChenAnd
Marketing&The communication CoordinatorAmanda TsaiAnd
Japan-language interpreters, Account ManagerSmall, 賴 (Lai Jill)And then you、
Meeting time while enjoying a meal。
This time the、lade-The order using truffles and foie gras "Special menu."He served.


Jonathan intelligent soft manner!


Sweet Amanda understatement, my sister!


Well Jill full and friendly!


During the meal、Red Star "S.Pellegrino"The logo will feature Italy mineral water。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、Guests can enjoy fine carbonate and a mild throat!


Is a toast with sparkling wine。
"Chef & Sommelier"The OpenNap series
Ephevacent products and a nice glass!



"Weichi"The course begins with the image of Amuse-bouche (amuse bouche)、
And full of ideas、To his surprise the gap between its appearance and taste! (Nice Idea! )
The millefiori stone black and white truffles and truffle chocolate sauce、
Flavor will spread a thick and rich truffle !
Very long finish of white chocolate with white truffle、Made us feel rich aroma in the mouth forever。
The feel from the first amuse this excitement、Not quite Japan experience is (laughs)


"Taitung Chicken Rillette"

Based on Taito's chicken dish。
What finished up in the crisp in the oven crispy crispy chicken skin、
Thereon will be accompanied by a fluffy white truffle grated finely and Henriette of chicken !
The rich aroma of white truffles、Is a fine menu filled with flavor and spicy chicken!


"Foie Gras Addict (foie gras, 3 species)
Marshmallow, Hazelnut, Habano




Chocolate truffle!



Dragon's eye of Taiwan fruit and smoked the cigar leaf、Voce in foie gras mousse、
Part of the ash Dragon's eye to powder with liquid nitrogen、The dish resemble a cigar like a charm! (Interesting! )
Next in line、Foie gras seared a piece to the inside of the marshmallow、Fluffy is a dense and rich with marshmallows!
And、"FERRERO ROCHER"The're like chocolate truffle has、
Foie gras coated with hazelnut chocolate on the surface !
Any foie gras.、3Guests can enjoy a rich foie gras tasting different seed 3 each!


Homemade bread

"Gaku Shakunaga / áge"

Will be served on homemade bread with butter、
You can enjoy the rich aroma and a creamy taste of France "ECHIRE"Butter has been adopted。
This time we are、In the home of Japan ToyamaGaku SyakunagaOf equipment to bring、
"To travel with the series"The encouragingLandis TaipeiWell let me tell you about、
Fit the new device "Paris1930"To have、
Clément PellerinIn collaboration with! (Xie Xie! )
This is before "Annual ring dish"And the instruments had been introduced.、
Once again、Title of instrument "áge"To have changed、The future "áge"="Annual ring dishIt will be "♪


"Longjing Martini"

Also a specialty of Hangzhou cuisine "Longjing Xiaren (Sauteed shrimp with Longjing tea)"The chef ate、
Was impressed with the taste of too much、
Using the Longjing tea "Longjing Xiaren (Sauteed shrimp with Longjing tea)"And then arrange、Weekly themed cocktail Martini!
Longjing tea (class long Jing tea)、In Chinese people's Republic in Hangzhou City, specialty tea、
Color is green、Tea leaves are flat、醇 sum with taste、Because incense is still "4 absolute"And is known in China、
It is one of China's leading green tea!
Yellow rice wine and soy sauce、Steamed shrimp dipped in Longjing tea、
Long Jing tea jelly, served on the rim of a cocktail glass。
Swallows the Longjing tea was poured into a martini glass!
Aesthetics and the idea is nice、
Stylish cocktail cuisine where you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of the elegant fragrance of Longjing tea and Shaoxing wine.


"Persimmon & Nipa Palm Salad"

And image of Taiwan suites、
Taiwan produced the sliced persimmons served with truffle sauce sweet and sour dish。
Also a top seed for the nippa椰子 like the Gummy texture and garnished with、Is a flavored olive oil.


"From the Sea"
Sea Urchin, King Crab, Ossetra Caviar & Lobster Bisque

Beneath the white espuma made with oysters、
Sea Urchin、King crab、Caviar、Jelly made from the broth of lobster Bisque、Enjoy luxury sea products!

"Sea"And the image of fish swim freely、
Can feel the salty fine carbonate、You can imagine the sea with its sparkling! (Terrible! )
In the cold, and refreshing、In addition to the accent crunchy texture with finely chopped cucumber、
Also feel taste one bite of produce various bulges、Feel the sum of its delicate taste delicious!


"Wagyu Beef Tongue"
Black Truffle Fondue

WAGYU Tan from Australia, cooked at low temperature, quinoa crackers served with。
Rich tryphfoagra sauce in the dish.


Quinoa crackers and WAGYU tongue sandwich at the same time、And you intersect it with plenty of warm truffle sauce、
And quinoa、Along with the flavor of soft WAGYU、
Spread creamy taste of foie gras with truffle-scented mouth Cup.


"Foie Gras & Black Truffle Tart"
Osmanthus Cordial

"Gaku Shakunaga / áge thin bowls"

Gaku Shakunaga's dishThe chef was put on the stone is for the first time!
Clément PellerinHe said、"To be tart and similar color accent"With that!
Foie gras slices on the pie dough.、Sliced black truffles8Each ornament、Tart sauce dish。
After eating I feel a little bit salty, rich foie gras、
No annex of the osmanthus was put into a shot glass of sweet essence pour into the mouth and、
In the later felt the salty sweet、More sweetness to feel strong and delicious、
It is the preeminent compatibility of the smell of the scent of osmanthus and truffle!


Macon-Verzé Croix Jarrier 2013 France Bourgogne Chardonnay 100%

Hills of southern Burgundy、In a sunny land with limestone soil、
Made from 100% Chardonnay wine。
Beautiful glossy Golden hue、It includes many minerals、Floral and citrus aromas、
And、Guests can enjoy a fresh and fruity。
While waiting for the next dish、"What: come out what kind of food for I wonder?"And the hearts delight、
Will be looking forward to surprise the 1 dish to。
The restaurant、As many will be available on a special date、It is said that made wooden doll popped the question to be。
And、Past 37 years between never did Teddy bear couple、They all answer "YES!"Think of that!
Let we talk about very nice!
From this plan proposal、
"Paris1930"In when you pop the question success no doubt might be!


"Foie Gras"
Sichuan Pepper, Quinoa, Rum

The rum mixed with spices used for making 辣油, Chinese China Northern prawn (花椒)、
Soak the foie gras with spherical、Make wishes China Northern prawn (花椒) and quinoa crackers on the surface。
there、We hung the monkey banana sauce dish!
Such as numb and refreshing scent pungency to vigorously stimulate the tongue North China pepper!
In between are numb tongue tingle、No annex of seems pour rum shot glass!
In the boxing analogy、Killed JAB eat out after、Kick and uppercut to put in、Pretty intense of a stimulus is (laughs)
More delicious、Funny! Driving's not say never tasted shock、I can't stop tasting it is.


Egg, Black Truffle Jam, Taiwanese Hot Chocolate, Toasted Brioche

Gaku Shakunaga / black glaze reversible (28 cm)


Try dividing the egg with a spoon and...!


L’oeuf a la coque



That didn't stop from Louis XV loved "L’oeuf a la coque"Image。
L’oeuf a la coqueAnd the、France soft boiled eggs with bread, eat breakfast dishes that。
This made the image of France breakfast dish! (It is cute! )
The injections into the white truffles, mixed with hard-boiled eggs、Brioche and tryphsalt、Served with truffle sauce。
Image of lay fresh eggs chicken truffle egg is often in the back of a spoon、
And applying the toasted brioche、Rich flavours is spread、It is very delicious!
Good soft boiled egg is good only on the shell breaks、
Was how to break my bad sorry. I have open (lol)
And、Along with cocoa chocolate almond flavored cappuccino to Taiwan's Pingtung County East。
Clément PellerinThe、After being placed in this、
Already it has spawned over 250 types of cuisine! (Awesome! )
Every dish is unique、Creativity abounds.


"Maine Lobster"
Nantou Bailey's Coffee

"Gaku Shakunaga / black glazed thin bowls"

From the Maine lobster cooked in soup、With grilling surface.、
Sliced chestnuts、Cream liqueur of Ireland "Baileys"And
Coffee beans、Whipped cream、Whiskey、Cinnamon、Coffee sauce made with cardamom。
Smooth and clemmie fragrant coffee source matches the sweetness of the shrimp and chestnut.


Yilan Shrimp, Litchi


Made warm


Garnish soup with shrimp!


Made cold

Yi-LAN from shrimp tastes with two types of hot and cold。
On the other hand,、You pouring warm soup took the soup with shrimp heads and shells in shrimp product。
Tender shrimp anyway good texture is refined and delicate soups、Feel the refreshing acidity such as Tom Yum Goong。
Other、On a jelly made from shrimp and lobster broth soup with shrimp、
Lime sorbet and salmon caviar served with lime zest、The cold dish。
Lime sorbet with Smasher crack、With shrimp, and、Is also sinister-looking and delicious!


"The Chianti Colli Fiorentini Riserva Conte Ferdinando Guicciardini Firenze 2010, Italy Florence
Sangiovese 90%、Colorino、Cabernet Sauvignon、10% Merlot

From the 12th century located in the Chianti Colli fiorentini area wineries。
The owner of Guicciardini、Historians have written "history of Italy" in the Medici Entourage、
It is one of the descendants of Francesco Guicciardini。
Also、And as founders of the Colli fiorentini Association established、Chairman of the Association is currently served、
Are making a traditional Castello di poppiano Chianti。
Locally known as "albarese.、
Made from draining from the miry clay lime quality conglomerate soils of medium texture。
And Garnett wore dark Ruby、During the complex aromas of ripe fruit aromas、
Stand out tannins, full-bodied,、Honjozo long balanced finish.


"Nantou Pigeon"
Smoked in Hay, Quinoa, Prune

Remove the bones of the thigh meat pigeon、Stuffed Chicken and truffle, there、Finishing like a sausage。
Over smoked breast of pigeon and truffle sauce、Taiwan produced quinoa、Must be accompanied by pickled prunes。
Birds smoked sour prune thick sashimi!


"Grazing Lamb"
Loin, Grass, Goat Milk & Chees freshly Curdled

"Gaku Shakunaga / black glaze with dish"

And the cheese made from goat's milk in New Zealand grazing lamb fillet
By will Lavender flavored milk!
Miranda Kerr and overseas celebrities prefer to drink、
"Most Detox effect food on Earth"As a buzz"Wheatgrass"The powder looks like on the Prairie。
ChefClément Pellerinis、Feel the scent of fresh grass when mountaineering in spring practice、
With it is images like is passing though them sheep cheer filled meadows! (Nice! )
Despite having such a spectacular image is strongly、ChefClément PellerinThe、
Gaku SyakunagaFor machine and hand、"A very new challenge to their"As、
It is accepted that this collaboration ♪ (Xie Xie!)


"I'm Late! I'm Late!"
Earl Grey & Gold

"ALICE in WONDERLAND"The reconstructed Watch has a white rabbit、
2015Christmas limited edition was offered in desertDid have a special! (Our very highly interesting! )


Alice in WonderlandTo the White Rabbit Pocket Watch has been reproduced in chocolate、It is a very sophisticated! (Terrible! )
It is a clock plate of chocolate they eat chain other than all! (Surprise! )
However,、They eat so it is もったいない to think about a nice dessert!
And try our、Its taste is、The flavor of Earl Grey tea、Ganache is a very classy scent!
So much deliciousness in agony!
Normal、In the French restaurant、That will provide a Patisserie chef、
Here is、Currently chef.Clément Pellerinis、Food and bread, and the dessert is made, all supervised by!
1 plate 1 plate in passion、Just awesome!


"Gold Rush"
Hazelnut, Bailey, Caramel

"Gold Rush"And for dessert it was named、
It is inspired by the history of Taiwan was Asian Premier Gold。
Caramelized nuts、Hazelnut ice cream、
Bayliesheselnuts chocolate balls、Using a hazelnut chocolate、
The dish feel pleasure out gold ore and roll!
On the brink of pulled and melts in your mouth watering with cold ice cream and chocolate is the best!


Brownie, Mandarin, Saffron

The image of snow seen in the winter of Japan、
It is a dessert made of snow crystals form a sake with Tangerine! (Nice! )
"It will pay what they pleased?"With ChefClément PellerinHard、
It is an article for us to think! (Merci! )
Opens up the mellow aroma of sake with sweet delicate flavor、
Spread on fresh oranges、Well with dessert.





Last image of jewelry box "Paris1930 (original jewelry box)"The appearance of petits fours!


Treasures like chocolate a lot jewelry box in the glove compartment.


"Sweet lustre"

2Seeds of macaroons、Soft candies、Milk candy、Nougat、
Chocolate、Truffle、Ganache、Passion fruit、Hazelnut, etc、
It is a jewelry box filled with various flavors of sweets!
Chocolate simulates a Chupa Chups (Chupa-Chups)、Fabulous luxury till the end of the course.


ChefClément PellerinThe received will greetings!
The staffs are very shy and delicate、Questions in good faith, GOOG! (Merci!)


ChefClément PellerinThe、Born in Normandy in France、
Paris 'L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon"In conduct training as Chef Patissier、
After that、Spain、Ireland、Shanghai、Bangkok、And across the world to Taiwan、Has absorbed the Spice in various countries。
However, it also、In this wide world、Restaurants in Bangkok have chefs "Sirocco"The、
We are in the last year2015/1 JanuaryTo having interviewed、The common was surprise!
ChefClément PellerinThe、5Over to China to learn martial arts in China years ago。
In there、Sharpening the mind by learning Kung Fu、
All dishes、Connection with performing arts scene with feeling、To cook "Story"Think it necessary。
From there the chef.Clément PellerinThe start is creative cuisine。
ChefClément PellerinThe story was born from the creative desire not limited、And leave the power of many of the works、
We also love will be filled with surprise guest to give!


Here you will、Nice service at the end of the meal will present a flower to women. (Xie Xie! )
At the end, ChefClément PellerinEnclosed is picture with you。
Full of great ideas
Thank you for surprise specials and a wonderful time ♪ (very grateful!)

Paris 1930 (2nd floor)
Hours of operation
Open daily for lunch 12:00-14:30(Saturday, Sunday)、Dinner 18:00To 22:00(Mon-Sun)
Service language:English、Chinese

The Landis Taipei
Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st
TEL:+886 -2 2597-1234
Reservation center: +886-2-2598-3455

Zhongshan district, Taipei City civil rights road Er Duan, 41st

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