Near Lungshan Temple "Guangzhou Street Tourist Night Market" and "Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market" is Unusual shops packed!


Power spot's premier TaipeiAlso called Taiwan temple
"Longshan Temple"Of the located on the opposite side、The popular "Guangzhou Street tourist night market (a.k.a.:Monga = night market)"To!
This is bizarre became a city at night、Adult males will be pleased! Maybe not at night is a city (laughs)
Or pirated DVD stalls、Or a little sell a dodgy DVD、
Taiwan various city tours if you are night、Good deep night of walking around the city also!


"Grand Victoria Hotel"of
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji Takahashi.
The tour guides with their friendsWang yongde mountain (commonly known as:Ms. Wang)To guide、Taiwan local travel。
Entitled "Takahashi & Wang Presents! Local Taiwan let US know! Half-day tour at night!"The final chapter!
Be everywhere、WangIs it's face is happy face this day of in the sense of imagination will be? (Lol)


Typical night looks no different from city and what stalls our。
In some、I normally enjoy Taiwan gourmet B stalls。
Occasionally、Suggests dubious except still store (lol)


And "Monga night market"And go straight to、
Fascinated by the most glamorous attire in his right hand raised in a Chinese-style gate "Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market"。
This night is the history of the city's oldest Taipei is known as the city's first night、
More bizarre is known as a city at night、Maniac dubious for the crowded store、
If you're in Taiwan tells US about a city at night、Here we challenge you!
Dubious Let's plunge into arcade and shops with the rumors.


This night as a hallmark of the city、観retari snake show、
Snake、Energy tonic, soft shelled turtle (? ) As
You have valuable effect might be to eat shop、
An adult shop please men and、
Night city, getting used to the way the new world deep spread、An exciting and entertaining!
Reflexology place and herbal medicine shops that normally is、
They proceeded to ordinary shops is dangerous! (Lol)
This evening the city "So much photo opportunity!"AndWangSankarea they liked the attention!
Certainly、In the shop of 変waridane "Photography prohibited"The Bill is coming so、Note, let's move on!


Snake food Shoppe "Dongjing mountain from medicine Zen-Bou"。
Bee, mice with the rest of the serpent、Dishes such as Dove's position、The said so-called getemono fish dishes、
Taiwan people、The meat of the serpent or snake blood、
And many people believe in IMPAX, the amulet。
Seemed unending after onlookers regarded to the front of the shop.


As well as snake food Shoppe "Zinc in serpent meat shop"。
Viper Cobra photos with landmarks、Storefront snake is wriggling in the cage!
Recommended dishes here、"Viper 5 piece set"In the、
Snake soup and snake poison cocktails、Bile、Snake cuisine and snake blood is as fun and luxury!
The snake poison cocktail、Peace of mind with an antidote from a sense?! (Lol)


Turtle food Shoppe "Long live turtle branch"。
Here you will、Just the familiar's stamina food、
Turtle eggs、Turtle bile、This includes turtle blood as well as enjoy together!
IMPAX also collagen rich because、I have nice benefits both men and women (lol)


Snake and often grotesque or is life cool、Still in Python is intense。
Too hard to、Does not seem like eating was (laughs)


Fried swordfish "East Harbor, Dorado black wheel"。
Famous tunaEastern HarbourNow、Swordfish with cake、Tempura Dorado and Dorado black circle has become one of the famous!


"Dorado black wheel"Cacti was sold, she was the best! (Lol)
I want to buy charm!
Click here also1Book 10 TWD (Japan Yen:About 36 yen)And your prices are。
With the slump "Sun-powered dirt dish" And "Sweet spicy sauce"The two species。
We have select cutlet。
And to minced hot and fluffy、Sauce is a sweet finish、
During the、Quail egg was being groomed.


Salt dish duck


Keelung Harbor, Tsu tsu seafood


Old fashioned Pinball game machine


Taiwan's a snack "Brown Rice Pudding"Why don't you challenge?? AndTakahashiSan。
In the eyecatchPig、Blood、Rice cakeOf words is quite a strong character line (lol)
I thought that Taiwan needs no introduction prejudice to go or not、Decided to have a try!


This time many challenges also stalls in the deep world of Taiwan (laughs)
Hardened mixture of pig's blood and sticky rice, peanut powder and coriander-crusted "Brown Rice Pudding"。
Flavored with peanut powder、But don't smell as thought blood、
Combination of peanut and coriander is used in Thailand, but was、
Given the balance of chewy in texture, the glutinous rice and whole、
Once good at cutting experience?... that's honest feedback is。
The local people、Normally familiar houses、So you would prefer.


"Guangzhou Street tourist night market (a.k.a.:Monga = night market)"The return to the entrance、
Where requested and want to eat something warm soup series、WangIs it to late-night snack in the shops now!


"Lian Shi Hao"And hung the sign"Lian Shi Hao Yo Yuigen"。
This is in the dining room of the stalls was born in.、1921Year founded inFounded in 1995It is said that in long-established!


Storefront's open kitchen with、Steam rose from the boiler、The delicious smell fills the air!
The Hotcakes here also are the main ingredients of squid、Using the fine stuff of Argentina、
Using the large amounts of fish in the soup、Has been Braised until thickened.


"Merchants tiles sautéed fish assorted (small) and squid soup" 50 TWD (Japan Yen:About 180 yen)

As a good tradition from one generation、Using the finest squids of Argentina、
Coriander affixed to the top is accented with。
For large amounts of fish soup is thickened、Warm up from the core of the body、Is delicious!

35 TWD "rice flour fried / rice noodles fried" (Yen Japan:About 130 yen)

"Lian Shi Hao"The fried rice noodles,、The fried rice noodles、Using rice noodles of Hsinchu is especially crisp and。
Garlic soy sauce、On the green onions and bean sprouts、Lard and put out fragrance is。
Over the chili oil on the table. to adjust the spiciness and helpful!
Able to touch on Taiwan's various local travel as startled and turned in a half day tour、
Very beautiful、Lot of fun!

Takahashi、Mr. Wang、Seeing me thank you very much! (So thanks! )
, Wanhua District, Taipei City West 48th Street

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  1. Mr.t

    Last night、Guangzhou night's Karaoke Cafe in the city? To like!
    But not Chinese、And had little money.、Ended up winning the curiosity(Lol)
    Meet with the men singing a fun。
    I had one、Kishita q's travel diary(^-^ q)It took the applause(Lol)
    One uncle of beer going to be、Nice fun。


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