"Miss V Bakery" Want to give dreams to children to reproduce the familiar American bakery in Taipei!


To reproduce the familiar childhood American bakery in Taipei、
In the flagship product "Cinnamon rolls-"In popularity、In a hot topic "Miss V Bakery"。
MRT "Zhongshan Station"From exit 4, 5 minutes walking distance、Also"Shuang Lian station"Exit 1 5 minutes walk in the back alley of、
White looks particularly eye-catching Navy awning is reflected in Bakery Café。
Shop name、Also a co-owner in childhoodVirginia HuangAnd
Lian Veronica LinThe name of the two "V"Take、"Miss V Bakery"And has been named.


From the student dreams come true、2Of the people "Miss V"The small pastry workshop opened、
Scale、2013/SeptemberThe confectionery factory within walking distance to Cafe bakery, open new!
Shop、And at the window counter 4 seats、8Large table Loveseat、And four seat sofa、
2And 5 tables with table Loveseat、Expanded to store about 30 seats.
The interior design of、Two were handled without the hand of the designer、
American country style、French romance、Japanese simple to mix and、
Women in the sense "feel to、Would be very cute Cafe!


To counter "Miss V Bakery"The signage products
"Cinnamon rolls"Introduction、
Muffins, scones and colorful、
Suites their just-baked in the cake Studio near the morning line in front of the eyes.


Seasonal cake started.、Aligned delicious homemade cake shop is always stuck to the material.


In addition to the cake、By the babe pleasing gift gift box package、
Homemade "The Nut House"Series is very popular!

"cranberries mixed nuts" 200 g 200TWD (Japan yen approximately 720 yen)
Using selected almonds from the United States、Mix dried fruit cranberry almond cake。
Moderate tightness is、Is characterized by carelessly stretching hands sweetness!

"serial jacks mixed nuts, homemade honey"
Using a homemade honey、Using cranberries and blue grapes, dried fruit、Healthy Granola is toasted。
But I think many may be soaked in milk, Granola、This is recommended as crisp and pick!
Stand out flavor、The restaurant is not too sweet.

"peanut butter" bottle of 250 TWD (Japan Yen about 900 yen)
Selected almonds from the United States、Fresh walnuts、Cashew nuts、Using the Omega 3 oils、Healthy peanut butter!
Viscous paste less smooth, clemmie、Spread mouth flavorful delights、
The sweetness is kept to、Aftertaste feeling handy cooking bread、
Is the chili chicken and peanut butter!

"spicy fennel nuts" one-(30 g) × 10 capsule 1 box 360 TWD (Japan yen approximately 1300 yen)
Spicy almond with black sesame seeds, 花椒 and spicy sautéed three!
Improves the texture of the selected almonds from the United States、Hot draws after becoming addicted to feel tongue stimulation!
Have a sweet and good、Adult beer like we'd suggest is.

This brought back to Japan "The Nut House"Series、
The suites like friends I try、Really what was popular.


While in Taiwan currently headquartered in Tokyo、The inbound tourism from Asia
Gourmet tour conductorKo KabunIs going to tell you about、
The ownerVirginia HuangIn the greetings! "Like (hajimemashite)!


You for your time just a little bit ago opening、And testify to the history of the shop!
"Miss V Bakery"The、2Of the people "Miss V"The joint operation and will be、
PartnerLian Veronica LinThe、
Currently second and being pregnant at 7 months pregnant、Having a big belly, so is cheer to work、
Virginia HuangThat you'll hear。

Virginia HuangThe、Taiwan parents have、
Born in New York and what's、10Grow in New York until the age of。
For her、American bakery, cinnamon rolls、In the familiar childhood suites、
Chocolate and cinnamon、It loves the smell of cheese!

After that、Return to Taiwan with his parents、2005Years from 2008 to fashion marketing
3Had been active for yearsVirginiaThat is the、Marriage and environment to the eyes and around the pass machine、
Says to consider that people who suffer from poverty and。
For poor children "You can do that?"And the idea、Were drawn from the student "Confectioner's shop"The dream、
In Taiwan for the first time out childhood friend met with the same dreamVeronicaWith realize、
Bring up the tiny little confections workshop。
And、Teddies children orphanage and other baked goods、
With pastry-making classes and courses、Launched a volunteer activities you can do yourself。
Open original、Ride of the orbit of confectionery workshop、VirginiaAndVeronicaFor 2 person、With the hands of parents、
Started from the Studio to make baked goods, such as a wedding gift "Miss V Bakery"。


VirginiaThe、Even baked goods at their own wedding of course made it!
It is the bride of the protagonists、Chased to the edge of the wedding production、Let me reminisce about was the lack of sleep and (lol)

One of the first-time management to suffer two years was、2Help together in mutual support、Overcome the hardships、
Became a billboard menu in now "Cinnamon rolls"Buzz、
To gradually increase the types of cakes and baked goods、Its popularity over the Spurs will continue。
Confectionery workshop is another, and open space、
Staff Cafe bakery and confectionery workshop and tailored nel 14、
As a privately-run cafes are crowded with Saute。

Now the 33-year-old、Partners inVeronicaBecause maternity leave、
To protect the store in the meantime、She, once a new product development、Also seasonal products, such as providing、
To meet the needs of our customers、Spare no efforts continue to evolve。
From early in the morning he told us how to spend the holidays she is immersed in business till late at night、
Closed on Mondays and open shop here "Kids ' candy Department"The volunteer is likely have been fine! (Terrible)
Said, is the smile of children who get in its activities linked to the vitality of her!
So loving they produce food and sweets
Would you like to see us immediately.


"Own honey lemon drink (with homemade honey)" Hot/Cold 150TWD (Japan Yen:About 540 yen)

And buy honey from a beekeeper in Tainan、
With organic Lemon pickle, made with homemade honey lemon drink。
We will stir honey lemon has precipitated the better!
Guests can enjoy the rich aroma of honey、
Is the freshness of the moderate sweetness and lemon.、Parkroyal on Kitchener road juice fresh beaten!


First of all the、Will the branch set of suites before!
VirginiaAnd also because I like big cheese、His joy, extends from the inside of the sandwich melted cheese!


Mala taste KIA Tsukasa sanming Tezuka (Spicer Grill cheese sandwiches and Homemade Granola yogurt) 180 TWD (Japan Yen:650Yen)

Here is、VirginiaDuring a visit on a business trip to New York、
Spicy sandwich with cheese and cilantro into、
It is moved to the taste of the spicy sandwich that was born in the trigger menu!
"Taiwan also wants to offer this taste!"And I、Home-made bread into the cheese with plenty of、
Using the sansho Taiwan with coriander and chilli (fresh and dry)、
Taiwan people will talk to spicy arranged to fit。
Homemade bread flour and using whole wheat flour in Taiwan、Used to trace amounts of yeast in France。
Feel and flavor, toast and roasted、
Melted from the inside-out and cheese melt out、
Cheddar cheese、Mozzarella cheese、And the interweaving of three species of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese flavor
To accent a tantalizing scents like coriander、After prefer spicy draw、Stops the chopstick is delicious!
Mayonnaise salad is homemade and not heavy、Only vegetables were delicious、
And Homemade Granola mix into homemade yogurt、
There is obsessed with healthy, I would!


"Miss V staff engineering beloved selected thigh exhaust sanming Osamu (nutschkin sandwich)" 280 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1010 yen)

Here isThe King of the rock! Elvis PresleyLoved sandwiches
"Grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich."Nutschkin sandwich twist!
Homemade "The Nut House"Series"peanut butter"And then grilled sauce、
Sweet with a fresh banana and peanut butter flavor is full-bodied、
With a hearty increases satisfaction matched a juicier chicken sandwich、
"Miss V Bakery"The menu of all staff.


"Medium joists Chaoyang IPAP method T'u cinnamon winding (bacon & eggs cinnamon Rolf French toast)" 180 TWD (Japan Yen:About 650 yen)

Cinnamon roll French toast to finish at-based、
Original caramel sauce。
Cut with a knife was affixed on a fried egg yolks、While resorting to a mushy yolk and good。
Taste taste and aroma of cinnamon intriguing appetite while also。
Cinnamon-scented accidently broke ground was、
Gentle sweet cinnamon rolls fit better with Bacon!


Cafe、Has adopted the espressocoffeema scene、American, cappuccino、Latte art is a popular。
Tea、United Kingdom warrant "TWININGS"And
Singapore brand tea with love "TWG"Has been adopted、Well equipped!


Tuina iron works (latte) Hot/Cold 135TWD (Japan Yen:About 490 yen)

Choose a cafe latte、Latte art I also ordered mug please!
Everything's mugVirginiaThe homemade one! (Surprise)
To order a coffee at the Café Taiwan、I don't be surprised at its size.


Become the center of Taiwan's Nantou County at、With a population of only 87000 small town "pulley"In visiting the potters、
Get Guide、VirginiaMugs were painstakingly crafted, handcrafted。
Adorable illustrations are drawn in the rustic yet none、1Birthmarks, does the same work。
She really was dexterous the minion、Become familiar with and in the atmosphere of the restaurant click here、It is a soft impression mug!
Little by little、Is increasing the work done!


And the customers had reserved in advance now or now?、
Open time to sort columns began done ago but it!


Is it that between guests in and one cup、
Many customers take out、Men are also very popular, as many Taiwan men are like suites.


"TWININGS Royal Earl tea (Earl Grey) "Hot/Cold 125TWD (Japan Yen:About 450 yen)

Earl Grey's attraction is a refreshing scent of bergamot。
Blend name、From the United Kingdom Prime Minister Earl Grey count。
Its taste and、For iced tea colors to haze、Guests can enjoy the beautiful colors and fragrances.


Menu item "cinnamon rolles(Plain cinnamon roll) ' 65 TWD (Japan Yen:Approx. 240 JPY)

Used cinnamon (cinnamon) I had with confidant of Chinese medicine shop 擂tte、
Making cinnamon rolls-based proprietary formulation。
In getting rid of spicy cinnamon-、Leaving only the Crabtree and Evelyn、Enjoy a taste、
Is the flagship product of the one with unique!
Like other plain 'sugar frosting (icing).、"KIA's (cheese)、Must see Pyroelectric sugar nuclear peach (wall nut caramel)。
In the shop、Most customers had ordered cinnamon rolls?!


Menu item 'malignant demon Takumi, force 蛋糕 (Devil chocolate cake)"130 TWD (Japan Yen:Approx. 470 yen)

From the taste so I ended up overeating demonic "Devil's"And called
Suites of America "Devils Choco cake-"In both men and women here at the restaurant very popular!
75% of the cake using bittersweet chocolate from Belgium、The sandbox has a homemade caramel、
Not too heavy、Enjoy the steak and chocolate cake!


Vegetables delicious carrot cake or


Refreshing sour "Lemon tart.


Unique to Taiwan's "taloghmopy"


Sea salt caramel cheese cake


Saturday and Sunday only! "Apple pie"


Scones with a cute fruitmuffin!

2Friendly people "Miss V"The、Every morning at 7:00 into the Studio、And provides fresh catches you candy。
Make homemade as possible、And you want to be healthy even though volume to obtain satisfaction after eating!
Where the American bakery、There are two "Miss V"The commitment is。
Full of love、Will they burn with single-minded passion for baking success、
Continues in Taipei very much sincere suites to bring!

"Miss V Bakery"ofVirginia HuangAndLian Veronica Lin
And who attended the interviewHome transaction邹景雯reporter Hu (a.k.a.:Ko)Thank you ♪ (much appreciated!)

Miss V Bakery Miss by bakery
Address:Taipei City Tatung, chifeng city 49 Street 22, 1F
TEL:+886 2 2559 7391
Hours of operation:11:30-21:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

Taipei City Tatung, chifeng city 49 Street 22,

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