"Yonghe enjoy China night city ' loved by local people local evening in the city of Taiwan night city experience!


Loved by the local people and localCity at night"Yonghe enjoy China night city (Yong-haylorwh, Jesu)"The、Taipei CityThe across the river one next doorNew Taipei CityNext、MRTOfDingxi station (choukei station:Dincer Jun)Of1 ExitGo to the left、Within a 5-minute walkThe you will see the entrance so far。Evening 6: ~ late night at 25Welcomes you to、Night 7:-~ 22 unitsWill be one of the busiest times。Yonghe RdFromZhongshan RoadOver the medium to expandYonghe fun Hua night marketThe、Tourist a measureCity at nightAnd that gang differences、Adheres to the local people and、Local and have fun because I think!


21When point is this hustle and bustle!

Taiwan securityThe relatively better、Not overly scary、City at nightIs too large for、SriThe note is required。Medicated mouth at the back of oblique type compact ones as much as possible we recommend。If both hands free、Eating even easier.。City at nightThe location may vary but、ToiletIs not only a place with permanent。Others done at the nearest convenience store or station。One's feet、Easy to walk to、Far and away、Flat shoes or sneakersIt is recommended!


From the residence of Lee Kun as coloring provide near effortless Hua night market!


Licorice 芭 LokAnd the、Carefully selectedGuavaThe high-qualityLicorice root (traditional Chinese medicine:Sweetroot)Glare、Very nice sweet and salty、There are sourTaiwan guava in、Chew the pulp and、Soft bitterness、And is characterized by gentle citrus scent。Taiwan people、When eating raw guava is love、May and eaten with sugar or honey.


Pedestrian streetOf to feelCity at nightThat is the、For the road、Occasionally pass through bike。Because it is a rare passing car、Distracted by shopping the accidents should be taken.


Spring sectionToTaiwan peopleAs the information of the most popular、As a new year's luck "Spring big red inclusions."And、In Japan "Lotto"To be。Spring big red inclusions.The period during、1On the dayNT $ 1 million (Japan yen and then around 3900000 circle)is100NameOf hits is better!


JapanOfKansai OdenBroth-based roots and seeBoil the Kanto (institutes for:Guwanndonn module)"。Kanto boiledThe、In the Taiwan people's favorite、Is quite good even at convenience stores、Star anise (star anise)The distinctive smell that from、Japan OdenAnd unlike pretty、The dark-eyed、Taste is sweet base。And beams.、We haveStar aniseThe scent is a kind of weak。


Fun flower city night in30Years or moreOf the famous stores continued to seeTokikoshi setsuka Bing"Mr. a、With local popular。Taiwan to rich and refreshing taste of poker in the ice、Setsuka Bing (shwewhbin)The、Deep fragrant, faintly sweet milk flavor。A delicate fluffy in texture、In various kinds of fruit, with plenty of amenities.


Taiwan peopleTheQQ (Cucu)Texture is called taste.、"QQ = potato"ofQQ seriesThe suites boasts a particularly popular。QQAnd the、Is the word to describe the feeling of food in Taiwan, resilient。Tapioca、Taro、Lotus seed、Tremella fuciformis、Adlay、Red bean、Things such as green beans boiled sweet made with tofu and Unzen grass jelly is、Love balls (a kind of nuts) jelly etc、Suites stand to customize with toppings of your choice.


Good curry restaurant in Taiwan "The Prince wants mairu (kariiwannsuu)"Mr.。Katsu Curry and chicken katsu Curry、Shrimp curry、There is even the fried rice with shrimp。The Taiwan、AKAN Chai (Oyster)Also in the famous '蚵 larvae and caramel"And calledTaiwan style Fried oystersOf any other、At another store "蚵 omelette"And calledTaiwan style Oyster OkonomiyakiSuch is the popularity。The bivalve samples、Please thank you at your own risk!


Popularity in city night"Selected thigh exhaust (grilled chicken)、"Selected thigh skewer (grilled chicken)、"Selected thigh winding (chicken rolls).いわゆる日本の焼き鳥屋さん中でもチキンロールは表面の皮はパリパリ中はふっくらジューシィーでガーリック風味やお米を入れるお店もあるようで人気だそうです♪


Once again!QQ (Cucu)The character! (Laughs) "Place melon balls"、さつまいもで作ったQQ mouthfeel (glutinous mouthfeel)の揚げ菓子です自然な甘さで中は空洞なのでサクサクもちもちと軽い食感で何個でも食べれるそうです総体的に台湾人はThe original has the texture and sweet is large, large-loveSuch seems ♪


It is sure to be a festival stalls of JapanCandy appleならぬTomato candy!(shock)"Candied fruit (nn Tatari Hikaru Xiang fu)」と呼ばれる中国の伝統菓子ですを扱う「A DS candied fruit」さんにはAppleBut not、Cherry tomato、Strawberry、蜜餞(李の砂糖漬け)トマトに蜜餞を挟んだものと小梨子の5種類があります飴はRed food coloringで色付られていますTomato candyThe、Candy appleより美味しいという声もチラホラお祭り時にCandy appleに猛烈に興味をそそられたことのある幼少期の思い出がふと甦りとても気になりました(笑)


Night in the city、Candy (Candy)やお菓子の量り売りを良く見掛けます。Here is、自分たちで食べるものというよりかは、It's used as an offering to God。Consultation visits to temples and psychics is part of everyday life for Taiwan man of faith.。God of marriage became a topic on the Japanese woman "Matchmaker"-like Of divine favor also looks great likely ♪


Local Yonghe Rakuhana night market also Please enjoy ♪

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