New Open! Snacks galore in the Night Market to be held every night at Tsukumo times "ten ten Night Market" Xindian District!


"PLATINUM HOTEL"From the10 minutes walking distanceTo
2015One day in October.The newly opened freshlyNinety-nine back"Every night market、Gastronomy square"To!
Japanese hotels front manager who can speakSaint Yong Chen (aka:Yoyo's)Our guide、
Enjoy the night city dinner together。
"Every night market" Of "day by day' And the 'every day"Means and、Open every day becomes a city at night.


This evening in the city、Sort rich variety of cuisines of Southeast Asian countries and Taiwan local food、
How Snacks also is good Domo (Haochi~i = delicious)!
Especially of Motchimochi get in chili sauce with a spicy "Taiwanese meatball/Bawan"It is recommended!
Newly opened night city is very simple and is clean.、It is recommended travelers dislike the distinctive smell of night city!


Every night 18:00 ~Sales start、Day-wood23Time 30 minutesUntil the、
Gold、Earth weekend24oclockFrom the sales and。
In Japan、Can be seen only during festivals and events "Food stalls"、
Where it is interesting that in Taiwan enjoy every night!
Delicious snacks are aligned in a reasonableCity at nightThe、Have some valuable kitchen of the Taiwan people.


Here is、In the dining area was set up in the venue、Is available free to anyone。
Vacant seat to、
You can enjoy the snacks that was shopping in a variety of stalls ♪


Saint Yong Chen (aka:Yoyo's)But"Cocho-Colle、食beru? 食benai?"And、So while you want to listen、
What you want to try to request、Order one at a time to stand、
I want to try to enjoy various ♪


This night is the most important feature of the city、
Not just the Taiwan local food、Local food of Southeast Asia also have shops!
Indian curry and tandoori chicken, Satay and Chai、
Furthermore, such as Thai Curry and the Khao man Gai、Amenities include a rich variety of stalls.


At the venue、With small kids can enjoy amusement area.、
The families of many eyes。
Events are held on the weekend、Seems to show the excitement further.


Street、Look at the stalls and around、Let us immediately by placing small hiccups I noticed!


"Baby Squid"

"Baby squid"、Fried, squid specializes in providing a variety of sources.


"Golden fried squid Thai chutney" 100TWD
(About 370 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Deep fried squid、Happy together and served with sweet chilli sauce and coriander。
The fleshy squid cooked chili in flexible fit better、
♪ that you indulge in Thailand mood in the smell of coriander


"Brothers a kebab."

It is always a meat winding roll and skewers shop in stalls ♪


"Incense Leek meat winding (pig)、Meat skewers (chicken).

Has put in plenty of green onions, wrapped in pork meat roll、
Sweetness of the onion is spread to Boryumyi dish enough to chew if chew!
Yakitori also 1 skewer will be between leek chicken breast meat in quite a jumbo size ♪


"Changhua meatballs"

It is also a Taiwan specialtyTaiwanese meatball/Bawan
Taiwanese meatball/BawanAnd the meatballs that are、The difference with meat dumplings in Japan、Is the characteristic chewy texture.


"Changhua meat ene" 40TWD (about 150 yen in the Japanese Yen)

In the skin, such as potato and rice、Shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots、Meatball stuffed full with meat。
Even out skin click the、And made of sweet potato starch、The texture is a delicious rice cakes in the form!
The source is、Dare "Spicy Add"In asking that he was、
Lesbian couples in the spicy-catching after this is again! (Lol)
Because it is in the sweetened 煮付kete、Make spicy sauce in the child is okay.


"India with a cake Murtabak (Rousseau Hikaru Tatari ba)"

And "Murtabak (murtabak).、Primarily in Saudi Arabia (especially the Hejaz region)、Yemen、Indonesia、
Malaysia、Thailand、Singapore、In the pancake can be seen in Brunei、Since the fixture is in the fabric、
Like a crepe in Japan or Okonomiyaki。
The various ingredients used by country、Sweet kind of snack and、Salty kind of side dishes and two、
Here's a has been sold what side dishes basis ♪


"Murtabak (Murtabak) Mutton" 150TWD (about 560 yen in the Japanese Yen)

The mutton (Lamb) Murtabak (murtabak).。
India was accompanied by two kinds of curry sauce and sauce made from Palm sugar (sugar palm)、With pickled ginger。
Because square will clean provides a standard triangular、Easier to eat、It is particularly easy to。
Sosoe be dish ♪ appetite in the spices of Indian curry


"Qian Jin pasta"

"pasta"、And also one of Taiwan noodle dishes、
Whole eggs in addition to noodles made、Its history is deeply said one southern birthplace and.



Seems wanted soup、Husband going to buy additional "any noodles.。
A beautiful mind noodles was shrimp and vegetables into a sky of、
Taste will know why ... still Japan's ramen is subjected in the world (laughs)


"Cow curd tender immortality."

Tapioca in the heart、Is a popular dessert drinks such as tofu or Immortals herbal Shoppe!
The tapioca milk tea is famous in Japan、Not yet penetrated the immortals grass jelly with it.


"招牌 Toku-cho (Chintama-douhua-嫩仙 grass)" 50TWD (about 190 yen in the Japanese Yen)

During the sweet milk tea、Is made of grass called Immortals grass jelly drink。
Unzen grass at plants in Taiwan and southern China、Hot summer hot and detoxifying。
The raw material is the green grass、To make jelly and turns black、Obviously, they like the coffee jelly!
With a thick straw-will be like tapioca milk tea。
Because Immortals grass jelly and large cut、Pretty intense to inhale and not come out (laughs)
The taste of the immortals grass jelly、There are bitter sweet and traditional Chinese medicine、
Sweet milk tea mix、Fond of the sweet taste。
Unzen grass jelly is low in calories、Beauty and body is so nice、
People got tired of tapioca milk tea、I try it!


Enjoying a meal and、The booth something at the venue which show excitement!
"The older brother that was surrounded by a lot of products in stunning twistersSlapping Lots (street vendors-"And、
Teems with people watching it。
Old and was apparently well in Japan "Sell ​​beating of bananas"、
We were able to enjoy a one-act that feel somehow nostalgia!
Now、At night in the city became filled my stomach as well、
Return to hotel and explore the area on foot while、Relax and soak in the bath、Go to the Nasu。
Next in line、"PLATINUM HOTEL"Breakfast is the introduction of ♪

Every night market、Gastronomy square
Location:Taiwan sindian district, new Taipei City, 135th, and RD
TEL:+886 2 2211 2555
Hours of operation:Every evening 18:00-23:30、(Gold、Soil) 18:00-24:00

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