Taiwan Shilin night market and Shin Lin night market more than 100 years as a kitchen for local people crowded the largest city at night


Taiwan's largestCity at nightSpeaking of、"Shin Lin night city (sealinyelsey)."。The original、MazuEnshrinedJain 諴 TempleStarted from a small market as a place of the former agricultural products and seafood trade、Changing with the times、In the current、100Years or moreAlsoLocal kitchenCrowded andCity at nightTo and grew。And、Night of the city、Taiwan Taipei attractions feature called huge night for one of the largest cities and will。Place、MRT freshwater lineOfJiantan station (centanjan)Of1 ExitOut、10 minutes walking distance。Already bustling with trafficBased kawajiGo straight and you will see。Please be assured, streams of people which always come.


The current 'Shin Lin night market"The、2011 DecemberTo see新士 Lin night market"As has been reopened、1Grocery stalls, games and souvenirs will Center on the floor。For the Arcade has been installed、Enjoy shopping in the rain。Other massage shops, fortune has a variety of shops found here。Evening 17: 00 ~ midnight 25: 00From the sales and、20At ~ 22: 00Has been one of the busiest times and。At night the atmosphere is very nice but、So much overwhelmed with people crowded、You want to avoid any crowds、It is recommended that as soon as possible.


Here is 1 basement floor "Gastronomy square"To the entrance。


Basement 1The "Gastronomy square"And is described as food stalls
On the aisle、Many locals and tourists is overflowing.、Followed by the State to move forward。
It seems a very strange sight.
Well it's just people walking beside them、Will be impressed with what meals you can enjoy。


Being one of the largest market、The number of stalls also great amount of food is hot!
And、But I think it is individual differences、Taiwan-food smell great is (laughs)


The local people、Large banquet tables ordered food、Enjoying the meal.


Seafood restaurant


Loyalty-go 蚵 omelette


香腸 (Taiwan sausage)


蚵 omelette (oysters with your favorite grilled)


Seafood restaurant


Grilled seafood


Through the underground city crowded with deep breath (laughs)


"Old for current roasted 蛋糕 '
The matrix was attracted by the scent、Taiwan handmade cakes baked in hot cut live show!
Grace which quickly cut、Fluffy feeling of Goldfrapp
The original flavors (original)1kg, NT $ 90 (Japan yen and approximately 350 yen)And so they are!


Crowded food stalls with great South Road


Lin tzu Makoto Palace

1796 yearThe erected、Main shrine to Mazu (the Heavenly Virgin)、Lin tzu Makoto Palace
On land donated by congregations shiran、Establishment of the Mazu Temple、At that time was known as Hau。
1859 yearTo、Caused strife between the people from the Chinese mainland Fujian Zhangzhou and Quanzhou from people。
Town of shiran is burnt、Many residents are city's away、Divine current Shihlin District new city。
After that、
1864 yearToLin tzu Makoto PalaceIs relocated to the heart of the city、Mausoleum of the patron of the city and up to today。


Wild boar blood 糕 (sticky rice with pork blood solidified)、Sweet 不辣 (fish)、Beans dried (dry bean curd)、Selected flue (fried chicken), etc.


Kaohsiung meat Yuan (meat dumplings)


AKAN Akira noodles line


Fish IPAP hut (fish dumplings)


The old potato veal diced and caramel (dasheen cake)


Taiwan cuisine


Circular of XINGPliocene pressed juice ice storage (poker ice)


Once again is the lottery shop。
Spring sectionToTaiwan peopleAs the information of the most popular、As a new year's luck "Spring big red inclusions."And、In Japan "Lotto"To be。
Spring big red inclusions.The period during、1On the dayNT $ 1 million (Japan yen and then around 3900000 circle)is100NameOf hits is better!


"Chuan, hemp 糬"
In one of the stalls suites come across better in Taiwan makes Taiwan traditional sweets and。
What sort of cake flour in Japan、Even with sticky rice was dust of bite-size candy。
Around are in soybean、Grass hemp (sesame)、Flower (peanuts)、You can choose from red bean (azuki)。
Located in Songjiang road 297 lane 'Furo Hakka hemp 糬"Large matrices and indeed the most popular it seems.


Ramen shop was crowded in the matrix I? The name '無店名」! No name? (Lol)
Information wanted。


Incense selected exhaust
With stalls representing the city night face than to provide big spicy fried chicken
"Lin Australia-great big chicken exhaust"The、In a huge procession but failing to stand up... to those who、There is also a shop。
That is the number of stalls etc、City at night with the most similar products.。
His would be fun to find a favorite flavor!


You are whatB-class gourmetDo you like?

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Shin Lin night city (sealinyelsey).
Location:Great East Road, Taipei、Kawaji vicinity
Hours of operation:--Thu 15:00-24:00When I、Fri-day 11:30~ Midnight 25:00When I
Holidays:Before and after the lunar new year (opening and closing time or holidays、Depending on store)
Japan language menu、Japan to NG's (store is OK even if there)

In the Shilin district of Taipei, righteousness, faith,

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