City crowded as Taipei Harajuku called "Ximending" youth fashion culture epicenter


"Taipei Harajuku"Also referred to as、As a fashion center crowded with young peopleXimending (Semen Ding)The、
In the most popular shopping areas in the young、Crowded with many shoppers and tourists on weekends。
XimendingThe、It flourished as a commercial area located in the Wanhua District of Taipei City、
To hit outside the West Gate of old Taipei Castle、Japan during the colonial period "Ximending"That is named、
1890As the downtown area has evolved from the late。
1990In the late Taipei City's established a pedestrian here、Vehicle access is restricted to、
Feel free to enjoy the shopping place。
Current、A variety of weekend events、Other young、生mare変ri new international tourist attraction being。
Around the station、Various apartment buildings lined with Central Department store、
Huge building "錢櫃 Party World"The、All is the karaoke box.


Plates South line MRTOfXimen Station (Semen Jean)Go out and、ThereXimendingThe town spreads、
In a very lively area、Many people gather around the station even on weekdays。
Cute, reasonably priced fashion and accessory store is a sequence、Local high school student, also of the popular town。
Considering Japan fashion anime toy shop started.、As the maid、
Akihabara and reminiscent of street cameras and electronics to what exists in this area、
You can glimpse into youth culture of Taiwan。
Famous attractions "Red House Theater シ ー ホ me nn nn ro u"And getting started、Shops are closed in the morning is due to、
Enjoy shopping and sightseeing、We recommend that you go in the afternoon.


To strike a nostalgic atmosphere "Red House Theater シ ー ホ me nn nn ro u"The、
Located in Wanhua District, Taipei City, Chengdu City Road、XimendingLocated near walk-。
1908In the red brick style buildings was built in two-storey、Of TaiwanTertiary historic siteEven given、
Characterized by the appearance of height 8 m octahedron、Japan rule age known as "Octagonal Hall"Even if known。
Continue at the rear of the octagonal hall、Cross-shaped building on the first floor storey brick buildings。
Along with the building of the two kinds of structures at the time、Simon MarketIs called、
Red HouseHas been Seomun market entrance。
The Japan colonial period、Scope of this market's Chengdu City Road、Xining South Road、Expanded range of trapezoid is surrounded by the River in the city、
Now, though,、Continues to maintain its size。
After World War II、Octagonal hall is picked up by the Shanghai Commercial、From the appearance of the red-brick "Red House Theater"And he is called。
Also in 1963、At the Red House Theater movies is the beginning.、"Look for a Red House Star Academy"、Also: a simple "Red House"Also known as。
1997In Taiwan Affairs Department、Red HouseAnd given the historic interest of class 3、When "Red House Theater シ ー ホ me nn nn ro u"As an officially named。
"Red House"The old history as well as、In those buildings and to see also、
Design、Japanese architectKondo JuroWho is responsible for。
Kondo JuroWho is at that time、And responsible for the Taiwan government-general building Department、Western architecture as been very good at。
Today the first floor、Cafe and exhibition space for souvenir shop and spread、
2Floors live house "Riverside Red House Theater Performance Hall"And、
Various artists appeared in film actors。
16 things small shops in the back and "16Studio"And、Enjoy Taiwan designers works。
In the morning and still closed down in sales、Would be good for leisurely afternoon visit。
Admission to the site is free ♪


"Red House Theater シ ー ホ me nn nn ro u"In the South square more with the Café、Seems crowded at night, during the day without anything。
Here "Bear Village"The open cafe、This area is famous as a gay spot (lol)


The front intersection、Surrounded by large shopping。
"Ximen Station"Descend immediately visible and is a"Eslite 116"It is。
"Taipei 109"And even say?。
Will be building the fashion brand for young people is on as many tenants ♪


Of the atmosphere, such as the Center GaiXimendingThrough the gate、Hanzhong StreetOf a street。


Hanzhong StreetThe、Many restaurants and shops are lined up。
"McDonald 's"、"Starbucks coffee."、Not to mention the large chain stores, such as "Kentucky Fried chicken"、
"Sanuki Udon" and "Fujinomiya yakisoba" is also a Japanese restaurant you apparent, such as ♪


XimendingTo be 'Ezongmianxian"The、Became famous in the large intestine noodles line、Always create the matrix、
So that figure will be 立chi食i in the storefront in many eyes、It is quite obvious。
In the feel the thick spicy bonito dashi flavor spicy soup、Soft noodles line blends to stomach cleansing and!
Is colon noodles in the spotlight, as the taste of tradition、"Yes worth eat side by side too!"And it has been evaluated ♪


To one of the Taiwanese cuisine that has supported the food culture "Noodle line"There。
And the noodles line、Soft thin noodles resembling vermicelli Japan Taiwan's own。
Containing the large intestine of the pig "Colon noodle"And、ISO flavorful oysters with "Oyster noodle"The two types、
BothTofuAlong with、Becomes a popular street food in Taiwan。


"A case Somen line" bowl 50TWD / bowl 65TWD
(185 yen / Daiwan 240 yen And then about a small bowl in Japanese Yen)

"Ezongmianxian"The soup、Is a deep flavor and taste the biggest features of bonito。
In thick soup、Working as an accent in a subtle spiciness of garlic and red pepper。
And fully cooked pork intestine、Line of noodles was topped with cilantro。
Easy-to-eat and cut short、Hot that is the point of eating to pour it in a Milk-vetch、
The can not eat hot food is dangerous heat!
Bite、Spread that rich taste of dried bonito、
The large intestine is too soft, like crunchy、Along with the noodle line coming into smooth in the mouth、
染mi渡rimasu colon breathed enough juice to flavor the palate。
Roughly three decades between、Holding onto this taste "Ezongmianxian"The、
Please enjoy feel free to contact as a traditional local food of Taiwan ♪


XimendingOfHanzhong Street northernmostThe、Known as Yuen Taiwan snack shop "Snack Street"There。
Which are open till late at night、
use as a midnight snack when Kobara is vacant is also recommended ♪


Among these "Shuilongwang"Is open until midnight、
XimendingIf you stay near the hotel、Will be popular in late-night snack shop!


"Bitter lemon juice authentic house"

To notice us looking at the photos is the flagship product of、It is a drink with bitter gourd!
Its name is "Bitter gourd juice' (Laughs)
Goya is a popular food in Taiwan、While white gourds are also one Taiwan specialty products。
How to make the drink is fairly simple、A bitter gourd seeds、Milk fruit juice with the juicer、
When honey is added Shake"Honey bitter melon raw juice" 65TWD (about 240 yen in the Japanese Yen)Ready to serve!
The water does not add any 100% Goya original juice。
We can add the juices of other fruits and vegetables according to your desire、You should mix、Reduces the bitter taste of bitter gourd。
It is also a good idea'll try as health juice ♪


This intersection corner restaurant and makes sense columns、Is so popular。
"Heating lo (ji ya ro ー ウ ェ イ suitable for have Xiang)"With the Taiwan-simmered in、
Select a material on the fly、In dish boiled into broth, season with、Simmered dishes such as Oden's spicy flavor in Japan。
Spices such as star anise is used、A distinctive aroma fills the air。
We actually octagonal quite poor、In Taiwan only this smell is bad or the。
Neither did eat, so don't hate、I'll overcome someday (laughs)


The most famous night market in Taiwan "Shin Lin night city (sealinyelsey).It has gained popularity in the "
Famous for its huge chicken "Ho much chicken HOT-STAR"Also there。
It is possible that in various places in Taipei City since our chain。
Is a sign menu of shops "Ho much chicken (huge chi Daikin)"One is popular。
Please try Hoba~tsu juicy gravy to exciting ♪


"amba Taipei Ximending"It is the streetWuchang Street SecThere are also lively!


"It was just introducedLo (suitable for have ウ ェ イ)Long-established to deal with, ""Old Tianlu lo"The tourists are the most popular。
60Is years of history.、Also sells snacks in Taiwan slow simmered in soy sauce and secret seasoning。
Taiwanese people that I love everyone "Lo (suitable for have ウ ェ イ)"。
The popular 3、Duck tongue、Duck wing、And the duck 肫 (tripe)、Please try!


Wuchang Street SecIf the advance to the west "amba Taipei Ximending"A roundabout。


Movie Street area will begin to further advance to the west!


XimendingThe "Cinema Street"In the history、1935Taiwan Exposition in year starts。
At that time、Taiwan's economic development has reached a pre-war peak、It is from there for the first time develop entertainment industry.。
Taiwan Theatre (currently, China Academy of)、International Hotel (currently, Mong Kok commercial building)、
Large theatre for four major world Museum and the Auditorium (now of Zhongshan Hall) was founded、Add to four already existed and、Operates 8 cinemas。
1961A yearXimendingThe entertainment industry celebrates peak、
EspeciallyWuchang StreetIs concentrated in the cinema、Thus both "Cinema Street"And has been popular。
Now、Next in line、"Taipei Songshan AirportIt is in a quiet residential area in the "peripheralMinsheng East Road, Songshan DistrictI have to
Italian cafes、Furniture, including Cullimore manages shop that focuses on "Ballet Group" introduction!

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