amba Taipei Ximending "吃吧 chiba" of colors and variety of buffet-style breakfast


"Taipei HarajukuYoung people crowded with "the epidemic epicenter, also calledXimending (Semen Ding)For pedestrian street in、
It is at the intersection of Wuchang Street bunk Street and KonAkira-gai also said city center
"Eslite Wuchang StreetIt is located on the fifth floor to 10 floor of the "shopping mall
This designer hotel "amba Taipei Ximending"。
"The once flourished large department store wasEco-friendly、High-tech、Creative"The three major concept under renovation and、
6Divided into rooms、160RoomMono has produced a comfortable space ♪


Let's introduce this breakfast landscape is also one of the fun of the hotel stay!
Breakfast Hall、Hotel fifth floor restaurant "chiba"Will be served in buffet style at the。
"GMT"The、Chinese language (Mandarin) "吃(chi)"so"Eat"Means and、"ba"The、"吧 (bar)"so"○○ to try!"The mind、
"chibaBy multiplying the ""Let's eat!"It also has implications for。
As the name suggests、Devised to satisfy foodies are constructed、
It will be rich in variety restaurants ♪


The normal hotel restaurant is included the unusual taste and "chiba"。
Vibrant and airy open kitchen style、
Instead of blocking in the wall、By installing shelves、
Aiming at the cosy café with a good prospect come off feeling like、
We are subjected to a style design that can be fashionable and freely migratory ♪


Breakfast time in the morning6:30-10:00Until the hours、Breakfast can be enjoyed at the time a free individual.
In the regular lunch and dinner menus、Become a mixed menu of Chinese and Western-style、
Full of emotion of borderless exotic culture we are stocks local food of a variety of Asia "chiba"。
And try as healthy food for health、
Become of Western style buffet breakfast、
From Western China formula enhancement added Taiwan food rich in variety and、It is recommended!


Coins for expansive open kitchen with shaped counter。
Western-style on the right、With colorful and Taiwan food left over、Can be anything you like as your favorite dish!


Fried vegetables


Ham (High Rousseau)


Bread (plain · Black Sugar)


Here you will、Stick to healthy food、Fresh organic vegetables in Taiwan to offer!
Are many kinds of dressings、Four in the morning (Japanese style、Wine vinegar、Caesar、Southend) to choose from、
Lunch and the dinner is perfect dressing of 12 kinds rich variety ♪


Ham and salami、As well as cheese galore!


Dressings and toppings rich!


Also enhance serial for the children!


"Green salad、Ham、Salami.

Taiwan fresh freshly picked organic vegetables、Enjoy a crisp texture、
In the morning、4Type (Japanese style、Wine vinegar、Caesar、Southend) choice of dressing.


Is an essential breakfast egg dish、Fried egg、Scrambled eggs、Omelette、Provides four types of boiled egg、
Can you freshly can over the order to the kitchen ♪


"Omelet、Bacon、Winner、Baguette "and"fried"

In the omelets、Is vegetables, such as peppers and onion、Toro Toro fluffy finish、
Fried egg is poached is exquisite。
At your choice、We put salt or soy sauce or catsup.


Speaking of the staple breakfast in Taiwan、Soy milk soup cooked bean serosal (dujan) that are popular!
Soy bean soup、Oil condition (fried bread) and peanut、Sesame oil、Vinegar、Chili Peppers、Such as sugar
If you like, we will mix。


Enjoy drinks, simply put the sugar in milk (soy milk soup)、
Oils of SHINOZAKI (fried bread) and enjoy the texture and topped with、Add all seasonings such as chili oil、Favored to finish、
Taiwan style like salty sweet and spicy sliced raw fish。
The milk (soy milk soup)、Taste can vary in each of its stores、
Those who like soy milk、May as well try and find your favorite flavor!


Baked pancakes and waffles, etc sort.、
Honey has been prepared in a fresh caught fresh net 100% of good quality ♪


And you take the Taiwan honey with plenty of waffle cake、
Spread fragrance of flowers fills the mouth、Guests can enjoy a rich honey、Visit time of bliss.


On Taiwan bean serosal (soy bean soup)、It is "rice 糰 (fantuan)" has become a staple of breakfast。
Is the so-called Taiwan-style rice balls。
Choose from two types of white and purple rice-based、You can choose the ingredients in your choice of 12 types of。
Us serve freshly prepared in situ、Let's order in your favorite ingredients.


"Meshi糰 (Fan Tuan)"

It is the Motchiri "white rice"
Oil condition (fried bread)、Lu meat (Rouleau)、Meat beard (minced meat)、Salt vegetables (pickled vegetables)、Hot sauce (daikon),。
Is Taka to consolidate firm texture "purple rice"
Oil condition (fried bread)、Bearded fish (fish minced meat)、Tuna fish (tuna)、香腸 (sausage)、Korean foam dishes (kimchi)。
While the ingredients is plenty so、1Pieces can be enjoyed considerable volume.


The Taiwan food cooked、Taiwan rice porridge and rurohan (ruloafen) are available.


"Minced pork rice"

The folksy dishes eaten throughout Taiwan on rurohan、It is Bowl rice simmered pork in Taiwan。
Types of side dishes such as pickled together you'll enjoy rich。
Pork fat, pork-laden and shredded、
Taiwan soy sauce and rice wine、Sugar、Stew with salty broth made from oil Leek flower、Poaching on the rice you multiply any bowl of。
We need a little flavor of star anise、Not much selection of rurohan、
Click here to shop every taste because、You might find your favorite flavor!


Soft drinks、Coffee and tea、Fresh juice is a sequence、Free offers。
Rich Taiwan fresh fruit juice of the original is possible to add an optional fee ♪


"Juice (Orange Cranberry)"

2The types available are orange or cranberry juice、
For you at、Amount drunk is obvious (laughs)


From the morning and fine full range、Western、Taiwan food and enjoy!


On the shelf、Arranged and antique memorabilia and books、Eyes are also restaurants and fun!


During the、And stored in many comic book writers of Japan、Taiwan is so popular!
It is also a Facebook friendCastle ARAKITeacher "Sommelier Sunsolt ri EVAL Hikaru Rousseau"Well located、
He picked many of Japan's pleasure、
Again the Japanophile swing of Taiwan will really dwarf sense of intimacy ♪


At a hotel、In a home-like feeling、
While became enamored with cartoons、Coffee breaks and spend is recommended!
Now、Next is "amba Taipei XimendingAnother type of rooms and facilities will be the introduction of ♪ "

amba Taipei Ximending
Location:Taiwan Taipei City Wuchang District staged 77 No. 5 House
Contact TEL:+886 2 2375 5111
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

Location:Taiwan Taipei City Wuchang District staged 77 No. 5 House (amba Taipei West Gate neighborhood)
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2375 2075
Breakfast:Day 6:30-10:00
Afternoon tea:15:00-17:00
Through sales:11:30To 22:00

Sec Wuchang Street, 5th Floor, No. 77 Taipei

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