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Check-in to the designer hotel is in a pedestrian paradise of young people of the city "amba Taipei Ximending"!



"Taipei HarajukuYoung people crowded with "the epidemic epicenter, also calledXimending (Semen Ding)For pedestrian street in、
It is at the intersection of Wuchang Street bunk Street and KonAkira-gai also said city center
"Eslite Wuchang StreetIt is located on the fifth floor to 10 floor of the "shopping mall
This designer hotel "amba Taipei Ximending"The、
"AMBASSADOR Taipei"To celebrate the company's 50th anniversary、
2012In FebruaryMoonに立ち上げたセカンドブランドです
In the area、台湾小吃の屋台が立ち並び劇場やショップカフェや映画館などの専門店があり
In Japan, Harajuku and Shibuya、秋葉のような雰囲気を醸し出す街となっています
今回の台北取材旅行1日目は、It became the last indebted "Zhongshan amba TaipeiIt is also a sister shop of "
Here "amba Taipei Ximending"Thank you for your help in the ♪

Previous amba Taipei Zhongshan article here!
Check-in to the newly opened designer hotel amba taipei zhongshan!


Giving out contemporary design、Stylish and packed with playful、
160RoomDesign Hotel boasts a thing rooms "amba Taipei Ximending"The entrance is、
Let's take the approach that leads to the hotel in the right hand of Eslite Wuchang shop front gate in the back ♪


Hotel NameambaThe "am' = 'AMBASSADOR" Of "am"Take、
"ba"The、Chinese language (Mandarin) "吧 (bar)"so"○○ to try!"The sense。
And "everywhere in the hotel○○ 吧 (bar)」の文字が現れますので意味を考えてみるのも楽しいですね!
Proceeding to the back of the hotel sign you have a lift of hotels dedicated to advance to the site ♪


Front Office Manager李哲銘(Mark Li)さんが出迎えてくれたので
The ♪ Let's Mairi to the fifth floor with a front lobby at the hotel private elevator


5階のフロントロビーには、Front、Concierge Desk、
Restaurant "chiba"、The bar & lounge "Hearing it tinba"And there is a creative space ♪


"amba Taipei Ximending"The、
Giving out always related to seasonal event decorations、
For the guest to enjoy、Has heaps of character tastes!
Just10Late mayのこの時期は
HalloweenModelled on、遊び心満載のディスプレイを施しています
With skeleton figurines with bench、記念撮影を楽しめます♪


And your attention to the colorful artwork on the walls of the front lobby!
First glance、タイルのようなタッチの凹凸感のあるこの画は実は全て様々なシールを用いて描かれているのです!(驚!)
The animation by Warner Brothers, Inc. "LooneyTunesIt is a yellow bird character that appeared in "
トゥイーティー(Tweety Bird)が一杯貼られているのでじっくりとお楽しみください♪


This hotel was also introduced the other day "amba Taipei Zhongshan"And also、"Eco-friendly、High-tech、Creative」を3大コンセプトにされており
フロントデスク一面、Also、上部の照明には2012 yearのホテルオープンを記念して
2012PiecesThe installation pop front desk elaborate Saddle things recycling plastic bottles!
Here alsoHalloweenをイメージして大きな蜘蛛や南瓜のお化けのお出ましです
"amba Taipei Ximending"The、"AMBASSADOR Taipei」のセカンドブランドなため
The big tree likeAmbassadorに対してambaIt seems to represent the seeds of the tree ♪


In the hotel、日本語が話せるスタッフを昼夜共になるべく常駐されるよう心掛けられており
It is possible to dispense the safe check-in without any trouble in language!
This time the、Reception staff speak JapanHuang Xin Mei (Célia Huang),
深夜のチェックインとなってしまいましたが遅くまで対応してくださるので、Very helpful!

amba Taipei Ximending
Location:Taiwan Taipei City Wuchang District staged 77 No. 5 House
Contact TEL:+886 2 2375 5111
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

Sec Wuchang Street, 5th Floor, No. 77 Taipei

"Taoyuan International Airport," the discount WiFi "iVideo" by rental to Taipei city at high speed bus Accommodation to Design Hotel "amba Taipei Ximending" spacious and comfortable loft room
"Taoyuan International Airport," the discount WiFi "iVideo" by rental to Taipei city at high speed bus
Accommodation to Design Hotel "amba Taipei Ximending" spacious and comfortable loft room


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