Taiwan original cocktails at BAR like amba Taipei Ximending "聽吧 tingba" laboratory!


"Taipei HarajukuAlso called "Ximending (Semen Ding)Design Hotel is located in the
"amba Taipei Ximending"On the fifth floor in the、
And crowded with events every weekend "Listen to it tingba"There。
"Legacy"、Become a famous Club of Taiwan origin brand、Taking the name "Legacy mini"And naming。
At the entrance、Eco-deodorant using charcoal! (Lol)
"Listen to it tingba"、Chinese "Hearing ting I (listen)" And "吧 ba it (trying to ○○!)"so"Listen you!"That means to have、
The ♪ has held a variety of events as a space that makes listening to the people


ManagerYuan Duipei (Patricia Yuan)San (photo back)
Front Office Manager李哲銘(Mark Li)Mr. and (right)
Of the reception staff can speak Japanese interpreterHuang Xin Mei (Célia Huang)Mr. (left)
♪ that we have to introduce the facility


"Listen to it tingba"The floor is、As spacious and relaxing guest、
Antique sofa and ragged、The compressed drums change quickly to the side table and give it a unique application!
It has a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the 70's、It is a space that makes you feel the illusion that you have traveled back in time♪


On the wall、300Vintage jeans more than a fashionable in art are covered、
and everywhere recycling point to the jostling!
This hotel、The original、Place in large department stores
"Eco-friendly、High-tech、Creative"The 3 has been renovated to a large concept ♪


"Listen to it tingba"The event information、
amba Taipei XimendingIn the official site ofEvent ScheduleThe it is possible check!
amba Taipei XimendingOf the staff、Everyone has been a jeans and uniforms、
In an informal style and a familiar sense of distance and a guest、Staff was friendly and seems that is based。
You guys、Very friendly and bright smile is just nice staff!


Broken speakers stacked up casually, and decoration pop、Recycling。
Sound had gone really well、Proudly looks or appearance of the speakers provided a location can be active.


Playful hanging from old vinyl records full records curtains。


At any moment it flows when old skool breaks old retro antique radio。


All hotel is non-smoking、
"Listen to it tingba"In the、Equipped with suction 菸 "room" (SMOKING ROOM)。
Taiwan smoking rules are the same as the European、In contrast to Japan、There is no place to smoke in the building。
I am happy the room for those who absolutely can not stop the tobacco ♪


Here is equipped, bar the image laboratory。
It is the internationally renowned bartenderJean-Marc NolantInvite、The original cocktail creation。
amba8 types of specialty cocktails、Utilizing the Taiwan local ingredients and fresh vegetables and fruits、With mixed herb liqueur、
Taiwan unique aroma it will exude ♪


A colorful test tube or beaker started.、It is like labo as it began science experiment!


BartenderBenny JianLet me make the original cocktail recommended for kun ♪


"GRANDPA'S TEA (Oji-chan of tea)" 250TWD (about 925 yen in the Japanese Yen)
(Gin, oolong tea, Mb apple liqueur, lime juice, rose syrup)
Top cocktails、ambaWith a signature cocktail、We are using oolong tea。
With the refreshing taste of gin base、Fragrant oolong tea is rich in taste and refreshing、
It is very tasty cocktail!

"RUBYTINI" 250TWD (about 925 yen in the Japanese Yen)
(Vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lemon juice, Monin Rose Syrup)
Cocktails in the back、With rose vodka-based cocktail、
Sweet and glamorous fragrance、Easy-to-drink taste favored by women.


"Kiwi juice fresh velocity of pitching fruit juice" 140TWD (about 520 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Using fresh fruit juices also offers。
Taiwan fruit is very sweet、Kiwi fruit stand more sour than sweet, dense,、
Play the more of it is very delicious juice freshness!
Provides fresh fruit juice at breakfast fresh、What luxury!
Provide, such as Tequila shots in a test tube、Or provide a fresh juice in a beaker、
Fun is Korasa preference BAR "Listen to it tingba' Is!
Thanks to the invited drowsiness with a delicious cocktail、Only sleep two hours so I couldn't have、
Had a good night's sleep and deep sleep that。
Now、Next in line、Introduction of the buffet-style breakfast.

amba Taipei Ximending
Location:Taiwan Taipei City Wuchang District staged 77 No. 5 House
Contact TEL:+886 2 2375 5111
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

Sec Wuchang Street, 5th Floor, No. 77 Taipei

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