"Amba Taipei Ximending" Unique Stylish rooms of facilities and simple design


"AMBASSADOR Taipei"To celebrate the company's 50th anniversary、
2012 February It was launched in the second brand "amba Taipei Ximending"。
In Japan, Harajuku and Shibuya、Atmosphere such as Akihabara Taipei West Gate in the corner of the town
Designer hotel emerges。
Giving out contemporary design、Stylish and packed with playful、
160Room boasts a thing rooms.


Hotel NameambaThe "am' = 'AMBASSADOR" Of "am"Take、
"ba"The、Chinese language (Mandarin) "吧 (bar)"so"○○ to try!"The sense。
And "everywhere in the hotel○○ 吧 (bar)"The letters and、
Cafe bakery "Sweet it tianba"、Restaurant "chiba"、The bar & lounge "Hearing it tinba"The facilities are provided。
On the hotel ground floor approach、Café has been established、Can enjoy the café in through sales.


Cafe bakery that was subjected to a colorful decoration "Sweet it tianba"。
Here you will、Suites such as dense cheesecake and strawberry custard waffle
Available with select coffee, original blend tea。
When it comes to alcohol、Buy 2 beers and come with one
"Buy two sent one (English:Buy Two Get One Free"Service have also been very profitable ♪


"amba Taipei Ximending"The 5th floor elevator Hall on the、
It is a Japanese artistShinichiro KitaiMr. us welcomed character that is designed!
Here is and' curd' in character, inspired by the 'stinky tofu' in the stalls of the Taiwan。
Tofu man now、Taiwan is a big break in。
Tofu is a Taiwanese national dish of makeover to cute characters!
It is a lovely character to be healed and unwind and have a look!
On the left hand、Cute pop "amba"As well as original design greeting cards、
Design that has been drawn to the image of Ximending has been decorated ♪


Shinichiro KitaiMr. a、2013JulyTo like coming here、
Cute autograph with illustrations had been drawn ♪


5The floor、Front lobby、Front、Concierge Desk、
Restaurant "chiba"、The bar & lounge "Hearing it tinba"A creative space include ♪


In the corner of the back of the front、Has been appointed as hotel amenities
Taiwan to Ginger cosmetics brand "Ginger heart ratio heart"Products and"Church planting small tea Zenique"For it is possible to buy Taiwan tea。
"Gingembre (Jean)"、In the Chinese language "Ginger"The means that、
Click here for all the products that are formulated with ginger、Very popular!
Stylish design package is also natural in so、Recommended souvenir stuff!


"amba Taipei Ximending"Now、Giving out always related to seasonal event decorations、
For the guest to enjoy、Has heaps of character tastes!
Just10Late mayIt was at this time、
HalloweenModelled on、Play decorated with playful display、
"拍吧 (paibar)"="Let's take a picture!"And it is full of playful!
With skeleton figurines with bench、Saw many families with small children enjoy the photo!


Ximending and fantastic that there、Many of the visitors of the hotel、
Youth groups and couples、Also、Many families stay for young children、
Age group that is utilized was to ask that it relatively young layer ♪


In the hotel for、The outlet seating all over the place、
Services provided free to smart-phones and other battery charging。
Voltage of Taiwan、Frequency、The shape of an electrical outlet、In Japan and almost the same type of A 110 V (60 Hz)、
Most of Japan's consumer electronics goods is possible to use as it is in Taiwan ♪


Unlike the design of the elevator on each floor、6The floor "Music"It is the theme ♪


"Music"6th floor of the themes on the walls of the corridor、
Hand painting on VIOLA and DRUM、CELLO、Depicts the instruments such as the VIOLIN on one side in black and white.


6In the floor floor、Free laundry room is equipped、Guests can use freely.


"Smart Room / 6.8basis / 22M. "

The smart room、The rooms of the hotel's compact size and、
Bathrooms and toilets are separate and、Closet、Powder room spacious, and comfortable.
(Note:In the rooms of the hotel、Not all staff have。-


The bedrooms are、Wide double single (150 cm x 200 cm)、Place sofa bed、Feet still have space.。
On the headboard、Eco-friendly wood。
And use a comfortable mattress pad、Wrapped in a high-quality linen、It invites a comfortable night's sleep。
Placing the wall mount Sony BRAVIA、Simple stylish rooms are.


ManagerYuan Duipei (Patricia Yuan).
Front Office Manager李哲銘(Mark Li),
♪ that we have to introduce the facility in and rooms


Unlike the design of the elevator on each floor、7The floor "Movie"It is the theme ♪


"Movie"7th floor of the themes on the walls of the corridor、Design that has been drawn to the image of Ximending has been decorated ♪


We have installed the ice server "Ice Bar bingba"And、You can take the ice to free!


"Extra Large Room / 10.8basis / 36M. "

Extra large room、Extra beds are possible in、Can accommodate up to 2 adults 3 +12 younger children。
Living room with sofa set up、Spacious and comfortable!


The bedrooms are、1 double bed (180 cm x 200 cm)、
Or can be fitted with two single beds (120 cm x 200 cm)、Can be selected。
Vertical in the long building、And the sofa space are。
Sony BRAVIA TVs equipped、For rotating the center pole、
Even on the sofa has become to be able to freely adjust the angle of the TV in bed ♪


In natural wood headboard、Eco-friendly wood。
And use a comfortable mattress pad、
Wrapped in a high-quality linen may I was invited to a comfortable night's sleep。
Now、Next in line、Show hotel interviews.

amba Taipei Ximending
Location:Taiwan Taipei City Wuchang District staged 77 No. 5 House
Contact TEL:+886 2 2375 5111
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

Sec Wuchang Street, 5th Floor, No. 77 Taipei

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