It was selected as The wonder 500 held a pottery exhibition "釋永 dake" to the 11 / 28-11 / 29 in Hamamatsu!





To live as a potter in Iwase in ToyamaGaku SyakunagaAnd I'm invited to Hamamatsu、"Buddhism Yun Yong Yue Tao Show"I will be held!
Has been used in Japan Japan's famous restaurant chefs and luxury hotels、
He now gets the attention from overseas work、Each one is all handmade and、
Thoughts or points in mind in the work of spirit。He works this time visit Hamamatsu special!

Pattern of events can be found here!

Also planning organized by lade 釋 Yong Yue's instrument has to travel all over the world "To travel with the series"Now
Produced by the world's 50 best restaurant Awards nominations at all times and return "RAW"In the Center
"Joel Robuchon"、"Shoun Ryugin"Such collaboration with famous restaurants, has been attracting attention。

To travel with the series器と旅するシリーズ

Gaku Syakunaga

The other day、釋 Yong Yue Mr. Potter "The Wonder 500It was chosen to "!
"The Wonder 500"、In the Ministry of economy, trade and industry announced、
For the promotion of community revitalization by Phonies、See The Wonder 500 ™(The-wonder-five hundred) "start!
"That is not yet known to the world、Japan's outstanding products "as has announced 500 merchandise selected。
Its 500 of I "釋永 dake of vessel" has been selected in!
Habatake! To the World!
lade-I will back up he completely!

The Wonder 500

It is a first-class architectHase Moriyasu15 anniversary, as well as Mr. of practice
To celebrate the milestone of the new Office Open 5-year anniversary, held this event。
It will be active in the world of architectural designHase MoriyasuAnd held interest in pottery is said、
"I would like all means to collaboration If this vessel with!"With Overture, and、
Welade-We launched this event as a planning executive committee!

2015On November 28 (Sat)The、Pottery HouseGaku SyakunagaAnd I invite you to guest、
You can enjoy along with the work "Wing Yue × Kappo release Benten い chi × Man Ting spring"The dinner party into control of membership, and held、
Limited seats by 20 people each in day and night partsAnd will be。
Boasting a history of '90 in Hamamatsu Japan cuisine "Culinary Arts flap positionThird generation of "ToucheJunichi SuzukiAnd it's seasonal ingredients and cooking、
Toyama "Masuda brewingSake shop ""Masuizumi"Will be offered for。
2015On November 29 (Sun)The、The only piece exhibit selling。

[How to participate]
FacebookOf those who、Buddhism Yun Yong Yue Tao exhibition × Kappo Benten い chi × Man Ting springThe join button on the event page, press、
"Lunch," or "night," in the comments section、The "participants" Please。
Also、We can also make a reservation by phone。
If you have any questions、Please contact mobile 090-7002-8992 (ndachi) until。

We will look forward to everyone of your reservation ♪

* Also、Some DM notification to help shops and restaurants have come please let me know!。


"Wing Yue Tao Yun release Exhibition"
Tree created by architects in the Hamamatsu Lugu hase 守保 Mr. warmth filled spaces、
The ballasts of potters 釋 Yung attention from famous chefs in the world, will be sold。

"釋永 dake Ceramics Exhibition" event page

Date and time:201511 / 28 / (Saturday) 12:00-19:00 guest:Gaku Syakunaga
Part of the day:12:-14: / Part of the night:18:-20:00
Capacity::20. membership fees:One person 2000 yen
Masuo fountain、Now critical of the season with grated daikon and kijo-Shu、Malts、Junmai daiginjo、
Cuisine is homemade dried mullet roe, broth with eggs, pickles and rice.、To what you want.Thanked.。
Note:still、Should be drunk at a dinner party drunk driving is strictly prohibited petitionGive yourself。
Your taxi or agency use。
29Sun (Sun) 11:00 to 17:00 exhibition sales only
(Of ※ exhibited works tour is free of charge)
Location:Hase 守保 planning, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Lugu town 12-2
Googlemap →
Asakuma of steak before
TEL : 053-482-7320
Planning:WEB Magazine lade
Contact number:090-7002-8992 Nedachi
Photo courtesy:Fujiwara, Shinsuke (follower co., Ltd.)

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