Try local food stalls called City and Keelung miaokou night city Taiwan a gastronomic evening


Base station (syron Jan)FromAbout 10 minutes walking distanceIn the hotel、Easy-to-access "Based on Takashi mausoleum mouth night city"。
Night city、Jin third road、3 channel love-love 4 channelFacing.。
This evening in the city, has a long history、Always crowded with many visitors "Dianji"Evolved into the market beginning from around the stalls
HistoricTemple of literatureThe market has developed thanks to the 'Miaokou night city."And was named、Keelung cityThe spots will be。
With Keelung Harbor in northern Taiwan up 'Based on Takashi mausoleum mouth night city"The
From fresh seafood to get、Taiwan's gastronomic city at nightStudded is said as in delicious food stalls!


City at nightOfMangle me StreetFascinated by the hustle and bustle and is.Jin third roadThe
And mustering only food and drink stalls、GlamorousYellow LanternIncludes many ♪
(* On weekends this lantern)


Jin third roadThe food stalls、Each decorated stand number、Easy to understand because Japan language representation。
25-Assorted (焿) Han Guo-sautéed fish and rice flour Yu no. 27In between "Dianji' There!


Dianji Temple

Here you will、As the guardian of the land's General of the Tang dynasty, China、Chen Yuan light (open Zhang SEI)Temple is dedicated.


To the God ofHaijima-haijima (bye bye) = lastConfig
GuideTerry.Taiwan formula FortuneTaught me!




With both hands red half-moon-shaped piece of wood, one-(half moon two) sandwiched between
His name in my mind.、Address、What make a wish on the reported date of birth。
Piece of wood down on the floor、Determines whether or not the good fortune pulled against their wishes。
Pieces of wood down to the floor、Lands on front and back、That good fortune pulled。
If the table and behind the scenes behind the scenes、Start over again from scratch。
Out front and back、A long bamboo stick、Finally draw lottery numbers written on a bamboo stick.。
Taiwan-Fortune、The mikuji was wondering very time consuming!


"Wu House 鐤 clamped 趖"

There in front of the mausoleumFounded in 1919,Of the approximately100 yearHistoric 'Wu House 鐤 clamped 趖"Mr.。
At night there are within the city boundaries、Stalls, not mortar tonari屋 stand number does not exist。
Use the fresh seafood is landed at Keelung Harbor is the shopping center features.


This menu is、The original、Of mainland China's Fujian Province "Ding edge glue"Over Taiwan were reportedly"Ding edge 趖"Next I。
During the soup took the soup with baby sardines or mushrooms, etc.
Shrimp balls、Chicken balls、Gold needle vegetables、Chinese cabbage、Lettuce、芹菜 (a kind of celery)、Garlic chips、
Fish、Shrimp、Soup with chicken, etc.。
There, fire, put in a saucepan, add water to the rice flour paste with one
Threading Pan skin moisture through the hardened, making、Turn on the quirky noodle。
Along the curve of the Pan skin noodles、Look krung and wound, such as glico colon.、Keelung's famousHas become!


Because the store is crowded、Packed in round table。
Because it is a popular shop turnover、Are allowed, without waiting too much.


"Ding edge 趖 ' NT $ 55 (Japan Yen to approximately 215 yen)

And clear soup、Spread best whipped cream in various flavor, sweet flavor of the seafood and vegetables!
The noodles wrapped in the colon of Crunk run、Spreads andDiameter 5 cmMuch of the almost has a square。
Thick, chewy texture also comes good in the soup、It is good because。
This is、Perhaps one of Taiwan by all means I would encourage local food!

Wu House 鐤 clamped 趖
Keelung Jen San Road, 27-2
Hours of operation:10:30-24:00

Keelung Jen San Road, 27-2


After the warm soup and potato filled the hungry with noodles、Jin third roadTo go back and go forward。
Rather than stand, albeit with a mortar、City at nightIn that is pleased
Making you feel so eating anything at this point (lol)
"Shilin night market"The supposed to be felt when you never want to eat in、As spring appetite here! (I)
Lin and KeelungThe major difference is、First of all、'Smell'isGood smellTo change!
It is the sense of smell、And the biggest weapon will determine whether or not the food。
And、Visually it looks quite different。
The food、Is that it can be judged by the smell and appearance also have to eat!


29-Lu meat rice specialized in house
Taiwan stewed pork over rice

Based on 1 night city famous
Many rurohan shops!


35"Bean tapioca"
Black tapioca with soy milk.

Indispensable to Taiwan's dessert
Tapioca is a staple of the city night!


"JI Jia pig juice experts"
Pig feet soup

Unlike Japan and Taipei pig feet
Not oily easily!


"Whole House Fukumoto evening"

Of the main streetJin third roadFromFour-way loveTo enter the
Here "Yu Yuan (tandem)' (Food, such as sweet balls) of50About yearsSpecializes in followed by "Whole House Fukumoto evening"In the current2Second generationFootsteps.。
TaiwanNow、Noodle Yu Yuan in the winter solsticeAnd Taiwan's winter is hot sweet classic。
Yu YuanAnd the、 And was made a main ingredient glutinous rice dough
Is delicious in a Roundhouse dumpling stuffed with plenty of thick black sesame bean!


Alcohol making water circular NT $ 80 (Japan yen and approximately 310 yen)

The sweet soup "Sake making Yu Yuan"Order。
Fish and big balls... huh! This!
Drink soup and sweet rather than thin Lees was
The COB、Also I POO in the texture of the rice cake、Savory bites and comes out from the black sesame paste!
Click here also、Is added to one of the local food of Taiwan by all means I would encourage.

Whole House Fukumoto evening
Keelung Renai District love Quad 50-1
Hours of operation:10:00~00:00

Keelung Renai District love Quad 50-1


Four-way loveTheJin third roadMuch of the congestion is not for、You can walk slowly and looked at many。
KeelungThe city will alsoTaiwan CentralEven the most、Just like Japan has a road like in the eyes of the go Board
Cityscape very easy to understand.


Love jade Bing
Love beads jelly

Pectin extracted from the seeds of love
Jiggle texture was light jelly!


Water extract capsule
BBQ buns

Crispy surface
Breakfast and evening city classic pork buns!


Fruit and vegetable shop

Since Strawberry season
Large 1 PackNT $ 50And cheap!


'Based on Takashi gain Chronicles noodles line 焿 (puréed)'

Four-way loveFromHitoshi IchiroTo enter the
Noodle line (sormen thick soup) of specialty store "Based on Takashi gain SL noodles line 焿 (assorted)"It is。
In Taiwan、Apparent good of noodle shops、Say that one of the food for the soul of Taiwan.


Noodle lineAnd the、Steamed Taiwan its own thin noodles (like somen in Japan)
It is boiled in the soup with thick hot soup。
The ingredients、And the pig large intestine with、It is with oysters, etc.
On that cilantro as condiments (coriander、Also referred to as coriander) and if you put、Flavors also vary by location.


Noodle line 焿 NT $ 40 (Japan yen and then around 160 yen)

Or Jilong unique may be、And by the noodle line containing fish and pigs hormones
As in I can't believe my body with nice thick and tender taste delicious!

Keelung Yi Kee noodle soup
Ren road, Keelung Renai District, No. 317
Hours of operation:9:00-24:00

Ren road, Keelung Renai District, No. 317


Hitoshi IchiroFromFour-way loveTo come back to。


Bakugan serous pepper cake
Pepper cake

Here in Taiwan Xiaochi classic bean jam of the meat、
While I dust、Characterized by the outside crispy skin!


Musashi black

From the fishing port that
Sushi with fresh fish too!


World first taste

In a seafood shop and fresh seafood
Crab、Shrimp、Shellfish dishes can be enjoyed!


Chen SL bubble foam ice

And、AgainJin third roadTo come back to。
Over 30 yearsThe "Chen SL bubble bubbles Bing"Mr. a、A sorbet-like famous suites of Taiwan that sells。
18Enjoy taste different types throughout the year、Among these "Flower (peanuts)"In the most popular
Use for domestic peanuts.、8Time than stewed.、Are busy mixing fine ice!


"Flower (peanut) of NT $ 45 (Japan yen and approximately 180 yen)

Still, Taiwan、That specialty is peanuts、Order a peanut flavor。
And into the mouth、In a super thick and smooth peanut sorbet very tasty!
And in some places of peanut、Offers fun food too!。
Because the taste of the foam bubbles Bing could know、I thought next time plain fruit flavors to try!

Founding Chan Kee bubble ice shop
Keelung Renai District Jen San Road
Hours of operation:10:30~ 24:00

Keelung Renai District Jen San Road


Night city cuisine、But I was concerned about eating、 Taiwan night city.Able to love "Based on Takashi mausoleum mouth night city"。
I would really say city gourmet night。
"Based on Takashi mausoleum mouth night city"The、Taipei CityThanBus or train TaiwanIn access。
Used Terry taxi tour is by far the most deals、Those who came on their own,
Taipei main stationNearTaipei West railway station A building (Taipei West bus terminal A building)FromBased on KeelungBus
Taipei main stationFromTaiwan Railway inBased on KeelungTake a train to。
Beauty where you will find delicious seafood unique hot air filled with crowded port city food night market "Based on Takashi mausoleum mouth night city' Recommended by far!
Now、Terry's tour guideThe、ThisCity at nightIn the end because、Last but not leastTaipei CityTo send you。
So you want to keep the Taiwan currency exchange、ZhongshanThe "Boost Xiang tea line"Let's send in Pike and get to say good bye.!

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