A nostalgic sight created by the red lanterns 'Jioufen at night' and a fantastic night view


JioufenIn speaking of the image、Red LanternThat is lighted at dusk will be a fantastic spectacle of。
Most famous as the place in the city falls in the mountains by the sea,JioufenThe、Is a different sense of depending on weather conditions。
Limited time period reflected the sky is blue、Depending on seasonal sunset time
I visited2015March 2nd (Mon)Of the week、Evening 17:50-approximately 10 minutesOf the game in a short period of time and has taken。
Light rain had paratsuite all rise
Moist and wet the stone stairs、Streets are lit red lanterns
She takes a mist covered with mountains、Has produced a truly fantastic world!


1The second photo、"Amei Teahouse"And it's will be taken from the landing of the stairs on the opposite side。
The spot, this place is famous、Restaurant "Shanghai Jinjiang Tower landscape tea Tsutsumi' Is it's entrance in spite
Is flooded with tourists with cameras。


Sunset from evening、In addition to increasingly crowdedTown of Jioufen


Red lanterns are lit and a unique atmosphere "Amei Teahouse"The teashop。


Written to the Red Lantern 'Jioufen mountain Castle' And the 'Jioufen"Means and
"Yue Yue night beauty"、"More beautiful at night"Such as have implications
Exactly what、Is perfect for the city.


See 9, ceramic whistle ya '

Led to the beautiful rizing hearing amplifier glanced ahead
"Amei Teahouse"Is it the live music in Ocarina shop down on the other side you can see。
Try being healed in the Ocarina filled transparent tone.


Weekday evening show so crowdedTown of JioufenThe
The holiday weekend is、Many of the people too、So I think difficult to take a picture and ask
We recommend you visit on a weekday if possible.


Evening from 16: after sunset at 18: 30.Up to and、JioufenAt the time is approximately2Time and a half
Eating out in the shop、Relaxing tea time、Could enjoy up to a fantastic night view。
Never in the big city is not、I think thoroughly enjoyable short time。
Because the views of picturesque stone stairs distracted I tend to
Enough to please with your feet。
Now、Less crowded and off the beaten pathMopeds roadYou want me to go through.

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