Grows as a trade port of northern Taiwan "Keelung Harbor and base, City Harbor district


Based on Takashi Minato

Northern Taiwan's largestKeelung HarborAnd trade port、Growing oldThe city of Keelung (Geelong)
Taiwan Northern natural harbour on the basis
Has formed a distribution network combined with the Taiwan domestic coastal routes as the relay port.


On the Beach the light shimmer and sparkle、A quiet spectacle big ships at anchor.
OpenKeelung HarborViews、Take a deep breath andTaipei CityMore than I feel the air is so clean。
Great illumination is English representation of the Keelung."KEELUNG" UIs!


"Marine square"

The objects are placed here、Last year,Duckling in、This yearTrojanIt seems to。
Height 6.5 m、Length 8.3 m、4.5weight tAnd it is huge!
During the day、It is seen with the appearance of the Memorial and will be taking our
GuideTerry.See Photo 2 de 撮rimashou! 」And that gave the couple photo
The dark、Only the light from the bottom while shooting、Not until it became a frightening picture that says it would (laughs)


Keian Palace

Located beachfront base t. town Zhong 2nd RoadKeian Palace
Here you will、In sailing, fishingMazu (celestial Virgin)And honours
Keelung dianji、Based, City God TempleAlong with the、One of the base, three great mausoleumAnd has been said!


Cult worship to God (bye bye) the bow =.


This area is the region、Early in the morningMarketThat place to be!
Keelung cityNow、So to get fresh seafood、Seafood dishes are very delicious!


Base stationFrom7 min walking distanceOfJin third road


Lee kugenuma cake shop

KeelungThe、Pineapple cakeThe name famous as
Long-established especially for popular stores 'Lee kugenuma cake shop"And it is recommended shops。
KeelungProud ofPineapple cakeTry to eat、And the sweetness really delicious!
Actually,、Not too much taste crisp and pineapple cake well get a souvenir Poso Poso
Was hesitant.、Here is really delicious!


At buy boxes
Buy single pieces in


Pineapple cake
NT $ 16 (Japan Yen about 60 yen)
Moist and tender sweetness.


Silk yellow flower
NT $ 32 (Japan Yen about 125 yen)
Salted egg yolk into pies


"Top grasped"

Taiwan Jin third channel and love 2 road intersection in one of the fried chicken fast-food chains 'Top grasped"Mr.。
Fried chicken that can buy in different parts、Selected 脖 child (chicken's neck)And may be (terrible)


"New Toyo"

Shop extensively deal with Taiwan souvenirs "New Toyo"Mr.。
Pineapple cakes, dried mullet roe、And tea、Taiwan specialty variety hits。
However,、The source of this、In the long-established meat processing manufacturer
Handling meat products, such as internationally recognised high quality meat osteoporosis, beef jerky, etc.
Other、Abalone、Rich in products such as the bird's nest, will enjoy the gift!


KeelungIn exploring the streets where、Based on Takashi mausoleum mouth night cityBy going to our local food!

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No. 52號,Rensan Road,Ren'ai District Keelung City,Taiwan 200

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