The main street 'Jioufen Kiyama city day and night filled with vibrant, featuring souvenir Jioufen


Located in the mountains of northern Taipei、In the streets of retro and nostalgic atmosphere invite nostalgia while overlooking the sea
Has been Japan's famous tourist attraction 'Jioufen"The city。
Direct access from the Taipei CityThe
MRTOfZhongxiao Fuxing stationFrom1 ExitNearBased on 1 guest lucky busThe "Jioufen / jinguash (1062-bus)"Take the bus
In a bus around1Hour and a half to 2 hours in、9, entrance and will be here "9, old town (Ryukyu road) bus stop"To arrive at。
If you change trains at a combination of train and bus accessAs there are
Taipei main stationFromTaiwan RailwayThe ride 'Ruifang Station"Up to approximately14 hours
From thereBased on 1 guest lucky busThe "9 pm / Fri melon stone!"Take the bus、The ride takes approximately20As well asBut the arrival。
In addition
Rather than the Taipei city bus direct taxiIn those who leave for the
One way around NT $ 1,000 (Japan yen and then around 3,900 yen)Please try negotiating with the driver guide。
(Including waiting time in the field and try to negotiate in the round-trip fare)

Yet16oclockI to、Already back in the bus can ask the large procession。
The last bus from Taipei、21Time unitsAnd the sooner、Because it is less crowded and at night and that should be taken。

Leave your car、Jishan st of JioufenThe entrance "Old Street Entry"To walk!


Way to go from the bus station、So no particular trail continue to drive with care.


Of the nine, whichAt the entrance of KiyamaThe placemark、This7-ElevenIt is。


7-Eleven aside 'Old Street Entry"Jishan st of JioufenThe entrance and、Town of JioufenBecomes a starting point to explore!


All sorts of shops crammed with、Kiyama district and shopping arcade


Calligraphy supplies shop 'Atsushi metal brush'

From affordable brush in your store easy to buy even for beginners
Provides up to full-fledged professional dealing with big brushes and inkstone.


Semi order clogs ' 9, legs love tree 屐 Bou '

Jioufen shoppingNow、ClogsAnd I see many。
Not like plain old-fashioned wooden clogs even in、From sandals with colorful variations
Not to mention to buy ready-made products has been set
You can select favorite semi order to。
Price、NT $ 490-NT $ 1,800 (Japan yen and approximately 1,910 Yen to 7,020 yen)Design by various。


Cute Sandals we design with wedge sole,。
Wooden base part's positioning、Choose a favorite pattern、Fit the feet on the fly10MinutesIn the cooks!


魚丸 Earl of veal

And the fish circle、In the fluffy fish Surimi、Wheedled the ground、Which boiled dumplings.。
Sight in a large pot boil up arouses appetite!


ANI, IMO circular shop

IMO circularAnd the、In the kneading powder of taro, sweet balls
Sweet syrup or shaved ice、Or、Suites with hot soup turn turn crunchy taste.。
To have some snacks you like is a good idea.


IMO circularMore than just-baked in front ofCake wheel(My favorite in JapanObanyaki) Became concerned about、Order!
1Each NT $ 20 (Japan yen and then around 80 yen)


When you are、Animal oil (cream) or red bean (azuki) The beans will be。
With hot fresh-baked in、Densely populated and contains custard、As Japan is delicious!


While eating sweets、Exactly what I want a tea... and I
In Taiwan、Tea will appear at happy time (lol)
And、Beautiful girl frowned one without、Grateful to us loveseat gentle voice tasting services.


"Nine, which famous Auntie"

More merchandise、Every day the same、Draw with a Center flower fashion radical wig and glasses
Auntie itself is famous for have is (laughs)
Have noticed the big camera、Apparent looking at camera with smile、Nice!


In the shopping arcade of souvenir shopJishan stThere and here eyes to do the walk meanders
Just a few minutes400as mThe distance should be、Will be facing a fine time!


"Nine, tea-Bou"

In the local gentryWong Shan-YingMr residential site、The owner is an artist byZhi-Sheng HongHer good graces
Art space and shop was playing as a tea Arts & crafts Gallery。
Buy art works that involved the owner and his wife and tea are available。
Hou Hsiao-hsienDirector of 'The PuppetMaster"The location and
Cozy little hideaway with shops like、And the scenery is the best!


Overlooking the sea and the town of Jioufen found lookout


Some took a wispy mist、Vista is the best!


Dims、Wait time lit the lamp for the、Town of JioufenThe walk continues.


"Babka-European-style village 咖啡'

If you think only retro shops lined Jioufen、Unexpected and surprising、There are lovely cafes。
At the back of the stone shop、Equipped with a small roasting machine。
2 floorFrom Vista is also nice!


9, roadThe、三横 a verticalAnd the four roads are mainly。
The 三横、Jishan st、Mopeds road、Automobile roadPoints and、One is vertical、To penetrate thisShuqi RoadOf that。
Next in line、One vertical andShuqi RoadWe will introduce.

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Metro district, new Taipei City based Shan Street 31, 9th

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