Teashop and Miyazaki "Ani imouto tea house and AKAN sister tea liquor House aburaya model was rumored to be


"Mei restaurant (a-Mei tea pub)"

JioufenIn long-established tea House representativeShuqi RoadThe road is on the stairs。
Fascinated by the red lanterns on the tile roof tea shop, have a unique atmosphere
Once theGold factoryRenovating the playing。
Here you will、Not to mention enjoy tea time、It is possible to enjoy a meal。
GhibliFilm &Hayao MiyazakiCoach works "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi"ofAburaya of YubabaOf and became a model and rumors
For staff across the Board so PR I have、Always be popular shops and tourists.


"Amei Teahouse"And the PR as easy-to-understand Japanese signs and commemorative photo。
What tourists' So and so! This, right?! 」And with the mouth enter the store can ask how it is (laughs)


Stairs are installed to the entrance、Wanders a nostalgic approach directing world.


Lit the bearerYour faceThe、It is Germany who purchased in Japan and surface collector。
Dubious in the mood
3In the lined faces and seeKaonashi"The mask and become a model rumored to be there
Is a rewarding fun shop (lol)


Shop、On the floor of the entrance hall and on its excellent、Equipped with table set made of bamboo。
Weather permitting、The rooftop terrace is better is also recommended
Crowded hours、Would you like stand in the seat of galvanized.




In the souvenir store near the entrance、Tea grown in the home garden and tea is sold!


From the other side of the entrance hall of the event。
Usually the、You can select from the menu、Tour and guide it's introduces the shop if it were
1Per capitaTea and tea cake's set NT $ 300 (as Japan yen approximately 1,170 yen)Many cases are decided and。
Without a chance to order、Click hereSetWas set on the table (laughs)


1The second cup、The staff just because it will demonstrate in a smattering of Japan to explain the right way
Remember way, the look!


Tea set
Reservoir expressions tea plateAnd otherTea setThe、If you want an authentic tea is an attractive set!


Brazier was established at the feet and teapot
The hot water in a teapot、Part time staff just to replenish and will come around。
In the soup quite a weight of、Because it would be in hot water、Enough to please with care when pouring.


2Try making it yourself from second cup。
Chashaku (茶匙), using the tea to、Would you like some tea pot!




Brown sea carrying a Brown discharge (strainer)、One of roasting hot water、Discard immediately to wash the tea leaves、In the discarded water hot tea sea。
After warmed up、Discard the hot water dumped on the tea Board、Tea pots entrancing hot water again。
Enjoy several times in the same tea leavesTaiwan teaThe
1Cup murashi time is 20 seconds.、230 seconds from second cup、3The second Cup is 50 seconds.Murashi and we stretched out time!




From the Brown sea、Brewed to listen aroma (smell) poured Cup (moncouhei)、Lower the top products turnabout Cup (cup of tea)。
While noting such 零sanu tea、Transfer products turnabout Cup (cup of tea), incense cups upside down、Closer to the nose poured glasses emptied and listen to the scent!
(And * hearing the smell、Sniffing the scent)


Taiwan teaThe correct way to know、While enjoying the delicious tea.、Loose cheeks. fun time smiled。
The remaining tea leaves、The staff got to tell、They have small bags for take-away.


Tea cake
The Green Green beans 糕 (otocari) is、So soft, so fragile、Let's at hands。
Sweet pickled wearing a white powder that is、This original product is available for purchase。
Cut strips of baked goods is the Sesame rice crackers。
Wearing a kinako mochi、Is a kind of soft U.S. hemp 糬 at bracken.


Click here for businessSmall kuenFacebook and asked to photograph together。
Small kuenMr. also、Japan to speak well、Very nice!


Small kuen.、Us commemorative postcard shop here。
Too hard to、In Japan, andSen to Chihiro no kamikakushi, Miyazaki HouseOf written and
I have a little problem? And、Very close to (laughs)
More than denying the Ghibli、Should be kept in mind only rumors would be。
However,、So you can enjoy the delicious tea can be very
Enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy、May your heart and mind。
Now、At sunset while enjoying tea birthday、Outside has shades of the good atmosphere!
Next in line、Jioufen is a fantastic night viewIs!

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Amei Teahouse
New Taipei City (formerly 台北縣) Rui Fang, curse statement-city under the street 20 號 TEL:02-2496-0492
Hours of operation:8:30~ 26:30(Make sure to shop) open all year round

No. 13號,Shuqi Road,Ruifang District,New Taipei City

The MAP displayed with pinpoint accuracy。Actually it is up the stairs to the South a little more。

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