Red lanterns and 豎 Nagasaki routes of Jioufen Chihiro no kamikakushi stage was rumored to be stairs way


Jishan stThe alleys of the narrow stone staircase vertically through the city centre along the way "Shuqi Road"You will see the。
Makes people feel the aura of tasteful retro buildings on both sides of the red lanterns and stairway.。
Taiwan movie directorHou Hsiao-HsingOf the Director228IncidentPaintings 'City of sadness"For as a filming location
Japan Guide from this Alley is primarily a closeup。
First of all the、Jishan stFrom the climb to the top.


Mud man Wu

Soup dumpling wrapped artisanCreated by the owners was "Demon"Concrete and surface some weird shop。
Too much evening、The face is lit up、Too real, inspire fear (lol)


"Secret Jioufen base Kanna Chai shop '

1950DatingImage of a retro shop。
The owner of the antique geekJia Yu zuHer collection was collected and exhibited
In the whole50DatingIn the atmosphere something like time-slip。
Taiwan junior high school、China dress、Photo you can enjoy the unique outfits such as police officers and firefighters.


AKAN Kanna obasute IMO circular

Shop crowded with procession and carry up to 豎 Cape road on foot
IMO circular (taro dumpling)Long-established specialty popular stores 'AKAN Kanna obasute IMO circular"It is。
Hot or iced a choice、Here you can have、The views from the observation deck was prepared in the shop back East Kilbride
We recommend to taste with a view。
Because there are significant volumes、Everything you want to eat、2In one good!


See 9, elementary school "

Climb to the top、To be surprised9 elementary school, main entranceYou will see the。
1910 yearThe elementary school was built by the architectural styles of Japan
JioufenIn from the biggest ground、Beautiful sea of the Keelung coastYou can look at.


After enjoying the views from the top、Jishan stFrom enjoy views of the lower。
Old、Shuqi RoadDescended from the、Hospital and education、Office of sinners who stole money and valuables taken from
Go stairs、As was said like descending into hell and。
On the other hand
Went up the stairs to the、At that time、And drinking were also
Up the stairs and down but there was a difference about heaven and hell and had been with the。
Now,、Quickly became a tourist attraction and is always crowded withShuqi Road
Would be good to stroll while enjoying the scene looking up from the bottom and the top-down difference!


After the evening、In some placesRed LanternStart is lit、And a further rising in the atmosphere。
Here you will、You might enjoy the change of scenery in the early evening from the evening!


"Potato pups tubo potato

At the end of the tunnel cave reminiscent of gold-like、Tasteful wooden restaurant
Enjoy rustic cuisine of Grandma's!


"Mei restaurant (a-Mei tea pub)"

JioufenRepresentative in the long-established tea shop
GhibliFilm &Hayao MiyazakiCoach works "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi"ofAburaya of YubabaOf as a teahouse and became a model that is very popular!
However,、Hayao MiyazakiThe Director himself、JioufenAnd 'Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi"The relationship between denial and that (laughs)
(* Children Yu of the Edo-Tokyo open air architectural Museum and Dogo Onsen Honkan is a helpful place and published in the official。-
Still、As soon as I made it、Packed with many zibri fan in your store can be very。
Certainly、The atmosphere of the store fronts were covered with red lanterns、Enhance the atmosphere of the film too.。
The frightening thing is a rumor
The place is rumored to become the stage of Studio Ghibli works、Are scattered in various places around the world。
The world of Ghibli、Experience the originalHayao MiyazakiIs the world of the imagination drawn by。
As a space can touch to the world of the imagination
"Maybe..." a faint hope to also better。
Enjoy a cup of tea here is、The show later.


Shuqi Road & Qingbian RdView from Piazza cross looked up the stone stairs。
At this square "Shengping Theater"The old cinemas and
JioufenBirth to northern Taiwan's first cinema was bustling with the gold industry's Gold Rush era。
Now、And reproduce the appearance of the cinema of the time、And will be available free of charge。
Than the squareShuqi RoadThe、Continue down、At the bottomJioufen educationThere。
Now、Are you tired of walking and、While waiting for the evening until、Let's tea time!

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