Way to go avoid large crowds, as way to back the Jioufen mopeds Road off the beaten path in bus stop


After enjoying a good night、It is crowded with manyShuqi RoadGo back to、Souvenir to see again the fun
Travelers tired of crowds、Less popular and off the beaten pathMopeds roadIn the way back, we recommend!
Mopeds roadThe、"Shengping Theater"That from here the old cinema square
Cinema toward the backShuqi RoadRoads to cross and go!


Mopeds roadThe、It is not absolutely no reason、Will be relatively laid-back road.


Mopeds roadThe、JioufenFor particularly thin、But fewer people are local roads
Surprisingly bright hours、So a unique shop is tucked
Through the crowds and little getaway if you want to is the recommended way.


At night、There closes the shutter's click here、QuietMopeds road


Also watch the scenery there is no one here is。


JioufenThe、There's numerous pathways and stairs、I'd like a maze of a complex city and feel there is
Actually,、Also any stairsJishan stTo know for、No worries never get lost。
Mopeds roadThe climb this stairway in the Middle、Of courseJishan stIn the leads.


"Jioufen Kasumi haicheng City God Temple (Ling mausoleum of Akira).

Spin-offs along the way of mopedsJioufen Kasumi haicheng City God Temple (Ling mausoleum of Akira)The、1923 yearThe temple erected a long, historic。


Earlier temples "Jioufen Kasumi haicheng City God Temple (Ling mausoleum of Akira)"The front has stairs here。
So much trouble、Once past the stairs、To visit the temple and then return、It would climb the stairs!


Climbing the staircase treads a fine、You can go here。
Climb the stairs through narrow parking lot next to the、There is "9, old town (Ryukyu road) bus stop"Front!


Where up here "9, old town (Ryukyu road) bus stop"It is。
At the bus stop、Made a long line、We are waiting for the bus。
The bus、Soon students over to ensure、Seems to be to pass the bus or book。


At the bus stop、With taxi ambush tourists、You can negotiate price。
Giving up the bus、See also figure into the taxi, ITIF and other people。
Jioufen-to-in Taipei CityThe taxi fare、One way around NT $ 1,000 (Japan yen and then around 3,900 yen)It is because
Also split the Bill attracted four companions to ride better。
Take the bus?、Or take a taxi、But we'll let you decide
Unlike Japan、Taiwan taxiIs it seems cheap.


The taxi driverTerryAnd I call on the phone、After they boarded the
TerryIs it's in the localKeelung cityAnd a localBased on Takashi mausoleum mouth night cityTake you to let go.

Taipei travel special page click here!
Taxi tour spots introduced all at once!

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No. 13號,Shuqi Road,Ruifang District,New Taipei City

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  1. sudama

    3月4日にお世話になった平均年齢50代後半の男性 4人組の連れです
    Terry、Thank you。Bright、And I was very happy to have a wonderful memory with a kind guide.。
    Terry, we recommend to everyone!
    The reason is。
    (1) thought geographically only 9, go to、Nice 10, even if you take a taxi in proposed。
    In the 10th, lantern up to challenge、To reduce the time、Terry do with dry ink.、
    In the Lantern lift hand over fist took photos and videos。
    (2) Terry recommended gold gourd stone illustrate the relations with Japan, explained。
    This road is narrow, so、Should not be absolute in group tours。Excellent driving techniques。
    And (3) think people crowded on a Saturday in Jioufen, cannot go on pretty narrow streets came to the shop on the way、
    Out of the back door、Through the alley, suddenly warp lunch shop、Door to your wedding anywhere in the Terry。
    Menu recommend Terry、Thank you very very much。
    Each ordered item, Terry, bring their own、声掛けしながら我々の食事具合も見てくれ年配グループへの配慮ありあり
    Also、Even though thousands and do not eat "kaonashi" spirited, "Bou" mask shop is not、This is Terry's face in the shop, photography。
    I take along with four men's four (4)、It can not、
    Great photos, thanks to Terry's memorable number now。
    (5) now is with Japanese professional.、Remember the Japan to actively guide、I was very impressed to guide: the wishing。
    Terry、I remembered the words cinema "shop"?。

    By saying that、Hello everyone、You'll regret it if you don't have Terry as a guide!


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