Experience the weave "Yehliu geopark' natural outcroppings typical existence at Queen's head at Panorama!


Yehliu village near Taiwan's northernmost new Taipei City great-Ku (former Taipei County great village)、Field inside the caves, which has eroded by weathering of willow point and sea
Queen's head (Queen's head)Presence of a large rock formations with beautiful rock is called, features a variety
Coast natural park "Yehliu geopark (yearjuu founding two-dingchu)"。
The head of the beautiful Queen、Due to erosion.20About yearsThe breaks by date, and also said。
Let's experience the beautiful rock formations they weave a natural panorama.


In the ticket office entrance fee
1NT $ 80 per capita (Japan yen and approximately 310 yen)Pay to earn tickets!


The entrance gate Travel Info Center、Map of Japan to DM of the free or paid but there are。
Also entrance to the、Wild Willow geological park area map has been posted since
Will let me input on the head from good!


So tour groups (especially Chinese) are very often、The Group had to get lost if you go with the need!


Characters have made rock formations with motif
This child like mushroom head、In the Yehliu is most often seen with numerous holes openBeehive rocksIt is。
ReallyThe Beehive-like rocksYou there?!


Queen head no.2
Here is、In the said issue of the Queen's head rock、Exists in the anime rocks on the coast before the Park place。




一番奥に見えるのがWild Willow CapeIt is。


Beehive rocks
There existed to mass character of earlier rock here!


野柳地質公園は萬里郷にあり北海岸に突出した細長い岬で110 million yearsにも及ぶ地殻運動や海蝕風蝕の影響を受け
Overall length1,700mの岬は大自然の石彫芸術ともとらえられ見る者を圧倒し台湾の代表的な観光スポットの1つとなっています
In secular but the hard part of the sandstone was exposed gradually and。
Furthermore, solar radiation and candy、Wave、Exposed to strong winds、It is done this various mushroom rock。


Local fishermen stand in the Yehliu geopark (geopark) late 'forest index,"San's statue
1964 yearTo、Taiwan College students have slipped, or slipped away
Local fishermenForest index,Let's sea corresponds to dive rescue, never mind、It was regrettably passed both。
In the President was moved by the storyChiang Kai-shekisForest index,Is it's built the bronze statue。


Along the coast that there、The wind will be strong、Who much is a coastal Park, except that after the nice feeling!


That's bad for Rocky、Passages are equipped、Queen's head (Queen's head)For the passage、On the other hand would be way。
Also、Red line drawn in some places in the Park
The destination is、Zone and will do with care。


Queen's head (Queen's head)The area is、Guards found in spied、Congestion in the column of people who enjoy the photo alone alone。
Year after year、For the area is referred to as the Queen's head would go slim
What should come up to the natural flow should be reinforced?、Various discussions are being made so。
Because eventually I might end up getting some of it、You could say mystery!


30~ 40As the long lines of Chinese tourists ahead or not、FemdomThe excuse me from the other side、Cheese (laughing) Yes
To visit the actual、ThisQueen's headThe images look on the net and
Has received the divine impression dominates the coast beside the more lonely、But looking forward to it.
Now become a tourist attraction and can be equipped with、Suddenly appears in the unexpected and unusual places。
On a sunny day、Only time can take slow、Also tell you in a different image may have。
However,、Rock formations created by the natural power is worth it!


There in the shape of the rock formations here suggests、With easy-to-understand each naming。
Mushroom rocks、Beehive rocks、Ginger rocks、Ice cream、Nymph shoes、Pot hole、Tofu rocks、Caves、The Mummy rocks
Turtle Rock、Beautiful Sandals rocks、Globe rock、Elephant rock、Fried chicken rocks、Candle rocks、You want baked rocks, etc.
Any strange naming is (laughs)
Feel the power of nature、Would be fun to figure out what formations will this naming.


Yehliu geological parkIn the near left
Fresh and dry fruit unique to Taiwan、Market stallholders and accessories installed.


Popular fruit "Gautama Buddha" NT $ 100 in Taiwan (and Japan yen approximately 390 yen)
Annona (tubo Lichi)
Seen as Buddha head shape also known asBuddha head (shakatou)At least is called fruit!


From the friends you have visited Taiwan Australia"Try to eat from tasty Buddha! 'Having been recommended、I bought。
Look、Seems like a grotesque appearance、Courage to bite rip-off!
Buddha ripe fruit and texture、Many species、Sweet and a little sour taste and、Milky rich tasting.。
That is not even like that ever had a、Distinctive and delicious.。
Now、Walk with magnificent views overlooking better、Meet the hungry with delicious fruit
Earnest has been empty stomach (laughs)
Took us to the dining room featured a lunchtime and you!

Yehliu geopark (yearjuu founding two-dingchu)
Location:Kuei banri, Yehliu village Harbour Road 167-1, TEL:02-2492-6516、02-2492-2016
Hours of operation:7:30-17:00(5 ~ September ~ 18:00Until the extended opening hours) 24/7
Admission fee:NT $ 80 (Japan yen and approximately 310 yen)
Parking lot:Aerobic

Taipei County Yehliu Li is closely knitted along Hong Kong East Road 167-1

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