Enjoy the local cuisine in Keelung's famous seafood restaurant "Sea Dragon Pearl live seafood restaurant'


Keelung (Geelong)The number of seafood restaurants
"Mingyu je Ridge' , 'Whole House Fu"And lined with famous"Sea Dragon Pearl live seafood 餐廳(Sea Dragon Pearl:Caillyusch)"Mr.。
It is based, residents who once visited a famous seafood restaurant。
Here you will、You can enjoy fresh fish and seafood dishes.


Shop、Very spacious、Hits the big round table。
Here you will、Steamed、Boiled food、Stir fry、Various seafood and fried foods (shrimp、Crab、Fish、Shell) thinly
Red 蟳 oil food (crab rice) and 蚵 larvae noodles line (oyster vermicelli)。
Is there seafood restaurant、Meat and vegetable dishes、Menu is a rich variation.


In the preserves of the storefront、Is a lot of shrimp and crab、Fresh seafood is lined with huge fridge Interior。
The local people、Is anybody here fish and seafood purchased or to、Seems to have played the role of the so-called fishmongers.


That was true even in most of the restaurants、Tissue was installed here on the round table。
This is、Ramen shop in Japan I to have a sweat wiping of a idea although
But Taiwan's、Seems to use different alternative。
Many more are available at the round table originally set dishes and chopsticks to wipe it。
In Japan it is not habit (laughs)
Also use Taiwan's restaurant a few times, I thought.
But luxury stores、Does not come out of towels、Wash your hands ago eating?、Or recommend bringing wipes。
So a little cold on the coast、Hot oolong tea 染mi渡rimasu in the body.


Small vegetable "flower"
Sake look very much like peanuts! Is Taiwan really delicious peanut!


"Salt baked selected (salted chicken)
(Large) (in) and NT $ 500 NT $ 400-(s) NT $ 300 (1950 Japan yen (large), (medium), 1560 JPY (small) 1170 yen)
From the show's great chicken in、Moist breast meat is back。
Before the little GLO is also and、We instinctively reluctant to hand the
To try one bite... and、Oh you! Delicious!
Tender、Punipuni texture with salt as yaki-Niku, air-conditioned、Scent is the flavor of onion oil、Moist and has a flavor at Jussieu。
Compare with the chicken eating in Japan is not as moist in the sense of、That is shocking!
Here is、In size and is probably。
And beams.、Neither did eat, do not hate!


"Shrimp osteoporosis (evil song)
(Large) (in) and NT $ 500 (small) and NT $ 420 NT $ 380 (Japan yen (small) 1950 Yen (medium) and 1640 (small) 1480)
Dipped in syrup, dried pine nuts with prawn (shrimp)、Onion and celery、Sauteed chopped oil co., Ltd.。
Is this you wrap crepe with fresh lettuce。
Preppy shrimp flavor and texture the crunchy texture of the lettuce and onion is the best match!
This is、So I think many Japanese people sure like
Try to challenge us!


How to eat is like.。
First of all、Spread the crepe on hands from、Put lettuce、That put the equipment on the。
Hami出masu and feared the jig because attention is required (lol)


If you like wrap it up!
One bite、Rip off!
I'm sure、Even with the delicious、I think engaging!


"Mountain (fried bird) Su"
(Large) (in) and NT $ 300 NT $ 200-(s) NT $ 150 (Japan yen and then around (big) and 1,170 yen (medium) 1,640 yen and (small) 1,480 yen)
The bird、Malabar spinach and spinach stems that may drain、Yes No hagumi。
Eat stir-fry、Good texture of crunchy leaves。
No habit、With clean delicious!


"Fried rice (fried rice)" one person NT $ 70 (Japan yen and approximately 270 yen)
Is a shining golden and simple pork fried rice.


"Salt water shrimp (boiled shrimp)"
(Large) (in) and NT $ 480 NT $ 400-(s) NT $ 300 (Japan Yen Yen (small) and 1,870 yen (medium) 1,560 yen and (small) 1,170 yen)
A simple dish boiled fresh shrimp、Billboard menu become popular here.


Fried noodles (fried) at NT $ 70 per person (Japan yen and then around 270 yen)
Is the General CHOW Mein was plain and slightly thickened with。
Eating in a restaurant in Taiwan is satisfied。
Meal charges、Not included in the price guide、Min order、To be paid!


Sweet spot (冰淇淋)
Whats up to the extra bite ice cream after dinner。
Delicious Peanut flavor of thick ice.


Now、Also my stomach ballooned, so satisfied、Next in line、District 10, whichTo go!

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Sea Dragon Pearl live seafood 餐廳 (Sea Dragon Pearl:Caillyusch)
Address:Based on Keelung City, a., fund three channel 71, 7 TEL No.:02-2434-0066
Hours of operation:11:00-21:00 Open every day

Based Keelung City, a., fund three channel 71, no. 7

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