Palais de Singh Taipei restaurant boasts Prime Steak and lobster Festival!


Designer hotel of Taipei train station directly connected "Your products Hotel Palais de Chine Hotel Taipei(Palais de SIN) "of the 6th floor restaurant"Your product offers cloud Hotel La Rotisserie(La Rotisserie) "at lunch time!

Chen Rui, (Ray Chen) that architects and designers as well as nearby restaurants and are handled、Giving out oozes style of European design、Use multiple mirrors and chandeliers、Has directed the moisturized and relaxed dining!


This will all dining、Organic vegetables and seafood、In a lavish buffet of sweets, they line up、Lunch and dinner、Semi order style choose a main dish and、Now、To provide with a combination of natural lobster live direct from the farm and restaurant boast Prime short rib steak steak & lobster Festival is very popular!

Center counter、20And organic vegetable salad、Grissini or cheese、Dried fruit, rich、Logs and hemp、Has been pretty CHOY, bucket、And the display was also nice!

Especially、Providing fresh sashimi mackerel always and per order to hold Sushi Japanese food booth、Foreign tourists are happy!

Previous、When you visited the "King crab crab & lobster Festival" has been held、Was covered in bright red de flashy display、This time, the tuna whole and addon to display one、Has been the Director of the large and powerful、From fun to guests and、Various programs among the staff brainstorm ideas, it seems to be running!

To provide entrees ordered、"Salad" fulled of organic vegetables and tuna or salmon、〆 Mackerel and other luxurious "stinging Mori"、Our balanced, "soup of the day (* this, rich mushroom).、Enjoy the buffet!

(1) "lobster & Prime short rib steak (6 oz)" 2,180TWD+10% (Japan Yen:8870 JPY)
Whole lobster one、The hot offers and Boyle!

Remove the shells from work、If you ask the staff、So so easy to eat in spectacular which will Peel cleanly、Enjoy the thick texture of the preppy in luxury!

(2) see USDA angusbeefshortrib steak (6 oz) 1,980TWD+10% (Japan Yen:8060 JPY)
Steak restaurant、And 相思樹 fragrant and savory roast beef、Recommend salt, not simply in the source! The short rib steak thick、At Jussieu soft、You tasty dish!

After the meal、There, looking gorgeous in、So very tasty Petit desserts in the eyes、And along with the coffee!

La Rotisserie (La Rotisserie) cloud Hotel West 餐廳 (6th floor)
Hours of operation:Breakfast:6:30-10:00
Afternoon tea:15:00-17:00

Palais de thin (Palais de Chine Hotel) you Shanghai
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2181 9999

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