Cheap! "Terry Tour" tourist taxi tour Jiuzhai, Juju, Noyanagi, Keelung area!

Chen Wei goodness (Terry) it's taxi

Other than Taipei TaiwanTaiwan North (Jioufen, ten, which, Keelung & Yehliu geopark and Golden mountain Castle, etc.)When we try to explore the
Normal、It seems you are booking bus tours
This time the、Local drivers speak Japan's of driving、To move in small groups、Handed's various versatile
Very comfortable and great deals1Day tourist taxi tours (tours)The introduction!


Is the name of the taxi driver "Chen Wei goodness (Terry) I"。
Taxi driver tour planningChen Wei good (Terry)Mr. (40 years old)
And haunted to the Japan language school year、Japan Japanese is fluent in reading and writing!
In factLINEIn the interaction was very smart! (Surprise)



8 years of taxi experience、8 years of guide experience。Northern part of Taiwan started all around and a major tourist attraction, one day.Local tour guide taxi driverUnique to the will guide you to the deep places recommended.


[Chen Yila Terry Tour Price List]

Contents : Yehliu、Jioufen、10, which、Gold gourd stone
Rates : 8Time to NT $ 4,000
Number of persons : Based on 4 names (up to 6 people available)
1People to increase NT $ 1000 added

* Depending on the course content may if required and fee, facility fee and Sky Lantern (lantern)
* If the Yehliu is included in the course、Lunch is the seafood restaurant。

How to book
Phone : 0987-888-861LINE ID : wei49


Morning at nine.The place promised in Taipei City will pick up cameChen Wei good (Terry)San。
Using the motorway、To the North of Taiwan and continue to track。

By the way Taiwan Highway varies from 14 year pricing、
From a uniform system based on traditional models、Fully transition versus distance controlHas been。
This system is!World's firstIt seems!
For a small car、Total mileage for the day 20-200 km 1.20 per kilo from (4.18 yen)、
200If you exceed the km 0.90 Yuan (3.13 yen) and will be、
Regardless of the vehicle、First ascent of 20 kg will be free。
The taxis are fast charge will be separately required to、If the tour is needed!

In the car、Chen Wei good (Terry)With 1 day tourist contents quick checks and
Is a tour beginning beginning 1 day for the northern Taipei.


From the highwayFund Park RoadTo enter the、And run approximately 30 minutes from the departureBeautiful Kunlun roadTo enter the。
First destination after is a little bit more.


Coastal calmSuao fishing road
On this day、The unfortunate cloudy sky is、Will become warm feeling good shoreline.


Look at rock in his left hand but is distracted by the sea on your right、This geological wonder that will easily find out heck。
' Again I will arrive soon! 'Them with youTerrySan。
And I、Yehliu geopark of the destination is.

Taipei travel special page click here!
Taxi tour spots introduced all at once!

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  1. I'm alright

    TERI - is it the day tourism asked three families found in this site。
    Taxi - driver - tourist guide to photographers...
    Teri -, I'm doing nothing useful alone, we entertained。

    That the prior notification is granted here would in sum - cities in West co.。
    Terri again next time-and I to want to ask Guide。

  2. awano

    11-26、Terry's and Gan's cab two rode with friends 10、Northern tourism in Taiwan
    I went。Prior to from this blog took a call on line。Terry soon reply
    You could talk to be the same as all people of ordinary Japanese smooth also comeback

    1, but didn't have the free time、Effective use of time for wagon car + Japan to GA and ask for ID's
    I saw various home page、8At the time was more than 50000 Yen price
    A bit expensive so far, and I thought。。Just found this blog and the line immediately to Terry
    8With time basic thing with five people with 5000 NT (about 19,000 yen)。* It is 4000 yen per person!

    It's cheap and it is、I made a reservation immediately above all Terry's impression was so friendly
    Hope for your reply too soon request where you want to go and change the number of。

    Course is picked up at the hotel (10:00) → Yehliu Geological Park (11:00) → Seafood Restaurant (12:30)
    → sufficient lanthanum skip (15:00) → waterfall and visited the temple and while nine dusk night scene in 份 (17:30) →
    The dissolution at rest after shopping and strolling → Taipei 101 in the teashop (20:30)

    Because it was talk with Terry and fun tourism chock was a marathon of about 10:30、Quickly the time has passed between the。It is really fun.!
    The us went with General taxi to the hotel, eat eat xiaolongbao in dirty 101 store。Terry's car was 6300 NT including overtime。* Cheap!

    These cars talk、Difference between Taiwan and Japan,、1During the day、Terry had a pleasant talk
    Photos from who shot ahead and、It was a very balanced picture angle

    From bargain souvenirs bought on the way when eating becomes a hindrance would be、20Arrival: pass
    It was me carrying the service! Sheishei!

    Friends and acquaintances is when to go to Taiwan was goodbye with a promise because you will introduce absolute
    ※ New Year seems to filled with another booking

    When we go to Taiwan、We recommend early reservation
    Well then、Gave them written while enjoying the afterglow of the Taiwan tourism in full satisfaction! Thanks thanks!

  3. Yumi

    Look at this site、20016.5.10The Terry decided to ask。
    This trip、Traveling with my mother for the first time。My mother is、35 years Buri to overseas。It's 35 years Buri plane。
    Even a little relieved、Still want to trip and want lots of information guide、Looking for tour and decided to ask Terry。
    And my mother、2 aunts、Travel in a large group of cousins two men and 6 women。
    Five people besides me have been only package tours abroad without fear of travel。
    So if we feel can tell.、Terry a fun story and introduce yourself、Thanks to a lot of talk of Taiwan, was calm。
    In Japan, of course!(Lol)
    We、Evening 9: Bah、Lantern、To say I want to go, I asked the course。
    Up to about 20: 10 a.m. morning tour of the very hard。The benefits of full-time in the Charter guides、No time limit。It can take photos at all。Because only one care of relax and enjoy the journey。Such as... And it's I think。After、Easy to destinations within driving distance of Chin! The disadvantage is、One day will pain if you do not meet your guide。。。But、This disadvantage does not apply if you were Terry!
    I think it really nice to ask Terri。Meet Terry made this site "lade" I also appreciated。And、The idea never Terry told my friends go to Taiwan! The joys of traveling、I think it depends on the Guide。I also absolutely in Taiwan want to go again.。Of course、Ask him to guide(*^-^*)
    Find Terry on this site by the way、The final decision on his Facebook, decided。I can look at were anxious because you can see his character from Facebook!

  4. Yumi

    Look at this site、2016.5.9To have decided to ask the Guide to Terry。This trip、Travel overseas for almost the first time five of。Especially、Because the mother wanted to understand travel fun just choose the Guide carefully.。Look at this site、Look at Terry's face book character at absolute peace of mind that I asked。
    Communication by email、Allows you to smoothly interact with on the phone and had amiable face and voice so、Now want to see soon HO and did。Abroad for the first time, tension is Bing mothers 5。Me aware of feelings、A polite introduction。Fun stories、The story of Taiwan、Also a lot of crap to me me soften us。Microphones in especially courteous introduction、Could everyone relax and excursions。Be honest、The Charter is hit and Miss, so we were anxious、More than I thought、It was so nice。Of the Charter、Benefits is "not the time。"May"provide a flexible, guests can relax because the tour as one of "that can take pictures at all.。The disadvantage is that there are Albuquerque、This does not apply to the Terry。This is a wow! There are also Charter、Look at the word of mouth because I think name and face coming to the net more than I hate a person if you have a bad word of mouth about I know safety。
    We、Evening: fen and lantern were main。Were also both so well nudge。Good tempo disguises、Great satisfaction。The Taiwan taxi also trains and buses、But I was wondering if because it comparatively easy to aim at the public rides taking fen、Ask Terry is really good。Guide it but do not know me speaking、Anything fun and fun。Made to sense good friends。No、Another friend!
    A gentleman、Thank you too much thanks to、You want to convey.。Recommended that he go to Taiwan。Email or if you fear、Sneek peek at Facebook, or call。I think that fear can be solved soon。
    I want to go to Taiwan again、Terry wants to see.。It was a wonderful way。Terry met and is thanks to the site of the。Thank you very much!

  5. Funny Cape

    And then I saw this site、So far that urges Japan to write with us in the LINE "surprise! 」
    Ago you contact desired date and course in Japan、Terri I leave if it was perfect!

    12:From the 30 hotel、Yehliu geopark-field tour go behind Jioufen (Yin-Yang Sea & water chuan Dong & Golden waterfall shares recommended)
    And come out at the beginning of the movie's spirited "that! Tunnel "of the tunnel known as the model

    From the parking lot through the dark little tunnel and overlooking the views of mountains of gold mine、Which is green and blue
    Are the Yin-Yang Sea.。Exactly what、I was impressed by the feeling that the photograph taken from life itself in the opening scene of the movie!

    After that、9 our guide, old city、VIP tea shop across from the AKAN sister tea drinking Hall looks familiar、3On the balcony floor
    Please guide、Rooftops slowly while dusk falls, 見remashita!

    At this time 19.:00I go back to the city, go to for Shilin night market、Fainting in Terry's recommended foot pot shop、The popular stand
    We walked to eat。

    And farewell to Terry、While strolling the night city、Noticed car misplace their mobile, contact Terry、Now
    We look for、Was delivered to the hotel! Xie Xie!

    Guided tour of Terry is never higher!
    I think it's rather cheap!

    Made of Japan English reading and writing、With safe driving、Easy-to-understand guide with、It's the photographer!

    Safety is have Terry at the Chinese place!

    A very good trip alone by train or bus and spend time, such as cares、Efficiency but also at low prices, secure
    For those who want to explore over to recommend it is!

    Terry、Thank you again!

  6. Mari.

    2016On August 28 and 30, for two days on Terry became the。
    At first Taiwan and that there、Blog Terry know please.。
    The weather was beautiful for four days in temperatures of 36 degrees、I think it was hard to find the store you want to eat and where you want to go and ask Terry, was。You have to waste time、Without extra exercise、Where you want to go、I want to eat shop、We take Terry's recommendations、Could make a lot of good memories。
    Guide to driving to think very cheap interpretation to the photographer。
    Please also go to Taiwan。
    Recommend it to your friends。

  7. Uesu and

    Terry yesterday now I (12/8)。
    First of all the word fun ♫

    The sons the youngest 17-year-old so、Everyone's a comfortable Terry's car is greater than I (mother)。I say passenger seats though.。Find Terry privileges&It is easy to car sickness(Lol) But as other people have written、Did not get drunk at all in thrilling transport in Taiwan and Terry's driving skills ♫

    First、But I was nervous on the LINE suddenly sending a message、Please reply very friendly、Then the LINE can quickly get、Have peace of mind。

    Leave that to other tour Terry's goodness、Since the first time Taipei traffic day by various、Places I would never、I tell things I saw and I want to do, then let。
    We ask only Jioufen at night, then leave.、The night before、That has been selfish to ask Willow place Park that wishes、So check the places you want to go
    "More、Coco?。I like this。』
    But of course there is great joy said、Terry's on leave, was taken in
    "You!!、What is this? To the awesome ~ ♫ '
    Was a double surprise。

    But Terry is popular because、If you decide the best advice is to go in book!
    And I think this will up also the popularity of Don Terry、Who is anyway an authentic Japanese Charter driver Terry damn kaora does not。
    That is good with Terry.
    Thanks to the excellent Taipei trip many times!

    Terry、Thank you very much。
    With safe driving、From this Japan to entertain!



    From a variety of sites just to Lade, Terry's tour、Was a speedy, read more reviews。

    9/5、Three times on the day of the meeting place changes (Terry wasn't) to meet in Taipei 101.
    The destination please add 3 gorges, was 10 minutes 8 hours of Jioufen Gigi & Baba & friend trio tour。

    The car drove Perfect clean and comfortable interior Perfect Japan language guide Perfect! Of course personality Perfect was too much!
    Not enough、Drive down I gave 差出shite a large umbrella from strong sun and、Gave advice to write a lantern、Detail Japan to us in passing with lol(>_<)Never thought to Jioufen also Yin Hai、Showed us the awesome views of the Golden waterfall、Thousand Chihiro tunnel earlier in the same pose in photo shoots and really beautiful! Jioufen, I still shop for recommending, had turned to ice cream treat!(^^)!Delicious ~

    In short description from me you wish off the bike in a seafood restaurant in Taipei last, while we found in、We are in another hotel、And、Professional Terry's talk is not giving up until the end! Found me。Thanks tasty seafood!。Xie Xie

    And、3 cameras in the last three Pro photographers ' images、Thank you for your many videos! Now those precious memories。

    Where as the same customer service agents follow different occupations in Terry's tour had many great harvest。Also、I and many others confidently Terry taxiing Charter tour you want。
    Thank you have a chance, to be(^ o ^)

  9. Kodaira Sakon

    I'm planning a trip to Taipei in November.。On the second day, I plan to go to Noyanagi Park with three family members.。
    12:I'd like to go back to Taipei at 00.、The only place I want to go is Noyanagi Park.。
    What kind of plan would it be if I asked Terry? How much does it cost?
    By the way、I'm thinking of going back and forth to Noyanagi Park.。


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