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2010 June,In the Tieste 'Rattana"The、"Thai Rattana"Now open。”Rattana"And theCrystal ballOf that、”Rattana"TheCute womenMeans and。So heavy on the Buddhist term "Rattana"、It could not be used to serve liquor store, "Rattana"。The woman ownerNI palatMr. a、Sangam in the northern city of Chiang Mai from from the vane (Chiang Mai)、Rare in JapanChiang Mai foodSpecializes in the。Chiang Mai style sausage Siwa at her parent's home (round and round boobs and hoodlums hang around Chiang Mai sausage that) of because it was to a family business manufacturing and selling、Cock has made since I was a child so undoubtedly is of Siwa。The restaurant khundun NI palat, was once open in the city of Matsumoto、Popular stores so people come through from Tokyo over the weekend.。Have been away for a while、2009Since opening as a hobby in Thai festivals around、It got high popularity。Is an owner of the arm made matrix's most famous shops from around the country gathered in Yokohama Thai festivals especially during the more!


Shop、Table 10 seats、4 wall counter seats are small and、Introduction to Japanese、It is a very lively space NI palat, Thailand who friends gather。On this day、The Cho on the way home from work "Now and forever renal"Onoue, ShigeakiChef holiday holiday dinner I spoke with the teaser so far have been。Also this evening, Rattana's、It is very packed during the popular Buri。The evening menu、À la carte, appetizer or Tom Yam Kung soup、Stir fried or deep fried、And substantial ones, such as curry rice、Looks even better with alcohol.


Thailand's sparkling wine SPY red 500 yen

Popular sparkling wine is sold in eight countries in Asia, Thailand。Drink two cups of minute glass cut size 275 ml、Will be divided by the soda water wine。Taste like is preferred but a little sweeter because I'm not a wine cocktail like women。Whats interesting intention so we couple a good sweet wine、Sparkling juices like。Because it still has an alcohol content of 6%、Is attention required in sweet wine (laughs)


"Kaijao (Thai-style fried eggs)" 600 yen

Classic home cooking Thailand who most feel the nostalgia。Fluffy out and enjoyed food, fried soft egg ingredients rich in。A soothing relief and where?、Eggs of the senses such as taste of home cooking in Japan would be.


"Saiua (handmade Chiang Mai sausage)" 100g 600 円

One chef was born into the House of Siwa。Feel the pangs of spicy seasoning、And effective herbs such as lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves、Makes her unique sausages!


"Pat Pack canner (stir-fried Kale)" 900 yen

Attractive vegetable is crunchy and、Kale (kairan) along with the shrimp stir fry。And kale、Among the cabbage Kale to the ancestors、China Southern、Subtropical in South-East Asia-are often grown in the tropics。For this reason、As a Chinese food ingredients、China、Many in Southeast Asia is likely to have been consumed。Shade of green with spinach over、Through the fire and increased sweetness、Broccoli's stalk、And the sweetness of the heart of a cabbage、Strange vegetables, such as plus the texture of the asparagus。Personality and flavor、Enjoy crunchy and shakishakic、Is a 1 with a preppy shrimp crunchy taste!


See yamclaghe(Flower jelly fish salad)"1,200 yen

Flower jellyfish is commonly used in Chinese food、Thailand cuisine also used。Yam Wun Sen (glass noodle salad)The same because you're fresh and seasoned with、This is a spicy salad perfect for a hot time。Recommended flower of jellyfish and touch the best in、Taste also get into the habit.


"Tom Yam Kung (shrimp soup)" small 1000 yen

Chicken soup broth with shrimp paste、Coconut milk flavored with plenty of Rattana, I recommended specialties。Not first hand in Japan、Tom Yum Goong enjoy the sense of taste of volvariella volvacea with a raw head top (puffball)。And the head top、Akin to Japan earthstar mushroom.、Attractive aromas of a texture, piquant touch and mountain。Food is popular in northern Thailand.。In the South-East Asian countries、Does not value the broth strongly seasoned seasoning so it seems tend、NI palatAnd I make a Tom Yum Goong、Use-based chicken soup made the effort.、And shrimp.、Is the best Tom Yum Goong miracle in addition made by the secret proportion of paste and coconut milk (the golden ratio).


"Pattogapao (fried rice topped herbs)" 900 yen

Stir fry with gapao (Holy Basil)。Chicken、Pig、Or you can choose in the shellfish。On the menu、On the dinner set (fried printed)、Only on the liquor side dish, I ordered。Good snacks enjoy the sweet and spicy is!


"Pad Thai (Thailand type noodles)" 900 yen

Thailand in a variety of flavors, such as tamarind sweet and spicy flavor noodles fried noodles that。Mix also comes with bean sprouts、Your choice with chili powder and powdered almonds、You must insure the vinegar sugar and Thailand。And bean sprouts to noodle a little moist and shakishakic texture combination is very delicious!


Chang beer 500 yen

Of the most popular beer in ThailandSingha (via Singh)And beer make LGPL。1998Won a gold medal in international beer contest、Is characterized by strong bitterness of the peculiar!


"Sinhabiel" 500 yen

1933Born in Thailand in the year、Was admitted to the Royal historical premium beer。"Singha"And is that the lion in ancient mythology。Most are brewed from milking、Beer joined the distinctive and rich taste、Have a well-balanced unique Asian-style spicy taste.


"Miso cucumber Thailand Thailand glutinous rice.

Always we ordered and ate food photos、Because it is used by master NI palat's shed on your store's home page and store photo gallery、-Time is present.、With that thank you、We have service again! Here (thank you)、You with the cucumber, spicy miso sauce of Thailand's on beer is the best! Thailand glutinous rice to also add the flavor rich and and continue eating.


"Fish fry"

We have Service staff。Fish fried in Calipari、We like snacks。Rattana's with plenty snacks perfect for the sake、Is the best! Onoue's and our neighbors are home from、But I think from this can often accompany、Rattana's click here、I was supposed to care about that first visit。Seems to be that fitness walking trail、You liked, I am overjoyed! Mr. NI palat、I will come again! ~!

Thai Rattana
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception 677-5 TEL:053-523-7233
Closed on Mondays:Monday's opening hours:11:00-14:30 17:00To 22:30

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