Loss of appetite also repulsed by "Rattana" home Chiang Mai born Chef makes noodles!


2010 June,In the Tieste 'Rattana' = 'Thai Rattana"Now open。
"Rattana"And a crystal ball that、"Rattana"That means that the pretty woman。
So heavy on the Buddhist term "Rattana"、It could not be used to serve liquor store, "Rattana"。
The shopkeeperNI palatMr. a、In the northern city of Chiang MaiSun came to vane (Chiang Mai)Of the native、
Rare in JapanChiang Mai foodSpecializes in the。
In her parent's home、Chiang Mai style sausage Siwa (round and round boobs and sausage coil that) of
Out in the family business manufacturing and selling、Has made since I was a child、Offers delicious Siwa。
OnceNI palatWho was operating in the city of Matsumoto "Restaurant khundun"The、
Staff are popular as people come through from Tokyo over the weekend.。
Have been away for a while、2009 yearFrom as a hobby all over theTai FestivalIn the opening、It got high popularity。
EspeciallyThai Festival YokohamaNot so made a matrix's most famous shops from around the country gathered in arms is.


Shop、Table 10 seats、Wall counter seats four and is small and is、
Introduction to Japanese、Of ThailandNI palatAnd it's is a very lively space where friends gather。
Most of this food is、Made to order instead of putting。
Soup、Make carefully enough that day with lots of vegetables and chicken、
Used in many dishes such as stir-fries and curries as well as noodles。
Not only the trouble、Start with vegetables、Domestic chicken, pork, etc.、
With which ingredients are fresh and of good quality.。
All used oil is using olive oil is good for health, good。
The Japan food prices are completely different as Thailand and quality cooking seems to be a very difficult、
Profit was also wanted to offer a real taste seems to stronglyNI palatIs it's passion is her。
In addition、Its use on Japan's own seasonal produce, we propose a new dish that、
"Enjoy the charm of Thailand more dishes、Come again wanted to get"
As well as think.


Cettiocenrek (chicken soup with rice noodles) 800 yen
(Light soy sauce。Also available as of the noodle-shaped senja I。-

Rice noodle in Thailand is kind of following is。
Then me (resembling vermicelli thin noodles)、Stir-fried (more then me a little thicker noodles)、
Senja I (thicker noodle than wide noodles and crunchy.)、Khanom Jin (looks similar to vermicelli)
At Rattana's、You can choose either stir-fried and senja I。
Flat hwayoung ordering stir-fried noodles.


The stir-fried、For the rice flour noodles、The costume and soft texture is characterized。
Soup、With some nice chicken soup and the soup、
At your choice、PLA and vinegar、Pepper、Changing the taste with sugar also OK!
The lectin meatballs、Guests can enjoy a meal feel like a Meatball。
Contains plenty of vegetables、Cabbage、Bean sprouts、Spinach、Coriander、And a lot of almonds and crunchy texture!
Here is、With no soup "Cettiohern"The menu is present。
In the heat of summer when appetite is poor、Smooth and plain noodles are the best!


"Causey (Chiang Mai Curry noodles)" 900 yen

Noodle、Two kinds of fresh noodles and fried noodle noodles and thick Curry ramen。
Enjoy a taste of fried noodles and crunchy and a little soft eyes flat thick noodles、Fried noodles first curricula and texture often、
In corn flakes and blend in the soup "and will" show、2Will feel the taste of the street。
Chiang Mai's distinctive cuisine.、It is said originated was originally made by India who lives in Chiang Mai。
NI palatLet's send it from your sister's cock paste, make authentic flavor。
Charm is a thick Curry with fried noodles, fresh noodles and pickled vegetables assortment。
There are hot、In the good sense not to spicy delicious。
Summer I want Curry spice?!


Noodles、In the flat of a similar size earlier hwayoung noodles here and with egg noodles、Enjoy texture from the rice flour noodles。
In Chiang Mai、And there is more thick noodles noodlesNI palatJust let me know。
In the next month to visit Thailand, Chiang Mai travel、I want to cover the famous shops in Khao SOI.


Thailand produced Litchi

NI palatAnd I received service from Thailand produced lychees!
Famous fruit and Princess Yang who loved the Lychee! It is my favorite! (Hee hee)
Vitamins such as vitamin C and folic acid、Minerals such as potassium, copper、Rich and contain polyphenols such as leucocyanidin、
Aging and disease、Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases、Skin effects, including a wide range of effects are expected。
NI palatLet's hit after June, Rambutan and mangosteen tastes and recommend!。
Next month、I think come enjoy the fresh fruit of the fruit Kingdom of Thailand。
Thailand can always tell varietyNI palatIs it (thanks)
Even when hot, couldn't understand the appetite、Is from the Thailand food before your eyes and appetite to be strange.

Thai Rattana
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception 677-5 TEL:053-523-7233
Closed on Mondays:Monday's opening hours:11:00-14:30 17:00To 22:30

677 -5 incipient Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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