For Japanese people Thailand cooking Thai restaurant "Saba Saba nut" and his Japanese wife


The Hamamatsu interchange North、Between Hamamatsu and Iwata "However magpie bridge"The T intersection of street corner
Thailand cooking "Saba Saba nut SAVA SAVA NUT"。
2012JulyIn the opened、Is gaining popularity as a Thailand food specialty shop in Hamamatsu, one of the few。
The original、The gasworks had been selling Asian goods shop、The renewed restaurant、
Japanese owners took like Thailand、It offers authentic Thailand cuisine.


In the waiting area at the entrance、And sold to make Asian goods, Japanese writer、
In fact with a writer who uses restaurants。
Shop、Spacious seating provides room for 16 seats and slightly raised four-seat total 20 seats、
Unbelievably well in the kitchen、Filled with clean。
The owner of the、And was fascinated by the Thailand food restaurants start、
The authentic taste but very easy to eat and then arrange。
Lunch、Choose from the menu、+300At salad、You can lunch of soup and dessert.


"Gapao guy ' 800 yen (+300 yen by lunch)
* Chicken, pork can be changed。

And gapao、Refers to Holy Basil herbs of Thailand in Thailand,、Is using the Holy Basil stir fry。
Guy is、Pointing out the chicken、Gapao guy becomes = chicken with basil sauce。
Original、Using leaf gapao、By gapao (Holy basil leaves) in the same、
Chicken minced meat.、Guy = chicken、And Sapp = minced meat、
Rice = Khao、Because it will come with a fried grilled = Chi DAO、
As the official names、At first glance = FRY、Becomes a "Swish-by-gapao-guy-Sapp-rad-Khao-Kai-DAO"、
In Japan、Gapao guy of the dishes here are entrenched in the name stands for short。
Since I boiled fried egg、Divide yolk mixture, and eat better。
League in Thailand cooking fried rice is a delicious 1。
This gapao guy is、Painful Thailand cooking beginners, Japanese for modest, so a mild taste.


"Minced Kao Waan' 700 yen

By using immature blue pepper Curry、In Thailand, minced (soup), Camo (green), the mean Green Curry in the WAA (sweet)。
The ingredients、Fried eggplant、Bamboo shoots、Chicken、Contains mushrooms。
Stir paste ground herbs and spices of coconut milk and PLA、
Sugar、Vegetables、Meat、Shrimp、Fish in addition is a cooking pot, make。
The suave、I feel a mild in coconut milk、Encourage sweating in the spices come from after effects。
Here's Green Curry、Stand out with mild heat、
This is less thick, silky's soup Curry。
Think favorite is divided、Still Thailand cooking for beginners the practice might be.


Salad set with "yum-"

Celery、Onion、He got a cloud ear mushroom, etc.、In Thailand is hot and is eaten sour vermicelli salad。
In Thai、Yum = toss、The meaning unseen = vermicelli。
Bean thread salad boiled minced meat pork and seafood、Onion、Celery、Mathew、In addition, the PLA、Put the coriander at the end。
Here you will、For those who are afraid of coriander、
Is us taking check put cilantro in order so conscientious!


Soup set features "minced Chu tofu"

And 2 pieces of meat dumplings and gorogoroc size、Vegetables、Is a gentle taste of tofu soup!


"Kanommauken (Thailand-style pudding)"

In Thailand、Is one of the favorite made with Taro dishes in。
And finish the light green beans here、Coconut milk、Palm sugar is used。
Is the texture is completely different from the pudding moist texture that in Japan!

Saba Saba nut SAVA SAVA NUT
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi Kasai-Cho 1489-7
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 17:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Tuesday & Wednesday

Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi Kasai-Cho 1489-7

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