"Rattana" summer! Home Chiang Mai born chef Thailand dishes lunch

Speaking of Thailand Restaurant famous for its Hamamatsu、Is inception apita neighboring tenants "Rattana Rattana Thai Restaurant"Even in its typical!

Original、2010Is opened in June as the taystee "Rattana.、After that、As the Thailand Food Act "Rattana (Rattana Thai Restaurant)" begins!

"Rattana" is that crystal ball.、"Rattana" has a meaning of cute women、"Rattana" became heavy in Buddhist terms、Could not be used to serve liquor store、It is named "Rattana" with。

Niparatt, owner、Further north from the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand's ancient capital, Sangam go from vane (Chiang Mai)、Chiang Mai food in Japan is rare and。

In her parent's home、Chiang Mai style sausage Siwa (spinning out and sausage coil that) of out in the family business manufacturing and selling、From childhood, and making、"Rattana" offers delicious Sila!

The NI palat, was once open in the city of Matsumoto "restaurant khundun.、Staff are popular as people come through from Tokyo over the weekend.。Have been away for a while、2009Since opening as a hobby to Thai Festival across the、It got high popularity。

Is an owner of the kyōgen matrix's most famous shops from around the country gathered in Yokohama Thai festivals especially in arms! Is that "Rattana.、In our couples became the favorite Thailand restaurant、夏場は特に汗を気持ち良くかけるスパイシーなタイ料理を身体が欲するため夏場は良く出没しています!

Shop、Table 10 seats、4 wall counter seats are small and、2Floor seats also available、Many Japanese like Thailand started.、タイ人のニパラットさんのお友達や他国の人も集いとてもワールドワイドな賑やかな空間です!

At lunchtime、パクチースープとミニサラダが付いてきます「ゲンペ(レッドカレー)」の具材として鶏肉または豚肉のどちらかをセレクトできるためいつも大好きな鶏肉をオーダー



「カオソイ」はチェンマイ名物でもあり、Two kinds of fresh noodles and fried noodle noodles and thick Curry ramen。Enjoy a taste of fried noodles and crunchy and a little soft eyes flat thick noodles、Fried noodles first curricula and texture often、In corn flakes and blend in the soup "and will" show、2Will feel the taste of the street。

Chiang Mai's distinctive cuisine.、It is said originated was originally made by India who lives in Chiang Mai。And send it from your sister cock paste NI palat's, make authentic taste。In a thick Curry with fried noodles, fresh noodles and pickled vegetables assortment、Added coriander aroma and flavor will be hooked! There are hot、In the good sense not to spicy delicious!

Summer I、タイ料理!

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