Thailand cooking lunch home Chiang Mai born "Rattana' spicy chef

Speaking of Thailand Restaurant famous for its Hamamatsu、Is inception nitori neighboring tenants "Rattana Rattana Thai Restaurant"Even in its typical!

Original、2010Is opened in June as the taystee "Rattana.、After that、As the Thailand Food Act "Rattana (Rattana Thai Restaurant)" begins!

"Rattana" is that crystal ball.、"Rattana" has a meaning of cute women、"Rattana" became heavy in Buddhist terms、Could not be used to serve liquor store、It is named "Rattana" with。

Niparatt, owner、Further north from the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand's ancient capital, Sangam go from vane (Chiang Mai)、Chiang Mai food in Japan is rare and。

In her parent's home、Chiang Mai style sausage Siwa (spinning out and sausage coil that) of out in the family business manufacturing and selling、From childhood, and making、"Rattana" offers delicious Sila!

The NI palat, was once open in the city of Matsumoto "restaurant khundun.、Staff are popular as people come through from Tokyo over the weekend.。Have been away for a while、2009Since opening as a hobby to Thai Festival across the、It is acclaimed。In arm's made a matrix of best and famous shops from around the country gathered in Yokohama Thai festivals especially during、Is that "Rattana.、In our couple's favorite Thailand restaurant.

Shop、Table 10 seats、4 wall counter seats are small and、2Floor seats also available、Many Japanese like Thailand started.、Thailand people NI palat's friends and other people are gathering a lively space so wide!

"Tom Yam Kung (shrimp soup)" large 1500 Yen、Small 1000 yen

One of the world's top three soups。Tom Yam paste and Baker (ginger), Takai (lemon grass), by by Mackle (Orange leaf) flavour and aroma.。Tom Yum Goong、There are a variety of styles by store、The Tom Yam Kung here、Is characterized by deep palate with intensity of flavor and the shrimp ROE and coconut milk。Not in Tom Yum Goong NI palat, especially of Japanese study、Naturally tomjakumkun。As in spicy or mild fragrant good acidity and flavors of delicious Tom Yam Kung。辛目 favorite?、When ordering、Word "salty! "And would you please!

"Caillau (Thailand expression omelet) 600 Yen

1 typical among the home cooking of Thailand。Minced chicken or pork to eggs and onions、Put the blue onion、Over high heat, and finish the surface of。In a fluffy omelet like。Thailand cuisine is not spicy food only、If you like chili sauce like ketchup in Thailand, our、Will look like unbearable like the spicy, beer!

"Causey (Chiang Mai Curry noodles)" 900 yen

Two kinds of fresh noodles and fried noodle noodles and thick Curry ramen。Chiang Mai's distinctive cuisine.、It is said originated was originally made by India who lives in Chiang Mai。NI palat, paste send from your sister's cock, making authentic taste。Assortment of fried noodles and buns, pickles and Curry rich is an attraction! Flat thick noodle's noodles。That is a bit soft eyes、Often entangled in thick soup、湧kasemasu appetite。Fried noodles first curricula and texture often、In corn flakes and blend in the soup "and will" show、2This is a gem of taste to make me feel!

"Genki own" 750 Yen

And Genki Owen、In Thailand, minced (soup), Camo (green), the mean Green Curry in the WAA (sweet)。Stir paste ground herbs and spices of coconut milk and PLA、Sugar、Vegetables、Meat、Shrimp、Fish in addition is a cooking pot, make。The suave、I feel a mild in coconut milk、Promote sweating by the action of spices coming from、Good hot like a sauna and gym! Combined with a mellow richness and a depth of flavor, excellent with tasty Green Curry is recommended!

You can choose chicken or pork is "Pat Gabo (meat with Basil fried rice)" ¥ 750。

Since I boiled fried egg、Divide yolk mixture, and eat better。League in Thailand cooking fried rice is a delicious 1。But Thailand restaurant in Hamamatsu any more than Rattana niparatt, Thailand cooking、Easy to fit the tongue in Japanese、Recommended in the Thailand cooking for beginners easy to taste I think。Goes out your favorite shop with homemade PLA along the way and enjoy the acidity and adds different flavor flavor!

"Pomelos salad.
Just、For the pledge "Buntan' and his wife will have access to a table next to the、NI palat's staff "pomelos salad" to you!
With the PLA to pomelos、Lemongrass and chili peppers、In addition, tamarind、Woman is sautéed with spicy is a nice fruit salad! Thai language! (ขอบคุณ help:Thank you)

Thailand food spicy, get into the habit、After catching effect to stimulate the brain and、Metabolism even better then me.、With excellent detox and recommended!

Thai Rattana
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception 677-5
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:00-14:30、Dinner 17:00To 22:30
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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