[Closed] Dinner enjoying in popular Italian cuisine that means "Il-Kuccciolo" puppy in Tomizuka



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An Italian in the corner of shijimizuka archaeological sites along the White Street "IL CUCCIOLO IL cucciolo"Mr.。2008On March 14.The thing from being opened、Restaurant lunch, sounding units near beautiful Madame, couples and also be in the、Has become a popular spot for not breaking off the feet of guests from far away from one of the Nagoya got a high evaluation of the famous blogger's。CUCCIOLO cuccioloAnd the、In ItalianPuppyThe mean。Say the name of the image、Cutlery rest set in a miniature Dachshund、Would be nice in a small and charming sense shop。It is recommended to always crowded so reservation!


Shop、White and brown colours and、Has become a window bench seat、Lined cushion dark、In the pendant type warm lighting、There are very simple, yet welcoming friendly atmosphere created by。The number of seats is 14 seats.。Dinner courses、5,700Only in yen and Yen 6700 2 course、I think basic advance reservations are recommended。On this day、Join us in Maserati exhibition the other day "Daikokuya"The President andBased on Makoto SuzukiInvite you to dinner。6,700Of course ordered in advance.


"Since, marvorti Prosecco-di-Conegliano" Italy Veneto

Since marivortiCompany、1868 yearAntonio sinceBy founding。1860He is introduced to drink champagne from a friend, impressed by、Convinced that these wines should be able to build in Italy、Result of trial and error、For the first time in Italy, we produce sparkling wine in the Sharma method.。Also、It played a major role in the history of Italian sparkling wine, such as working on sparkling wine making in a champagne manner.、In addition he founded owner as well as the leader of Italy's first brewing school in Conegliano brewing school、Such as to produce numerous name BREW House、Also a person who worked to improve the quality of the wines of Italy。In the 44th American PresidentBarackMr.Party to celebrate the inauguration in、ThisSince marvortiThe Prosecco is employed in Japan also became。Closer to the transparent color to diffuse bright straw color。Emits the aroma of wine with the aromas and delicate。In the dry taste、Suave and classy and refreshing。Moisten the throat in the early summer in the bubble of sustainability is beautiful!


During the introduction to menus、Jerking off at the table of vegetables and ingredients。On this day、Buddha of white asparagus、Artichokes cream、Aspergiusobergiu、Is where you will find delicious courses with Girolle mushrooms。It is one of the ways to enjoy remembering the name and characteristics of the ingredients♪


"Boccconcini and Burrata cheese, homemade semi-dried tomato and duck prosciutto"

What is the size of a peon-pom ball made of buffalo milk from Mozzarella di Boufara?、BocconciniAlso known as、In Italy, "One bite size"The mean。And、Mozzarella is from the Campagna region, where Naples is the capital of the province.、Fresh cream wrapped in a purse shape in a fresh mozzarella、The unique cheese that originated in Puglia, ItalyBullata (Burrata)It is。Both of them are fresh and lifely.、Fresh cheese's freshness and smooth melting taste fill your mouth.、It goes well with dried tomato and duck prosciutto♪.


Homemade breadThe outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy.。


"Gavi 2011 La Raia GAVI la Lia "Italy Piedmont

The other day、Owner-chefUjiharaThe couple also visited italian wineries.、It seems to have been studied.。The etiquette of the appearance that the bird takes a rest on the wildgrass is pretty.、Your next white wine is decided here.。White Flowers、Sweet citrus、Ripe Lime、Freshly freshblue banana。And if it's included in your mouth,、The beautiful and fresh acidity blends well with the fruit taste.。The higher the density, the more likely the weight.、It is a wine full of mineral feeling that is good for the taste and sul♪.


"Galantine carchofi marinade and olives"

Galantine of the Italian rabbit、Please care for the husband who is not good at the built-in thing、It seems to have made it without using the built-in thing、It is finished in a simple eye.。What is Galantine?、Remove the bones of the meat and spread them out.、Wrap the filling stubling and make it into a cylindrical shape.、By having you cut the thing sweding or steamed with bouillon、It is a beautiful dish to look at.。The round white top seems to be the breast of the rabbit.、I understand a small size feeling。CarciofiAnd the、By English nameArtichokeAre called、In the Japanese nameWhite-tailed thistleAlso known as、Vegetables that are often seen as Italian ingredients。The marinadined calciofi also tastes like a salad♪


Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2009 Dei Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Day" Tuscany, Italy

1964 year、Present headMaria CaterinaThey are an old womanAlibrand DayI bought the Bossona Manor.、ThisCantina DayThe Beginning of。The mortar-shaped Bossona is always windy.、Clay soil with high limestone ratio, ideal environment for winemaking。At that time, we were growing a variety of vegetables and fruits.、Gradually, I began to focus on the cultivation of persimmons.、At last,1985 year、We have a decayed brewery.、It will be to handle even bottling by oneself。1991 year、I was active as a singer.Maria Caterinathere's a joint、devoted to her land and vineyards"I believe I have elements common to music and wine"And、We are further improving the quality.。The grape varieties、Purgolo Gentile (Sangiovese) 90%、Canaiolo 10%。Called The Tuscan Pomerol、Texture like velvet。In vivid ruby color、a distinct scent like ripe cherry or plum、With a balanced taste、It goes well with traditional Tuscan cuisine、It is said that it goes well with red meat♪


"Grilled Kittara Geso with Mi-boiled Sumi-shi of Omaezaki Aori squid"

Chitarra KitalaIs in ItalyGuitarThe mean。The tool that makes this pasta is a rectangular box with a wire like a string of guitars.、It is named Kitala because it is made using this tool.。Because it is pasta with a square cross-section, it is also known asSquadretti SkuadletiIt is also called。It is traditional to have lamb stewed sauce in the local pasta of the Abruzzo region.、It is often entangled in this rich Sumi-boiled、It is the taste that red wine advances♪.


"Agnrotti Dalpurin (Spinach, Ricotta Cheese, Ryujin Pork) Sauce of Sage Butter Isan Summer Truffle"

Agnholotti dal puddingAnd the、It is a kind of ravioli that means "use the leftovers of all kinds of meat dishes" in Piedmont, northern Italy, and is a stuffed pasta that makes a shape by hand picking pasta dough wrapped in a street ingredient meaning "prin-pick"。This time inside、Spinach、Ricotta cheese、There is a Dragon God pig in it.。Enjoy the sweetness and gravy of Ryujin pork、Summer truffle scent in sage butter sauce、You can enjoy the rich richness and taste♪


"Sauteed Maisakayama Natural Massou with Potato, Anchovy cream sauce, French White Asparagus Roast、Asperge Sobage and"

The skin of the natural masu is crispy and fragrant.、With gentle cream sauce。French white asparagus is roasted、The unique aroma and texture can be enjoyed with sticky Asperge Sovage♪.


"Roasted Charan Duck Breast with Poialogenne French Dirol Mushroom with Foie Gras and Red Wine Sauce"

The duck breast which finished moistly in the state of the rose、The fiber of the muscle is fine.、I feel soft and sweet。加熱するとねっとりとした甘味の出るポアロジェンヌ(ポロ葱)食感が楽しいジロール茸と一緒にいただきます♪


「Laurus Rosso di Toscana IGT 2008 LA FIORITA ラウルス ロッソ ディ トスカーナ 2008 ラ・フィオリータ」イタリア トスカーナ

ラウルスとは月桂樹の意味で、The grape varieties、サンジョヴェーゼ 70%・メルロー30%サンジョヴェーゼ特有のドライいちじくの風味があり、Fruit、タンニンの凝縮感があり力強く芳醇ですメルローをブレンドする事で非常に柔らかな口当たりが楽しめます♪


Sources from rhubarb Panna cotta Buddha

ルバーブとは、Is treated as a kind of vegetable、Jam and sugar and boiled down in Europe、Or juice、Add to the salad and cooked the same fruits in a variety of applications in food。ほんのりと酸味を感じるルバーブと滑らかな優しい甘味のパンナコッタで爽やかなデザート♪


"Herbal tea"


THE PUPPY Il cucciolo
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