Views of the Grand Canal view from the Rialto-Bridge of marble and gondola ride


Northern Italy、Grand Canal on the Adriatic port Venice (Venezia) (Canal Grande Canal Grande) on one of the bridges spanning the four also called "white elephant" Rialto Bridge。 Located in the North of the Piazza San Marco、The first is a wooden drawbridge、Was known as the "bridge of wealth" was crowded with banks and commodities exchanges for。However,、At the wedding ceremony of her Duke、Or collapse under the weight of spectators、For the victim of fire、Calls for change to stone bridge、Completed in 1591, and was rebuilt in Marble Arch Bridge。In the appraisal of the bridge、Michelangelo also proposed public bridge plan Republic of Venice at the time.、Antonio da Ponte's proposal was adopted.。Side view "to" the arched bridge was shaped by、Sort's souvenir shop on the bridge、Also one of the attractions of Venice。


Views of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge (Canal)。The Tower on the right、Church of San Giovanni CRISOSTOMO。


Shopping rows and stairs along both sides of the Rialto Bridge、Venetian souvenir's popular masked and venezianglas products、Precious metals、Crowded with tourists seeking souvenirs, leather goods。


A view from the bridge Central Canal。In the middle ages lined both sides of the Grand Canal and building。On the Canal、Cafes and restaurants is uniform across the Board.、Tourists enjoy listening coffee at the waterfront elegance you can see。And many gondolas.、Vaporetto (water bus)、Can admire the beautiful scenery the Moto scarf (water taxi)。


In Venice since ancient times and people's feet、The gondola has become a means of transportation、Is now indispensable to the city attractions。Although the basic rate is set、Let attendants may negotiate some discounts are available so feel free to。First of all the、Are looking for a green sign that says "GONDORE" station、The request to the border-shirted gondolier (rower)。1The boats per base 40 minutes € 80 (Japan yen approximately 11200 pie)、After every 20 minutes € 40 (Japan JPY 5600 yen approximately) will be added。19When、40-€ 100 (Japan at around 14000 yen) next、After every 20 minutes € 50 (Japan Yen about 7000 yen) will be added。Up to 6 people on board possible、Can we rent only with couples and newlyweds two。Because the prices are different depending on the size of the gondola and seasonal、Make sure ago boarding。And should be careful that、Wondering also how gondolier sings and is expected to。Gondolier's rowing generally, and not sing in the hand specialist。Understand that people who can sing and who can't sing、Please check in advance.。Because the song would be included、€ 5 (Japan Yen about 700 yen) of better and pass the chips.


It is fun to explore on foot、From a narrow alley with gondolas are complicated maze of unique water landscape is watching。Now、Next introduces the 1720, founded the world's oldest Café.

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