Laguna Murano glass Italy tradition art venezianglas boasts a history of over 700 years old workshop.


13At the turn of the century the Venetian Republic Government、Fear of glass was the principal trade goods in the Orient trading techniques to drain outside、The forced emigration to all glass artisans and their families from the Venetian island 1.2 km off-shore island in the Murano island。Glass craftsmen were forced to relocate、Forbidden to leave the island、Have severe past who tried to escape was sentenced to the death penalty。On the other hand、The Venetian Government、People who have contributed to the glass industry can be given the title of patrician hospitality。The glass industry was placed under the protection of Venice Government thus fully Venetian (Murano)、Unsteady and revive the ancient Roman mosaic technique and race techniques、It is going to build a strong position in the history of glass in the world。Just made this Murano glass "venezianglas (Italy,:Vetro di Murano Vettro di Murano) "and you can call。This is venezianglas in the main island of Venice established Studio "Laguna-LAGUNA MURANO GLASS Murano glass"Mr.。In this tour、This factory was built.


The venezianglas、Made using a soda without discard tradition of Islamic and Byzantine lead。After a cold crystal glass containing lead, quickly hardens into once-infused, molded、Alms and sculpture.、This is known as the beads。 On the other hand、The venezianglas、The types of glass melting furnace、Fresh, cold shears、Made with Freehand, using simple tools, such as the pincer、This network is called the beads。 The beads are compared to network、Maestro (artisan to create a glass) moment of art skills are needed、Crystal glass that is warm and、Maestro's personality、It is strongly reflect human nature, such as。 Also、The richness of the color is is one of the characteristics of disappointment、Red is the hardest color and、Cobalt blue deep、As the smoke haze to white、The color variation is 30000 colors、Combination of flexibility in a wide variety of colors, made piece is really beautiful.。Here、Mario's local guide of Venice、Alessandro's here she was introduced、Alessandro's and Mario's also fluent Japan language spoken more easily subject to description。Say anything in front of you making a vase of Maestro!








Demonstration time、I think 5 minutes of what it was that、To the process of the vase、Great technology is also continuing to provide、Its brilliance、So beautiful feet。However,、Instantly the broken vase created this work in a simple thing for a show so。Crack if you want give... and I thought is should not (laughs) I just


Everyone was ushered to the Department and then the、Get a fun product details while exchanging jokes with Alessandro's fluent Japan language。Even an expensive glass "is a strong venezianglas! "And the glass with 24 k gold shimmer and shine down on the table, shocking scene is out of the blue, I was very surprised。But leave intact the glass was falling、It is really sturdy.。That seems probably that repetition of the same thing every time is a series of jokes mixed flow、Venezianglas's, is take a direct、You will see with your own eyes and good。In the recent、Many venezianglas imitations (counterfeit) to visit our specialty store has been around since、We recommend that you choose the one with the venezianglas certification trademark.


Now、Next introduces the most famous Venetian Bacaro (tavern).

Laguna-LAGUNA MURANO GLASS Murano glass

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