"City of water" is water boat、"Queen of the Adriatic"、Departure to Venice called "sinking city.


To get to the main island of Venice, the Aquapolis、Since the town are banned automobile traffic as traffic conditions、Now the mainstream is water bus and ferry。I arrived on the tour previously reserved for boats。From here head to the island in the water boat。


Arrived at the boat landing、Could easily take a boat ride, became wait。Please arrange water boat and tour operators Cedar's has had with Assistant was David swallow something suspicious face talking to each other。I wonder because David has stared the trouble with mobile、Ask Cedar-Chan "little arrangements difference was、Please do not worry about it "and、Everyone was reassured。Indeed Italy。And was booked as double?、Groupers also other trouble is unknown、This often results in a cedar-Chan no aspect is very much in a hurry、Without any tour everyone who claims no one would wait patiently。At this moment is the mild-mannered Japanese good I think!


At last I arrived water boat ride our tour。


What city in the water boat、It is exciting in itself is.


Boat ride takes approximately 20 minutes.。Shipboard photographer husband is engrossed in taking the、I had enjoyed with commanding views along with the pleasant sea breeze。Now、Views behind the boat moved down is already on the main island of Venice。It looks at water's edge?。"The sinking city mentioned in the title、Venice island is currently、Have a serious problem and、That are exposed to the flooded city phenomenon Aqua Alta (high tide)。And Aqua Alta、The Sirocco blows from the African continent in the winter and a monsoon、Water of the Adriatic Sea is pushed to the North、It overlaps the low barometric pressure and high tides and sea level rises and the city water carrying、Town flooded by the sea。Infiltrated underground Venice mainland high water city by place built on wetlands and water will flow from under the。Has been also caused the subsidence due to pumping of groundwater in the nearby industrial area further contributes to。Future、Due to global warming、And will accelerate the rise in water levels that are considered、It is said that Venice is sinking into the sea.。


The city of Venice、Because it was originally wetlands、100Are connected by canals of big and small islands more than exceeds the roughly 400 bridges and 150。11Build a huge goods in maritime trade began the century、14Early in the 15th century as a maritime Republic celebrates golden age。And area including the city and the surrounding islands in 1987 Venice and its lagoon、Is listed as one of the few world heritage sites meets the registration criteria for cultural heritage。The number of annual visitors from a glance that city and around the world by extending to approximately 12 million。


Now、From the next time I landed on the island、Shows from all over the world loved the medieval town centre and historic beautiful Venice city.

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