New open! Warmth Mori sisters shop Italy cuisine "warmth Italian KINOKO" for lunch


Completed a fairy tale buildings shaped like mushrooms and was about to sleep for a while、Last year 2013, December 12th at last warmth Studio just as the sister restaurant of the warmth he has Woods Italy cuisine restaurant "Warmth Italian KINOKO"As a new opening was。Is open from、In a space filled with cute and cozy no良inu that looks cloudy、Lunch near the Madam who popular always parking lot is full。No. 2 parking sign in front of the shop there are also halls、Both traveling on the reservation、We recommend that you go.


Open the entrance door on the left、Front of the showcase, and gadgets corner、Are used in accessories and cutlery、Sells fragrances, such as。


This suggests that goes up to the second floor Stair landing on the first floor of the floor。Clawfoot table approach is pretty femininity to cross the colors clean and、Romantic stool retro feeling。Warm chandelier lighting、Red tea of heavy drapes to tie-backs。In some places the mushroom motif casually crafted name and、Has been to make the space which really pleases women。1Floor seats are spacious table spacing is 40 seats。2Floor has become still untouched、Private room-style rooms。


1Room on the floor。Here is a slightly smaller round table sit deep around the waist and velours stool。As a major feature of the restaurant、High ceiling in the building, such as types of mushrooms、Filled with a sense of openness。Customers may feel comfortable in a no pressure atmosphere created。




On this day、Alongside Ayako Salon guests and the friends that、I've always been fun in the nearby newly opened restaurant that。The hours through open serving lunch until 14:30、13That was around the time that, where you will find only a Primo course at Cibo or à la carte menu and。Lunch menu configuration is as follows。

Kinoko course 1,780Circle
Bagna Cauda Kinoko special Jumbo mushroom steak bread drink dessert
Primo course at Cibo 1,480Circle
Appetizer, pasta dish, bread, drink, dessert
Second course 1,780Circle
From appetizers and fish dish or meat dish, bread, drinks, dessert.
Fantasia cows 2,280Circle
From appetizer, pasta dish, fish or meat cooking dish, bread, drinks and dessert.
Car pasta 980Yen (drink of pasta and a set of 300 yen)


"Assorted 9 starters.

From the upper-left、Pickled turnip with red pepper、Marinated mushrooms、Caponata、Frittata、Creams and soups (hot)、"Caprese"、Bruschetta、Chicken roast、Salad and assorted plate of 9 different little by little。


Tomato cream sauce with shrimp and scallops

Spread the sweetness of the shrimp and scallop soup with onion, tomato cream sauce pasta。The amount of pasta is a little more。


Along with the "bread" olive oil。


Instead of Gateau Chocolat is moist "Gateau Chocolat"、Broken horotto feel like a baked goods and。


Mechanical cum bubbling coffee bitter coffee。

After entered a cafe opening times、Can be slow and customers at lunchtime、New Café guests can enter the shop and、Was crowded from time to time。Shops through the I am so thankful it is!

Warmth Italian KINOKO
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Higashi Mikata town 193-3 TEL:053-522-7492 Closed on Mondays:Every week Wednesday
Hours of operation:Lunch time 11:00-14:30,Afternoon tea time 14:30-17:00,Dinner time 17:00To 22:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Higashi Mikata town 193-3

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