Alive with the history of the city in Piazza San Marco Venice's oldest comfort Cafe "Cafe Florian"


In Venice's St. Mark's square in a traditional café founded in 1720, seeCaffe Florian Café Florian"。The Café here is、One of the oldest in the cafe in Venice、Is famous as the birthplace of latte。1720Founding year is called "Alla Venezia trionfante (Alla Venezia Trionfante)、And the "Venice trionfonte"、Means "Venice triumphant"。Founded Café、While neighboring countries it occupied and、Backfill request, such as a ray of hope is the founder、May be so named.。After this cafe takes the name of founder Floriano Francesconi (Floriano Fracesconi)、That is called Café Florian。And have a history once attracted many artists here、In the movie "information"、Is renowned in the cafe scene of Jane Katherine Hepburn drink tea!


In the Café Florian、Corridor with violin and cello、And can enjoy the live music and accordion、Is a popular terrace you can enjoy time at the famous St. Mark's square and a pigeon who goes slowly.


Sometimes the oldest Café in Venice、Popularity high tourist attractions and also because、Shop are located of tourists as well as locals。The doorman started.、At the airport, host Madam and gentlemen greets with a smile。Japanese tourists from、It is nice from a smattering of Japan to speak!


1800Remain in、Sparkling with glitter and decorated with paintings Golden walls、Enjoy the art of the Rococo Interior Cafe restaurant。The Crimson velvet sofa、Provides us with a pleasant woman longing for everyone!


"Caffè Hag, Caffè d ' orzo ' € 6, 50 ( Japan yen approximately 910 Yen )

Decaffeination。Barley for Decaf Coffee.。I ordered the cheapest on the menu of Cafe (lol) still over a cup 900 yen。Take as a box so high it would not feel、Above this price point far more、1,500Is full of yen or more。Price includes lunch if you're in Japan?!


"Caffè Espresso miscela Florian € 6, 50 ( Japan yen approximately 910 Yen )

Espresso coffee brand.。In Italy have espresso in the Café where really good?!


Just、Began live music on the terrace。This live music charge is € 6 (Japan yen approximately 840 yen) is added。


Feel the history in an extraordinary space、And tea while listening to an elegant live music played by the piano and the violin you can enjoy。I think there is value so that money can't buy. (life only once and thought、Would be nice to 気張ru:Lol)


The restaurant would remember even the illusion as if in a Princess?。So happy cheeks bright red dyed go will!


After enjoying the city of Venice、Water boat Island away.、Straight, boarded a bus and will continue until the Calenzano。The next time、Is the introduction of a restaurant dinner at Calenzano.

Caffe Florian Café Florian
Location:Piazza San Marco 56/59, Venezia, Italy TEL:+39 041 520 5641
Hours of operation:10:00-24:00( 3-4 months,11The Moon is ~ 23.:00、12January ~ February ~ 21)

Piazza San Marco 56/59, Venezia, Italy

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