Kagoshima bamboo town "early digging of Satsuma-Cho bamboo shoots" is fragrance, excellent crunchy texture!


Kagoshima, Japan bamboo shoot production.。Bamboo area in Japan、Lords bamboo、Senior bamboo、唐竹、Moso bamboo、Green bamboo in it、Madake、Square bamboo is available。 From a wide variety、Kagoshima, you can taste the various shoots all year round。Digging early, bamboo shoots, Lye、Flavor、Crunchy is excellent and market trade at a higher price。In the popular restaurant, etc、 Picked fresh shoots are eaten in sashimi and。Such a precious bamboo shoots of unreason from Kagoshima Maru 8 real estate and received help from morizono, Hideaki Mori that grew so、Think of the delicious food!


The at home 'WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER hamakita shop"Is it in corners will fit introduced daily for reasonably priced wines purchased、In those early will become the ninth、I want to continue at your own pace this year and last year。On this day、I select the Japanese wine.

"Trebbiano-doublezzio Tenuta-Giglio Tollo" Italy white 750 ml 1,470 Yen

In Abruzzo, Midwest、Tello village on the Adriatic Sea with co-operative Winery。More than 1000 members。Have a grape growing area of 3000 hectares、In the large agricultural cooperatives of Italy's finest wineries、20Years ago branched out into manufacturing bottles stuffed with wine、And international competitions in Italy and outside、Has gained a high reputation in wine guide Gambero Rosso slow food Association publishing。Best finish in a fresh and refreshing fruit flavor and aroma wrap and soft taste and minerals。Good clean and crisp、For seafood, such as favoring very、Tired of drinking good well with Japanese food doesn't taste。Carpaccio, fried fish、And the chicken (salt) and it fit!


"Early digging bamboo shoots Bisque sauce"

Early carved bamboo skin and then cut in half lengthwise、Wrap in aluminum foil and the Braising about 10 minutes in our stone oven roaster。After that、Open the foil, and hang one soy sauce、Bake until browned and burnt section、Whets the appetite drifting scent of sweet bamboo shoots。So crunchy and not soggy shakishaki sweet scent、Flavorful shoots is a rarity.


"Deep Kiss"

Kiss the salt lightly with the Tempura flour, and FRY in 180 ° C oil。That is unfortunately not well flowers bloom like Tempura I FRY brother、Can be plumped and tender and delicious fried。In the snow salt and will!


"With chicken quick digging bamboo rice、Pork.

The early bring out the flavor of the carved bamboo rice、Chicken (you dipped in soy sauce and sake) with Japanese-style broth and salt、In plain cooked with soy sauce and rice are delicious。Soups and、Pork soup with volume up.


Hita soy luxury fit miso 750 g 1365 yen (tax included)

Favorite miso miso noisy home、Emperor tribute honors given fine miso soy sauce brewery "Hita soy sauce"Is it something。And "traditional miso.、"Three years with miso.、Are purchased in a set, compared to eating in this high-quality laminated miso and miso sticking。Compared with the good miso was always loyal、This high-quality laminated miso is a little sweetness will win。The interesting thing about this miso、It in the box had been shinobasa you sick? (laughs) most was stiff in miso, mildly salty and sweetness to、Enjoy the elegant and mellow miso!


"Yuzu citrus cabbage.

My favorite is yuzu radish、Miss pickles winter cabbage。5so mm cut cabbage into Ziploc bags、Salt、Yuzu half pieces of fruit juice、The shredded citron peel, plus 揉mi込nnda、Easy pickles.。Is a favorite dish for married couples we like Citron。Japanese and because of the seasonal taste、Produces euphoria at the moment to taste it!, Mori、Thank you for the valuable ingredients.

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