Far South Africa-Cape Town international airport arrival


6-South Africa is during the dry season、In the rainy season and winter climate and only Cape Town、Japan is true vice versa.。The average temperature is 16 ° C to 18 ° C and allows comfortable daytime temperatures、Chilly mornings and evenings are long-sleeved (heattech) and haori coat、It is useful is one thick coat。Cloudy, sunny weather on the first day arrived at Cape Town International Airport。It is only heard during the rainy season and first day!


At 11 o'clock in the morning、Airport is so quiet。There will be few tourists still come in the winter rainy season and。


First of all the、at the baggage claim (baggage claim)、With flight and lane numbers baggage arrives safely, make sure。Every time、This scene is rather tense.。


No issue has received a suitcase。The final inspection、Is done while showing the Passport also has no problems through。Also check all the contents of the suitcase is suspicious and it seems。The inspectors "vacation?"And asked" Yes!"And the greeting with a smile。I would get the word smile is from!


Entering, immediately asked the TAXI cab driver。That is hilarious, good staff、Worried because there was a little pushy.、TAXI cab companies have so far had to ask you.。Basic、It is taboo to store luggage at the airport, voice。As to bring in or、From there or later require a high amount of。My luggage is properly let carry yourself.!


Because they are cash only valid TAXI、Let's exchange the foreign currency at the airport。"Money Exchange,Please "in fine。However,、Unusual Japanese at the Cape Town airport、Seems less change to Japan, Fukuzawa Yukichi, curiously watch shop (laughs) "Japanese yen!"And I finally understood。Pass rates are @10.0670 20000 yen and Exchange fee a returned R 1844。Read R (RAND) is the currency of South Africa。1Know better think R = Japan yen 10 yen.。


Only I was excited about having a foreign currency?。Coins of the country always visited the Memorial must keep wallet。Also visit there will be、Who like it is!


Parking spaces at a quick pace in retzdon's TAXI driver escorting。At this time、After communication with him was so、Was okay, but my partner was carrying luggage to one。Retzdon says、While staff in the airport and greet merry go。Really good with good people!


And again landed on the outside、I feel a little cool again。Like the climate in early spring in Japan。Just、It is no doubt that as long as the Sun is up pretty comfortable temperature.


While retzdon's TAXI driver and broken English in conversation、One of the cheapest accommodation&I was headed to the only Cape Town。Using the international Wi-Fi、Get ahead of checks or not roundabout on Google maps。Japanese is King lick from it (lol) One on the waterfront from the Cape Town airport&Until only Cape Town location in the R33 (3300 yen as Japan yen) at a distance of about 30 minutes by car。Retzdon's luggage as chip for passing R35 (about 3500 yen)、I'm so happy!


Early movement of clouds、And is that the weather is changing fast.。The beginning of feeling the wind, Cape Town South Africa's remote wilderness area on a five-day trip is the beginning.

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Cape Town International Airport

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