"Granny's Burger" a hamburger shop in the Mikkain station building operated by a pesticide-free vegetable farmer!

"Tenryu Hamanako Railway Sankehi StationHamburger shop in the station building of "Granny's #8217 Burger"To!

"Tenhama LineIt is familiar with the common name of [ ]Tenryu Hamanako Railway Co., Ltd.Tenryu Hamanako Line、From Kakegawa Station in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to Tenryu Nijo Station in Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu City、In Huxi City,Tenhama Line Shinshobara Station (THHARA Shinjo Sta.)It is a local railway that runs!

This "Tenhama Line" is、To make effective use of it as an unmanned station、Because various restaurants and shops are attracted to the station building、There are many gourmet spots on the route.、The "Tenhama Line" is now known as a "gourmet route"、Local people started.、It will be a popular spot for many tourists!

On this day、The annual event scheduled to be held around Lake Hamana next monthMaserati I'm on a touring drive.、On the way, we had a late lunch time at Granny ’s Burger, a hamburger shop located in the station building of Mikkahi Station!

"Tenhama Line And Sankehi Station" which is registered as a registered tangible cultural property of the country、The quaint atmosphere of the good days of Showa is wonderful!

Both the upper and lower lines、1Although it is a local line of one ryo that runs only one or two times in time、Students and local people are used to school and commute to work.、Just、You can meet the timing when the train of the upper and lower lines passes each other、The figure waving the red flag of the railway man remains an impression!

Actually, I have never been on the "Tenhama Line" yet.、I'm thinking of experiencing it someday!

When I visit the store、It becomes a cozy atmosphere to feel the warmth of the tree、17There is a table seat for the seat!

Here you will、Using "Three Days Beef" of the brand beef, which is a special product of the three days、"Mikanichi beef burger" and、Including popular menus such as "Granny's Burger" which bears the name of the restaurant、You can meet gourmet burgers that are particular about pesticide-free and additive-free!

Set of "Granny's Burger" and "Mikkahi Mikan Cider & Potato" (single item 1,130 yen + drink 280 yen + potato 180 yen + tax)

"Granny's Burger" bears the name of the restaurant that is popular from the beginning of the opening、100% beef meaty homemade patty is thick、a half-boiled fried egg finished in thick lying bacon and thick yolk that sticks out of a fluffy bun、And、It is a hamburger full of volume feeling that contains fresh sliced tomatoes and shakishaki lettuce!
Hold the burger bag tightly with the skewer that pointed to the burger through the pickles served with the buns.、Gabli and a bite!
While the volume is very satisfied、The taste that sticks to the additive-free feels gentle、It will be a natural burger without stomach lean!

Recommended "Sanke-nichi Mikan Canger" squeezes plenty of three-day mandarin oranges harvested in three days、It is a juice that you can enjoy the refreshing flavor of mandarin oranges and the refreshing taste of carbonic acid!

Because the potato of the assortment felt the texture and very sweetness in the hook hokhok、I thought that potatoes with high sugar content were used.、Thanks to the special lying salt "Chikyu no Tsuji" that you are using!

What is "Chikyu no Tsuji"?、Rare organisms such as the world's oldest biostromatites and dugongs at the time of life's birth、The sea water of Shark Bay, Australia, which is considered to be the source of life registered as a World Heritage Site, is a rare 100% sun salt that has been dried in the sun for more than two and a half years.、Plenty of minerals to please the body、Because artificial heat is not applied、The ingredients of the sea are obtained as they are.、Because it is a neutral salt that is broken down in the body、It seems to be a natural salt that does not burden the body!
This natural salt is used to create a deep flavor of minerals in the cuisine.、This potato seems to feel it with a sweetness!

"Cheeseburger" and "Cola" set (830 yen for single item + 180 yen for drinks + tax)

What is your simple favorite cheeseburger?、The picture surface of the cheese which melts into the homemade patty is unbearable and it will whet the appetite!
If it is this thickness, it will be a feeling of size that is easy to eat even for women! (laughs)

The current owner, Dry Hasegawa (Kan Hasegawa)Mr. a、CyberAgent Co., Ltd., one of the leading IT companies in Japan [CyberAgent]Is a founding member of the、20Living a life that runs around the generation、After wandering around the world and gaining a lot of stimulation and experience、I was looking for a place to move to.、2016I liked the property and the environment of Lake Hamana in 19、With his wife Mika Hasegawa to make this place her final home、Couple decides to emigrate!

After emigration, I was transferred from an IT field to a farmer.、Farmer direct sales store "MARU FARM – Maru Farm"Launch、 We are particular about making vegetables that are not used at all and are conscious of circulation.、We grow pesticide-free vegetables!

RIM even、while farming、2018He took over as the first owner of "Granny #8217 & Burger" since May 2007.、It is said that it leads to the present!

Early entry、It seems that it was not thought by the local people though it was a thing every time, and "Are you on a trip?" And open-mindedly with his wife Mika who was talking to me casually、I have a lot in common with my husband.、With the owner's mr. Inui who has been wandering around the world、Talking about Tokyo and traveling stories、If you notice, you'll stay quite a long time.、We have spent a very good time!

The appearance of the lovely cat who cuddles up to the bronze statue in front of the station is also peaceful and relaxing!
When you come to the vicinity of Hamamatsu, please enjoy the "gourmet line" of the local railway "Tenhama Line"!

Granny ’ amp; S Burger (Granny's Burger)
Address: 1148-3 Mikkaichi, Mikkaichi, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (in the Mikkaichi Station Building)
TEL: 053-525-2202
Hours of operation:10:00~ 16:00( L.O. 15:30Open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
Closed on Mondays: Monday to Thursday (open on public holidays)
Parking lot:Aerobic

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