At the coffee shop coffee shop ratio Lu area one-story as a tasteful Nagoya wake up vol.2


2Best place to the atmosphere of the one-story home's owner's grandfather in picturesque old buildings renovated、To open "Coffee shop Lu Hibino"Mr.。2Years later in the same building "Tonkatsu Hibino Lu"And I'm open。And2010/11The、Along the same street "The eel House Hibino Lu"And it is open、3Food and beverage stores widely run in the family。Tonkatsu Hibino LuAnd it's during business hours in、Coffee shop Lu HibinoMr. so、Deep Fried Pork cutlet shop next door across the freshly Fried Pork cutlet"Cutlet sandwich" or "Cascara"Has gained popularity by you!


Shop、The one-story high ceilings in home improvement、And you smell somewhere in the spacious。The number of seats、With tasteful counter seats, 50 seats available。Using carefully selected coffee beans、Ground beans per order、Fur care one cup at a time。This time the、Famous Nagoya "Nagoya wake-up"As the second will wake up here!


Breakfast of toast butter and jam

Nagoya wake-upIt is said、This wake-up service、Your favourite drink、Boiled eggs & toast、Comes with chocolate。The browned and burnt toast、Butter or jam or cinnamon or chocolateOf choice。In addition+100CircleBy、Mini salad or yogurt or Ogura (with whipped cream) or cheese toastOf choice。"Butter and jam both want to eat、It is possible? 」Ask for and、Toasted and cut in half、Me neither、With respect to service staff.


Breakfast cheese toast your favorite drinks 100 yen

Here is、+100CircleIn is our cheese toast。Put parsley and plenty of cheese, assorted、堪rimasen the aroma of the cheese and the tension melts in your mouth!


Daily coffee "Guatemala" 420 Yen

Daily coffee of the day、Coincidentally, like beansGuatemala。Aroma with a refreshing sour taste。Full of good coffee、Only420CircleThe only coffeeHard boiled egg on toast、ChocolateThe service will come with me、Nagoya wake-up would be a very nice service! To shop for different service types、I just want to experience more and more different wake-up。The nextNagoya wake-upIs thrilled with from now on, where to go!

Coffee shop Lu Hibino
Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku yamahana 116 Cho
Hours of operation 7:00-21:30(L.O21:00-
(Morning service) 7:00-11:00
(Afternoon service) 15:00-19:00
(Evening service) 19:00-21:00
Closed on Mondays:Open every day

Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku yamahana 116 Cho

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