Machendranath Temple in bungamati village small village located in Patan revival tour

A small village in Lalitpur district, 5 km away from Patan in NepalBungamati village (Bungamati)as a central place of ritualsMachhindranath Temple"To go、We have observed the reconstruction situation after the Nepal Earthquake!

The bungamati village、"God of Rain"、"God of Fertility"of the Bungamati Valley as"Guardian of the Valley"and was reveredMachhindranathis home to、A big in the center of the village squareSikara style (Shiikhara-Style)The Temple of "Machhindranath Temple"The、At that timeMachendranatoIt will be the place where I stayed for about six months!

Sikara style (Shiikhara-Style)
Sanskrit means "mountaintop" after、It refers to the rising tower of Hindu temple architecture in north India。

The mayor of Bungamati village went to greet me!Namaste! (नमस्ते) Hi!

GuideMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Mr. worshiped the Buddha on behalf of the delegation!

This is the main image in Bungamati.、Rat (red) MachendranatoNext、I have a bright red face、In KathmanduMachendranato Temple"ofSet (white) MachendranatoThe face seems to be pure white!

The locals"God of Rain"to pay homage to、Every year from April to May, we have a festival called "Festival"Horse-drawn carriage festival (Bunga Dyah Jatra)There is、In the event of a major earthquake、Coincidentally, the GohonsonMachendranatois put on a float.、I heard that you escaped the damage because you were out! There's really something god-like and mysterious thing!

The site of the temple where everything collapsed、As the lime soars、In a state where the pile which piles up the red brick and becomes the foundation is struck、Fewer people work on restoration、I can still hear a state far from the word reconstruction.。

In front of the temple site where Mr. Nales collapsed、While showing me photographic materials that show me the situation before the earthquake、He told me about the sad situation.。

The figure towering over the blue sky of the temple where the people of Bungami are visiting for worship、beautiful stone fineIt becomes a Sikara style.、From the site that collapsed without a trace、It's a situation you can't even imagine!

The rubble of the collapsed red brick sweded piles up、You can see a mixture of those that are brittle and unusable and those that are not.。
As it was in the old days、I understand the desire to repair without changing the material、Hardness、Stacked with red brick without strength、I don't think it's enough to prepare for a disaster in case of emergency.。

What buildings are about to collapse?、It seems to stick bamboo to the key point and fix it.、A dark cloud will come to me that the state may be forced to collapse at some time.。

It seems to proceed with the repair work based on the blueprint、Not just the temple.、The houses of the surrounding residents have also been destroyed.、The reconstruction seems to be lagging behind the opinions of the government and residents.。

Even though two and a half years have passed since the earthquake、Beyond this village、There are still many scars from the earthquake.。

The statue of God decorated with gold and other decorations、Because there is a possibility that it is targeted by robbers etc.、There were security guards on duty! It's hard to believe.、It is said that there are always people who do punishable things.。

Now the villagers、I'm evacuated to temporary housing.、Some residents said they stayed.。However,、The walls of the houses are cracked.、It becomes a dangerous state that the fear of collapse is left by a trivial impact.。

The reconstruction of Bungamati village is likely to take some time.。

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