Good bye Cape Town、Thank you for that One&Only Cape Town


South Africa-Cape Town day、Day off here。Must arrange a TAXI cab to 8:00 pick up。4But in a short time is 5 days、Every day is very beautiful、Could be a really great experience!


And then, please check out、At the restaurant guests and、Room service、Movie appreciation、1Day sightseeing tour costs、You must pay for treatments, etc.。Finely taking to confirm there are no problems、We may safely forgo payment card!


The front Office Manager Robyn Schurr Robin、Just、During a meeting in the morning as could be、Was like waiting check out "you drop-off will be."。It is to say good bye、Also day to meet up please、Finally thank you letter using the machine translation of the iPhone while in English writing were handed over。The country and language such as、People no longer are connected by wouldn't。Expect to feel my heart、Racial barriers、No language barrier is no problem。For five days, so it was!


Spelled the end thank you letter to the staff room cleaning service every day, wrote。The last small is、I've served with double the usual tip。Also managed in the hotels pleasant stay、It is because they are very friendly and work!


One&One & Only, Cape Town&In the only Cape Town、Mercedes-Benz E-class or S class of service、And enabling the option price transfers in Maybach Zeppelin Maybach of the finest grade of。Maybach will pick up if you come、2On the ride up to R4, 500 (about 45000 Yen Yen Japan) seems to。Drives an elegant and luxury comfort feel your reservation to try!


Return TAXI cab drivers, I even in very bright、From the airport、Nice talking to me。Of course、All English was、It is indeed 5 days into the world of English-only if you have become English ears! Quite hearing that as now (lol)


Finally and the TAXI cab driver Anthony Memorial shoot, goodbye!


It's arrived at Cape Town airport at 9:00 a little while ago。Boarding still have a little time。That was the first sight so different came when Gates and front doors、Simple, and free。Opportunity to meet Japanese tourists who unfortunately did not end.。I hope more in South Africa, Cape Town Japanese tourists often visit me!


Souvenir-laden suitcase weight limit of 20 kg。Could safely deposit check in luggage is something good (laughs).


Embarkation procedures without any difficulty、Alright it's gimpp。


There is time to departure、Let ransacked the souvenirs with the remaining Bill R land。The airport、Souvenir shop of the city than is a little more expensive but、We now have a beautiful eyes assortment。Bead accessories and crafts、The CanGoBack、Dress and scarf、Crockery and cutlery, etc.、Goods are still looking, colorful fun is full!


Buy here cosmetics, alcoholic beverages。To the very end、Aperitifs & I was told after dinner Cup best "amarula" buy、And that sweet wine is not too much preference、And then abandoned because it purchased chocolate amarula、Purchased a wine in its place。So had to buy at the local Passport quantaray the permitted number.。1Up to three per person so can get up to six in two。South Africa came back from the wine society is a pleasure!


Now、Pick up flight time、Like going straight、Two hours later arrived at Johannesburg airport from Cape Town airport、In transit remain the Board once fueling is done in about 1 hour、Then after the 11-hour flight、Transportation at the Singapore airport is about 18 hours since、Next you want to introduce Singapore sightseeing you can enjoy!


Morning sun, the time of flight.


Good bye Cape Town、Thank you for that One&Only Cape Town!

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