Located in the heart of Cape Town 5 star resort hotel One & Only Cape Town


Mexico、Bahamas、Mauritius、Maldives、To expand the luxury resort in Dubai "One&Only Luxury Resorts one & only resorts"In South Africa's Cape Town luxury hotel"One&Only Cape Town one&Only Cape Town"Open in 2009。Situated in the heart of Cape Town's One&Only Cape Town one&The only Cape Town、Two oceans Aquarium、Victoria and Alfred waterfront、Location Cape Town stadium is less than 1 km away、Cape Town International Convention Centre、Greenmarket square 3 km within you。Area convenient for attractions to visit good security relatively reliable 5 stars are earned the finest resort hotel。At this time in Cape Town 4 nights 5 days schedule、Be indebted to this great hotel.


With a Mediterranean climate with four seasons、Cape Town Blessed with mild winters and pleasant summers。Through the years, many people from all over the world、This hotel attracts celebrities and Hollywood stars.


One&One & Only, Cape Town&In the only Cape Town、Mercedes-Benz E-class or S class of service、And enabling the option price transfers in Maybach Zeppelin Maybach of the finest grade of。Maybach will pick up if you come、2On the ride up to R4, 500 (about 45000 Yen Yen Japan) seems to。Drives an elegant and luxury comfort feel your reservation to try!


By the time now around 11 a.m.、Because it was considered difficult to check-in、Thought I keep my baggage once, trying to explore the city.、Would you believe、Would you believe、And leave me room, usually regardless of check-in at 14:00、Early check-in and ♪ (thanks)


The was welcomed with a smile and "Welcome"、Front Office Manager Robyn Schurr Robin。Of course、And who only speak English、Because we haven't got hotel can speak to Japan、To rely on the iPhone with a smattering of English translation machines、Enjoyed the delicious coffee somehow completed the check-in can be a physician.。This time、Cotton chi達 a stay in Robin's care to make it。Really relieved by the very friendly and courteous response。In that country may not understand、Moment was strangely relieved!


Robin told me to take you to the hotel and room。One&The Onle Cape Town one & only Cape Town、Full-service spa、Marina、There's an outdoor pool、Excellent comfortable hotel resort。And is available in public areas、Free high speed Internet access (wired and wireless) available。And passing the access password for the individual、Will be paid to use more than 2 GB。 This 5 One-star hotel business、Business Center、Meeting / Conference room、Include a technology helpdesk。Furthermore, the bar/lounge、Snack bar / deli offers。Tour staff、Wedding services、Help arrange catering and all so safe and comfortable to spend some moments! A fitness center is available with a professional trainer and a rooftop terrace、Spa tub available。 Hotel parking is completely free。And the good news is that there are various hotel completely non-smoking and health care.


In Cape Town、Shark cage diving a popular marine activities that may。In a sea of South Africa、1Is a great white shark to meet throughout the year。Maximum length 6 m、Great white sharks have a record of what 2260 kg is the body weight。Meet the great white shark in with man in a cage、Dive directly into the sea is a horrible tour can observe sharks attracted by feeding in the sea at a very close distance (laughs) it's not、Diving qualifications do not need。With a timid is not。Are we? Of course that will not be a reckless challenge。Enables us to go into the water not too keen、The image rotates around the cage from the boat and、He put his head in a famous figure、It can see the shark jump out of the water, chasing the bait.。1Many day tours around $186.63(Japan Yen about 20000 yen) in available。Courageous people come!


This is the Vista bar & lounge.。The Vista Bar & Lounge located in the lobby、Is the bar boasts panoramic views of table mountain。 Creative snacks during the day and、Available from all over the world of tea and patisserie suites (afternoon tea、2:30 PM-5:30 PM) and、 And transformed into a sophisticated evening cocktail、Cocktails range from classic to contemporary、Will delight our guests.


This is NOBU knob.。World renowned master chef、In the eponymous of Nobu matsuhisa "NOBU knob" South Africa into the first IKEA store、Guests can enjoy a variety of authentic Japan and great cuisine weaves South Africa seafood & spices。In the upper knob lounge、Carefully selected sake、Plum wine、In addition to beer in Japan、For that sake and shochu cocktails。 Located down the graceful stairs feathery fan、104Includes seat dining area and sushi bar。


Here's the Reubens Restaurant Davidenko。South Africa celebrity chef、From Reuben riffel is the first IKEA store was famous for his "Davidenko Reubens Restaurant"、2004Was opened in the historic town of Franschhoek in。Since、Davidenko shining Honor Award restaurants on eatout (eatout) restaurant guide and Chef of the year award.。 One & only Cape Town to deliver confidence Davidenko、Restaurants in urban areas opened for the first time that Reuben riffel。 Davidenko、Healthy Bistro dishes seem simple at first glance,、Its fresh taste and sense of volume、And will provide you with exquisite。 A sophisticated yet casual、In the atmosphere of the Brasserie restaurant、Enjoy an exquisite combination of local flavor and South Africa's best-loved chef taste。 Davidenko、Regardless of gender or age、It attracts people who seek the gastronomic heart?。 Breakfast、Lunch、Are both open at the dinner.


This is NEO Boutique neobtick.。Will meet around the fashionable dress were refined and exotic, passionate colours at。Matthew Williamson、Mara Hoffman、Juliet·Dan、In addition to the Advanced label Charlotte Olympia Joya.、Swarwoski、ZOJA、Nixon accessories brands、Bex ROX and leather shoulder no children there.


In the one & only Cape Town、Offers various spaces suitable for the most important turning points in life。 A wedding at the resort and special events 1tsu1tsu、Exclusive celebration Planner's ingenuity and supportive care、Will be an unforgettable lifelong memories!


This time、The hotel offered us rooms、4Room F。Go to the upper floors by elevator.


Walking down the hallway from the wall paint smell so、Striker Robin、Sorry, just been repaired。So me say、Smile when you bite joke with "smell Good" she smiled at me (lol)


Room this Room No.415 which helped me in 5 days 4 nights!


This is the "Marina Mountain King Room marinamountain King".。In the Interior with a clean line and contemporary art、Accent on Africa's dark wood、Spacious and equipped in the dark、Thinking "Wow!"And is a lovely room so it filled with smiling!


In the hotel room、Is each with a balcony.、In front of majestic mountain views。The resort features Hotel and looking down below, floating on the surface of the water。Canals surrounding the facility is managed artificially、And made to clean water at all times, it is very beautiful!


Coffee time with this balcony is must be good、What a luxury that would be!


The look of luxury condominiums into view late rice、Table Mountain towering。Over the approximately 3 km、Is so named because it looks like table mountain top almost flat from!


Very spacious oval、In separate rain shower room、A private water closet (with WC)、Marble double sink outfitted in luxury!




Flagrantly lying I am 162 cm oval bathtub and stretch your legs sufficiently spacious size。181I think that good to cm partner。Certainly、Come to South Africa, was the first height difference。Woman in you is a pretty Big Size! So、What can convince large ceiling and bath.。On the amenity goods、Recommend bringing surprisingly wanted toothbrushes, skin care products is the。


This is the coffee in the room.、Tea、Wine、Distilled alcoholic beverages、Mineral water becomes complete.、In the refrigerator、Juice and beer is always provided。Each menu listed price、Was a very reasonable happy price of luxury hotels.


In the table、Fruit has been poisoned Apple、Tangerine、Banana、Pears etc。The Cape Town Blessed with sunshine、In the fresh fruit and vegetables fresh and delicious。I would stay in a room filled with such comfort and luxury for five days from this very excitedly looking forward ♪ now、Once in the shower and change of clothes、Waterfront waterfront neighborhood to visit and explore.

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One&Only Cape Town one & only Cape Town

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