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This time was indebted to Cape Town South Africa with the stay、5One-star hotelOne&Only Cape Town one & only Cape Town。At your place、In the world of Japan may not understand、Introduce boasts great service who take communication very dedicated and devoted staff and photo have been together since.

Front Office Manager Robyn Schurr Robin。Without the support of her、Not the exaggeration to say really comfortable Cape Town life is survive。We can speak only the language of Japan、Easy-to-understand English and pronounce slowly while、Always a gentle smile.、"I can help you with something?? "And repeatedly shouting to me like。Thanks to the thoughtfulness didn't feel the language barrier and how much?。Hot mulling a hug goodbye and she welcomed the departure of the last day, check out our signed、Robin was accompanied by short "I love you so cute"。Neither arafo、So I had MISTED eyes。She is now.、Connected on Facebook!


Concierge very know how hat wearing cance。On the first day, to call the front desk and operation of air conditioning in room、Kanesha came flying,。Gently、Very bright、To always see "Mr&Mrs NEDACHI "and call by name, call me caring for voice。Also be a trivial thing may be、Thanks for the detailed communication will come to those、I relieved him and left himself is (laughs)


Reubens Restaurant Davidenko in the hotel staff、Dorothy。South Africa seems to be her stylish hair style I was smitten at first sight。Lighter、She suddenly responsible for reception restaurant and Hall's work is、Was watching the good stuff!


As Reubens Restaurant Davidenko Manager.、Mr. Matthias。Gently speaks in a gentle tone of voice so that the gentleman was。The warm look of his、Intended to be always vigilant attention towards the restaurant customer service。Was a very nice Manager calm talking to staff and between staff and toothy smile.


Nice day fashion escaped from Paris, France to Madame、Diana's concierge。Who checked into the hotel on the first day to talk at first.。Including the US、To all customers every day and talk、"Do I have fun? Don't do anything to help? "And、Showed their concern。Staff was also always pleasant greetings and thanks while doorman's and their、Always thorough room cleaning 2 times one day、The staff always had me finish clean room got us。Not with words, but、Staff showed the smiling eyes fit me us。Really comfortable I even bright people and give good service in、We have a very valuable experience。Thank you for your。Also look forward to seeing you sometime!

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One&Only Cape Town one & only Cape Town


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