"Casa Batlló" Gaudí! The renovated themed sea Manor

1877Mansion commissioned Batllo House mansion was built in Antoni Gaudí remodeled "Casa Batllo (Casa Batlló – Gaudí Barcelona) "!

The sea theme building、Eye-catching façade built the blue toned combination of waste glass pieces、"House of bones" from the balcony with a unique shape、"Yawn" and also is known!

Guidance for admission、Utilizing the latest in VR、Gaudí inflated images from nature and to express served in the screen of the terminal of the world created by Director has a dream、There is spectacular!

Stairs skylight of the shell of a tortoise and Dragon's spine、I can't stop fish vents such as the excitement in the fireplace of the mushroom.
If you know more deep Gaudí!

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