Hase House architects Hasegawa 守保 building plan at year-end from the pounding of 2013.


Lugu Steakhouse "Granny bear", the landmark wooden houses is the roof of the Pentagon before the curve looks、A stripped-down design and stately elegant hase House。In the suffocating year、"Man iKan as raising cake today! "That on the spur of the hase said" Yeah! This is it! "And thanks to boost short punchy、Pounding Kai (lol) became completely hase said that hope with the pestle and mortar, is held new year's Eve in front of Architects "Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning"The Office cum home、Now to get together in a few that I want to eat delicious rice-cakes!


Originally、Mochi pounding and eating rice cakes into the power of God, tries to perk up.、"And、Thanks be to God (natural) "that is started from the。By the time this day set、Thanks for already cooked in the pressure cooker rice hase said, was launched from the ready state。First of all is 1 square.。


Akemi's mochi daughter lead the keep dough in a pestle、Will finally start mugitsuki when crushed grain。


1Mugitsuki 100 people, to cheer unfolds and turns while the Fiery spider rice-cake making party。Good for us middle aged outside in the winter cold in the room began.、Because it is also scattered grains of glutinous rice to treat、It tries to provide a blue sheet next year。Lead to success: everything started savoring the inconvenience in a wait and see I guess.


Hand mugitsuki、Rhythm is important in each hand。Using the weight of the heavy pestle head together and cheer while the brandished、Turn the box cakes won't stick to put activate while the tempo better.


By the time mugitsuki hands more than 600 times、Came out to shine and will become a great State!


Hase said for the man to be my husband、Put down a big success! (Lol)


700In 搗ki as the annual mochi。1 square from 2 square meter twice。Already exhausted (laughs)


Elastic elongation and good rice cakes in the hands、We will form a small。Because wet hands and stuck sticky rice cake、Practice round in the warm quickly。The rice cake eating on the fly、Fit to the size of、As for cutting rice cake, flatten them out to。It is immediately useful for the new year's rice cake soup.


Kinako mochi sweet finish soybean flour cake。Still,, and the rice cake is best!


Sesame oil with mochi

To freshen up and combination of grated daikon radish and Bank, so delicious.、Hase House kitchen and I see ice Bin-bin Shanley"of the original eating chili oil, and、I met amazing and fit on the spur to。Is really tasty, so come mimicking you want!


In extra time of the pounding began in the afternoon and still flow party、Beer and cheers of is cheers。Worked out better then beer is exceptional (laughs)


Roasted smoked duck

Smoked duck appetizers for dinner party renter。Stating that really grew up with sliced tomato and hase House and rucola salad。Guess there's garden is your garden really is a yearning.



Glass in hand late night talk、Care before one is aware 1 sake bottle empties (laughs) hase said、Also pounding the next fun to guess!

Hase 守保 architectural design

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