"Kak Koy" Barcelona at the grill! Japan food and stylish, so cool!

Live in Barcelona 20 years of owner/chefMatsuhisa, Hideki(Hideki Matsuhisa) who last year won the Michelin one-star "Koy Shunka"To continue、Newly opened Grill Shoppe "Kak Koy"In the、Along with the matsuhisa family dinner!

This is located in the old city would be within walking distance from "Koy Shunka"、And renovated in a modern and stylish atmosphere of the historic building and utilizing、Gourmet as a fashionable restaurant can enjoy grilled Japan technology Robata-grilled dishes in Barcelona us popular shop!

Kitchen is open plan kitchen staff work actively and、To make guest appearance sounds rich!

Menu ranging entrees in about 3000 yen from 500 yen snack is available with、While couples and friends and share、The entertaining style!

And burning out the charcoal and umami ingredients of Chef matsuhisa's own selection on the market every morning while the food is delicious! Who knew...、And bonito flakes dance in Barcelona "Yakisoba" watch is amazing!

Like "shrimp" or "all black"、"Quail",、Very much enjoyed the a fusion of Mediterranean grace and Japan 1 plate 1 plate!

Matsuhisa family sensitive youngest daughter Ena-CHAN、Now I'm into instant and、Camera of her husband to hand to photographers like enjoyed was enjoying!((Be 艸 ' *))It is quite good!

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