From the airport of Gautama Buddha Buddha Air flight tribuvan international airport

Flake road (Hulkeki Road)FromTaulihawa road (Taulihawa)To enter the、Just one way to go "Bylaw Airport (Bhairahawa Airport), also known as Gautama Buddha Airport (Gautam Buddha Airport)."To go!

Tinu (Tinau River)The river is、Eat Buffalo grass、Grazing peacefully and successfully integrated!

Are elephant strutting through the streets to be surprised! And integrated part of life is unperturbed by the withered old man rocked in the back of an elephant、"Chitwan National Park (Chitwan National Park)"With the elephant safaris for tourists and also feels is different!

"Bylaw Airport (Bhairahawa Airport), also known as Gautama Buddha Airport (Gautam Buddha Airport)."To arrive!

Small airport、Non-scheduled time of flight may also consider the airport arrived an hour ago!

The airport is currently limited to domestic、"International Airport"And under construction、Is completed.2020 yearWe expect!

How to wait for military camouflage pattern。

"Buddha air (Buddha Air)"The waiting for boarding time、It is now boarding!

Buddha air (Buddha Air) ATR 72 9N-JX

If you happen to visit maybe next time、This will be reincarnated as an international airport! To celebrate the end, was a photo in the mission!

Flight capacity is up to 74 people.、It is a small aircraft left two seats each and will be! Similarly to the return flight time is 40 minutes and sometimes short、Of course no meal、Candy 1 water rationing and Buddha air.

Welcome at sunset, the sky is beautiful shining gradient。Alarmed even the Himalayas through a gap in the clouds、Have enjoyed the flight of eyjafjallajökull、Suddenly、Due to air turbulence、Suffered significant volatility such as roller coasters! For this、And you can say the old aircraft、I felt slightly uneasy!

And when I was around 19 times、Celebrate the neon lights of the night!

That was a little sense of attraction flight、In the capital Kathmandu Valley"TribuvanInternationalAirport (Tribhuvan International Airport-"To safely arrive!


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