Encounters with people and relationships we will express at lade


<Cakes to ★ kaketa>I had saw、I haven't!

2012/SeptemberFrom the almost holiday update、What shape is also struggled for more than six months of this, or we'll delivery information、Brush up on blog styleWEB MagazineAnd decided to start again。

Moved to ShizuokaEarly 6 years.Has passed、Through the cakes to encounters with various people is、Also many people "connected".。Encounters with such people and relationships, click hereWEB MagazineBut I could also express。

This timeWEB MagazineThe、Articles on each of the genre and our behaviour diary will be subject。Coverage is what will lead to future articles。またこのWEBマガジンを通じて知り合いサポートしてくれた方々をご紹介していくコンテンツとして「lade supporters"Also we provideladeSee diagram with no people involved?。



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