Ideal to see promised land flowers-"Taiwan Eastern Wilderness Resort

Located in the East of Taiwan、Known as the gateway to the Taroko Gorge、And surrounded by lush green mountains、To a land blessed with nature along the East Coast lasts from Hualien to Taitung and Hualien.

"Hualien station(Hualien Station) "to arrive、Warmly greeted with a platform under the welcome Board "Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel Promisedland Resort & Lagoon Promised land resort & Lagoon "of Chen mirei (Gladys Chan) And the Japan staffAllow CrystalYing (Nicole)、And the driver Terry!

For long stretches, Hualien train station underpass、For heavy luggage to us、Picked up on the platform are really pleased!

On both sides of the underpasses、Sequence was flashed with the beautiful nature of the Hualien photographic panels、That the city can be felt!

From Hualien train station to the promised land、For about 30 minutes by car、Hotel booking-shuttle service、The station rear exit bus stop and can ride! We climbed in the car、When it comes、To the hotel!

This year in 2018 February 6, large earthquakes of up to magnitude 7 struck Hualien in the evening。
In the coverage was picked up by Japan、The seem to like Lotus flowers throughout was hit by catastrophe、Area and seeing the big victim is part。

And you let me visit disaster location、And parking is currently maintained、That took peaceful days in Hualien. The lotus flowers、And tourists all over the world are fascinated about scenic spots、Tourism in the area。Many of you will again come here to Hualien to please!


The scenery on the way to the hotel、With magnificent nature and atmosphere of a gradual drift、We liberated the mind the richness.

A vast 250 ha (Tokyo Dome 53 minutes) one resort hotel in Hualien, was built on part of the site in "promised land resort & Lagoon (Promisedland Resort & Lagoon) flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Shanghai "a、Are surrounded by tropical amusement park-like atmosphere!

The concept of the whole hotel、Name of the hotel ideal Earth is meant as。

Traveled all over the world owner Liang Qing Government's intention to draw strongly put、From the design full of conceits of Spain loves a famous architect Antoni Gaudi inspired、Byzantine、The Babylonian、Using a design which combines the more decorative culture、Resort architectural firm of the American reputation in the world "WATG (Wimbeerly Allison Tong & Goo) "assumes the design、Works recorded their gorgeous hotel and Resorts ' 100 Hotels + Resorts "in other published、Taiwan tourism certification granted title of Star 5!

In the entrance lobby、2Years ago appointed General ManagerY. Tomio(Jerry Kang) who all greeted with a friendly smile、Alice (Tiz Ying Yu) Is responsible for PR photographer!

And full consideration of environment protection in the Green、But if you prefer to explore the city on foot、Expansive grounds so go in the cart along with luggage!

Moves bumped on the cobblestones while fresh green scenery in mind adoration!

Now、Next is the introduction of this room!

Promised land resort & Lagoon
Promisedland Resort & Lagoon
Flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel
Location:Hualien County Shou Feng village ideal channel 1 No.

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2018/4/21Taiwan travel /Promisedland flowers Lotus Vol.1


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